This essay, published on Tom O’Carroll’s excellent Heretic TOC blog, is the follow-up to the earlier essay “Towards the aetiology of paedophobia”.

That essay (you can read it here) proposed that paedophobia (“hyper-hostile anti-paedophilia”) is an unintended consequence of values and institutions necessary to the functioning of capitalism, and in particular consumer capitalism.

This essay takes the findings of the earlier essay and tries to envisage the nature of a society whose values and institutions don’t foster paedophobia.

Heretic TOC

Lensman’s recent guest blog Towards the aetiology of paedophobia explored some fundamental aspects of society and where modern living has gone badly wrong, in terms both of its sustainability and its desirability, not least for children. A very lively and far-reaching debate ensued. Here, now, is his promised follow-up, which sets out how things could be better in future if we are bold enough to embark on a radically environmentalist, or Deep Green, course.


In part one of this essay, I made the claim that capitalism is inherently paedophobic. The predominance of the nuclear family combined with the community’s merely vestigial role in their lives results in children being isolated in relationships which, because of the incest taboo, can only thrive if those children are considered as asexual and “innocent”.

The emergence of a form of capitalism focused disproportionately on satisfying fabricated wants rather than needs has created further tensions…

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