I was flattered when Tom O’Carroll invited me to write an essay elaborating on comments I’d made on his post (February 2015) “Whither the punitive state? Whither go we?“, comments which explored the idea that economic factors could be the real cause of paedophobia.

The resulting essay was far too long for a blog and Tom generously suggested that it be split and posted as two separate essays. What follows is the first part.

My thanks to Tom for all the encouragement, guidance and support he gave me in the writing of these essays. Tom’s book “Paedophilia: The Radical Case” had a huge impact on me when I was a lonely student, struggling to make sense of my love and desires – so writing for, and communicating with, Tom felt very special for me.

The second part to this essay, “The future is green, and liberating for children”, can be found here.

Heretic TOC

Heretic TOC began an exploration of deep waters recently in Whither the punitive state?, which delved into some fundamental questions about the kind of society we are and how we might live better. A lively debate ensued. One contributor, Lensman, outlined a green vision of the future. As I requested, he now takes this further in the first of two guest blogs. He begins with an analysis of our present situation, especially the economic context of paedophobia*; his second piece will set us upon a Deep Green course.    

Lensman tells me he is a “psychogeographer” and artist, whose work is informed by such issues as stigma, alienation and longing. He is an avid reader, music-lover, an intrepid explorer of the shabby edges of cities, friend to fungi and an all-round culture vulture. He writes the occasional short story, essay, and poem. Growing up in a…

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One thought on “Towards the aetiology of paedophobia

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