Youtube’s a great resource for those who appreciate and are fascinated by little girls and boys. If one puts in the time and effort there are many beautiful, funny, moving, delightful, thought-provoking and, yes, sexy (but legal) videos there.

I intend to post an occasional ‘Found on Youtube’ feature, drawing on my compendious archive of ‘favourites’. Some, like this one, will be themed, others will be miscellanies. So as to maintain the quality of selection I will limit the number of videos for each post to seven.

I’ve made ‘Men and Little Girls’ the theme of my first ‘Found on Youtube’.

There are few things as moving as a man and a little girl (or boy) interacting with love, care and respect. Seeing a good and attentive father fills me with a glow, which can make me fill up. If that man turn out to be a non-related friend, even better.

Sometimes my choices will seem a bit quirky – but I make no apology for that: it’s good to be occasionally taken off ‘one’s beaten path’.

Kort – Kus

Uploaded on Oct 28, 2011
“Bruno vindt het erg interessant dat zijn vader Daan zoals gebruikelijk zijn baard- en hoofdhaar afscheert alvorens te vertrekken op een gevaarlijke militaire missie naar een ver, woestijnrijk land. Wanneer Daan zijn zoon vraagt hem te helpen bij het scheren, is dat voor Bruno heel bijzonder en spannend. Tegelijkertijd met dit intieme ritueel van afscheid nemen zien we hoe het Daan op zijn missie vergaat via het spel van Bruno met zijn speelgoedsoldaatjes.”

‘Kuss’, the title of this short film, translates as ‘Kiss’ in German. The description, which is in Dutch, translates as:

“Bruno finds it very interesting that his father Daan usually shaves his beard and head before setting off on a dangerous military mission to a distant, rich desert country. When Daan asks his son to help him shave, it is something very special and exciting for Bruno. Interspersed with this intimate valedictory ritual, we see how Daan’s mission is faring through the game Bruno plays with his toy soldiers .”

Leaving a child behind to go on a dangerous mission must be the hardest thing for a soldier – the thought that you may never again be with this beloved child, that you may be leaving him/her for ever, must be terrible.

The pure, clean whiteness of the bathroom scenes makes the physicality and warmth of their human bodies stand out and creates a feeling that they are in a place isolated from the world, maybe already half-way to being in heaven together.

I don’t understand German or Dutch so I can’t really get a feel for the verbal performance of the actors.

The little boy and the man look alike and their interaction is so intimate and trusting that I at first assumed that the actors were father and son. However the surnames of the three actors are all different.

I suspect that much of what we see was improvised. The actors seem to have forgotten that they are being filmed – the jump of surprise the boy gives when his ‘father’ stops pretending to be dead (3:11) is genuine, as is his subsequent laughter.

Not understanding the dialogue means I’m not sure what the story is. But there is a moment where the boy picks up a bald-headed toy soldier, stares at him, then lays him down horizontally as dead, despite it having a base which would have allowed it to stand up. That’s when we see his mother take the boy, suddenly sad and thoughtful, into her arms.

The film finishes back in the bathroom with the father and son facing each other. The boy and his father exchange one last kiss.

Camryn Laughing

Uploaded on Sep 1, 2009
“Me tickling my Little Sister Camryn,”

I’ll eventually be posting of a selection of tickling videos. I thought I’d include this one as it’s nice to see a big brother loving his little sister. The clip ends with a hug and a kiss.

Kelsey Visits

Uploaded on Aug 31, 2010
no description

“Why is he your Taxi?”
“Because he loves me.” 

So asks the mother, and so replies the little girl as she climbs up her Taxi’s (her mispronunciation of ‘Kelsey’) chest and sits astraddle of his right shoulder.

Thus starts one of the loveliest interactions between a man and a little girl I’ve found on Youtube. The little girl, who’s about 3, adores Kelsey (“even though you’re not part of the family”) and Taxi/Kelsey adores her back.

Their interaction is wonderfully physical – a combination of wrestling and a kind of proto-sexuality where the game is to enmesh your bodies as completely as possible.

Kelsey is aware that there are limits to what he can allow her to do, but seems reluctant to enforce them, allowing her, for example, to lick his arm (1:24) for a good 20 seconds, not pulling his arm away and feigning mock disgust after she’s finished. He clearly enjoys it.

At 3:35 he repeatedly tells her, in a funny voice, “don’t put your feet in my face”, knowing that his saying that will guarantee that she does exactly this; and when she does he proceeds to playfully bite her toes, much to the girl’s pleasure, who squeals with delight.

He’s loving the interaction as much as she is. In a sense, he has been seduced by her uninhibited love, vivacity and physicality.

AT&T Commercial: Cutest Girl Ever! (Raisins Into Grapes)

Published on Oct 19, 2013
“This girl is hilarious and adorable.
You don’t want to have to wait to eat your raisins.”

