I found the image (part of which is visible in my blog’s header) on Pintrest a few years ago.

panel 2 flipped

It intrigues me. It has a peculiar mystery and intensity about it. I like the way adults and children are mixed together in the composition. The little girl in the centre I find particularly haunting.

Being the fool I am, I didn’t note down any particulars about its source, or the name of the artist who created this image, or any other details. Now I can no longer find it on the web. I’d love to to find out more about it and maybe eventually post something about it and its creator.

It’s a bit of a long shot (I know it’s not the kind of image that is likely to be iconic in the paedophile community) but if anyone recognises this image or knows anything about it, I’d be grateful to hear from you.


3 thoughts on “My Blog’s Header Image – Information Request to Readers

  1. Your little girl avatar is so beautifu,; Christian – when I try to picture you typing away at your keyboard what I see is something like a male version of her!

    A year or so ago I met someone who knows me from the internet and who associated me with ‘Mary’, the Ford Madox Brown little girl I have as an avatar. I sensed that she was slightly disappointed to find I looked nothing like as femininely beautiful as this little girl – she probably thought a picture of the Elephant Man would have been more appropriate! 🙂 😉

    I’ve got a similar problem with youtube videos – I always download the good ones and they’re automatically saved with their title but not their URL – so I have to search for them using their title if I want to retrieve it.

    If the video’s title was ‘little girl dancing’ I don’t stand a chance in Hell of find it!


    1. Someone wrote in a comment on my About page “What wonderful philosophies of the romantic… Truly amor purus pouring itself through the words of a poetress…”, it looks like not only he thought that I am a girl, but that I write poetry myself. In fact I am a senior male scientist.

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  2. Same for me, in July 2014 I saved from Tumblr three pictures of a beautiful girl, the third became my avatar, and I used all three of them in January 2015 as featured images for the first three Sonnets of a Little Girl by Dowson. When I downloaded them, I forgot to write down the URL, and since then I have never found them again on Internet.


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