The Trouble With Radical Paedophilia – Part 2 – The Third Scenario

Is there a 'third scenario' in which paedophiles and their partners can engage in intimacy, but Society manages to maintain all the advantages of Modernity? Those who defend this possibility point to Modern Western societies that have had paedo-friendly moments and enclaves: the radical movements of the 60s and 70s in which intellectuals such as…

Female Genital Mutilation: Its Origins, Persistence and Spread

Tom O’Carroll has once again (see here, here & here) done me the honour of publishing one of my essays on his blog, HereticTOC, thus offering my research and thinking on the issue of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) an audience which my own blog could never reach.

This essay investigates the origins, and spread of FGM, and the reasons why it is so resistant to eradication. I avoid addressing questions of what policies are best for combating FGM – but hope that by elucidating FGM’s causes any subsequent discussions on policy will be better informed and address the problems head-on.

I don’t doubt that I will eventually post more blogs on FGM and related topics, not least Male Genital Mutilation. If I don’t address MGM in this essay it is not because of a lack of interest or concern, but simply because if I had addressed MGM in the same depth as I do FGM the essay, over-long as it already is, would have been twice as long.

Heretic TOC

A powerful and provocative guest piece today from our old friend Leonard Sisyphus Mann, whose Consenting Humans blog is highly recommended and who has guested here several times before, as Lensman, perhaps most notably in this profound, forward-looking, contribution: “The future is green, and liberating for children”, which prompted over 30,000 words of comment.

Today’s piece bravely identifies female genital mutilation (FGM) as primarily an Islamic problem, and a growing one, in the modern world. While acknowledging the pre-Islamic roots of the phenomenon, LSM sees specifically religious factors as responsible for its perpetuation.

There is evidence to support this claim but Heretic TOC does not endorse any anti-Islamic polemics that might be inferred from LSM’s essay. My belief is that Islam is capable of evolving in response to the needs and values of modern life, just as Christianity has adapted enormously: far fewer believers now hold fast to…

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De Singly’s Preface to ‘L’Enfant Interdit’ – in English

I have decided to publish my translation of de Singly's preface to Verdrager's book - L'Enfant Interdit. Despite the hostile conclusions of de Singly's preface, I think it contains enough that is interesting, challenging, and useful to the 'thinking paedophile' that, given that it is roughly blog-length, and that it requires little extra work on…

Request For Contributions From Female Paedophiles & Sabbatical Announcement

Further down the page you'll find some, well, ahem, stimulating videos...I mean, of course, intellectually stimulating - raising as they do issues of culture, socialisation, instinct and gender normative differentials etc. But before you hare off in search of said stimulation,  let me grab your elbow, subtly block your escape route and, whilst I've still…