Yes, she is cute isn’t she.

little girl vs drunk sleeping dad

Published on Jan 3, 2014
“little girl vs drunk sleeping dad”

I think these people are Russian. The girl starts delicately tapping her drunk father’s head with two plastic bottles in time to some music. He’s dead to the world, never, despite the best efforts of his daughter, emerging from his stupor during the whole 3¾ minutes’ duration of this clip.

As the video proceeds, and the music gets louder and faster, she becomes more animated and vigorous in her drumming.

The little girl finds a joyful response to something that would be quite shabby and sad without her.

Selezioni Zecchino D’oro 2013 Bologna

Published on Aug 4, 2013
no description

Zecchino d’Oro is an Italian-based international children’s song festival that has taken place every year since 1959. For many reasons, some personal, I have a deep affection for this competition. I may one day post a blog about this.

For the past few years the Italian mime and comic, Marco Lui, has interviewed the children participating. Despite my not being able to understand Italian it is clear that he’s very good with the children: teasing them, joking with them, making them laugh hysterically and putting them at their ease.

His interaction with the girl in the lilac dress (starting at 1:26) is particularly amusing. There is a ‘spark’ between them. Her body language betrays that she finds him attractive: her gaze makes little explorations of his face (1:59), she makes efforts to maintain eye-contact, turning her body towards him and seeking out his gaze.

Dad and Daughter Lip-Sync Love Is an Open Door

Published on Jun 1, 2014
” ‘Love is an Open Door’ song from Disney’s ‘Frozen’ gets lip-synced by Alex and Jade, an adorable dad and daughter duet”

Generally I’m not a fan of the kind of musical numbers such as this one, and I hate it when little girls sing like groan-ups.

But this one gets past my prejudices and quibbles.

First, the little girl is so sweet. Then the fact that she is miming means we don’t hear that mock-adult, nasal, pop-star voice that is fast becoming the default when little girls sing nowadays.

The way she’s stood on a chair to put her at near-head-height with her bear of a father makes visible her sheer smallness and delicacy, an essential quality of little-girlhood.

Then these two just do it so well. They must have worked together on it very hard. Though the roles they are acting-out demand it, one can also see much genuine love and warmth exists between them.

6 thoughts on “Found on Youtube – Men and Little Girls (and one very beautiful little boy)

  1. > “I can’t help wondering how the interaction would have gone if the mother wasn’t around.

    I also can’t imagine how any man, whether he be a paedo or not, couldn’t help but be enchanted by a little girl loving you like that.”

    Yes, it’s true … They were having such a genuine and happy interaction!
    It’s really very, very beautiful and charming!

    > “‘uncle’ is often used for a non-related family friend who is particularly liked by a child in the family.”

    Yes, it is true, here in my country children use a lot of “uncle” to refer to a family friend, teacher or even a stranger …
    I believe this person in the video can be a friend of the family!

    It’s a pity that I do not understand English (yet) and can not understand what they’re saying 😦

    This video also reminded me of a story my mother tells me … When my mother was small her conservative grandmother prevented her from sitting on her father’s lap (do you realize how ridiculous and stupid this is?) Because that would be ” Immoral “…

    How can one fear a happy and genuine interaction just by being between an adult and a child?
    That kind of thing shocks me …


  2. “Kelsey Visits” Wooooooooon, This one is so cute *—* Just by watching I already feel happy!
    But it was not very clear to me, he’s not part of the family, is that it?


    1. Your comment has prompted me to watch it again – it is a lovely clip and it’s kind of had the same lovely effect on me as it’s had on you!

      I can’t help wondering how the interaction would have gone if the mother wasn’t around.

      I also can’t imagine how any man, whether he be a paedo or not, couldn’t help but be enchanted by a little girl loving you like that.

      >“But it was not very clear to me, he’s not part of the family, is that it?”

      I’m not sure – Audrina’s mother at one point refers to him as ‘uncle’ Kelsey. But ‘uncle’ is often used for a non-related family friend who is particularly liked by a child in the family.

      (it’s worth reading the ‘transcript’ of the clip – it contains some wonderful ‘Freudian’ slips – according to the transcript Audrina calls Kelsey ‘sexy’! and the transcript has Kelsey saying ‘child, you’re tapping with my radar dream’ – I don’t know what that means but it’s a great line!)

      Liked by 1 person

  3. @ Kort
    author, do you know what exactly the father was on a mission to do? was it worth it? was it wholesome? war is hardly ever wholesome. I would stay.


    1. >“author, do you know what exactly the father was on a mission to do? was it worth it? was it wholesome? war is hardly ever wholesome. I would stay.”

      Sorry, I don’t know what the father’s mission consisted of. Maybe a German speaker could help out here.

      As to whether it was worth it – well, the film is a fiction; which makes an evaluation a bit, well, pointless, I guess.

      I agree that war is hardly ever wholesome, but it is sometimes just and unfortunately often unavoidable (I’m thinking for example of the Allies resistance to Fascism during the Second World War and the current actions against Daesh).


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