I actually had a youtube selection ready on the subject of ‘children’s tongues’.

You see, I find tongues really sexy.

Then I had second thoughts about posting it: am I going to use this blog to post material that offers little more than erotic stimulation? however mild, however legal? Where does one draw the line?

Another part of me thinks that if an oft-viewed, long-accessible youtube clip has remained up then it’s legal and that the simple fact that a paedophile gets a cheap thrill from a clip doesn’t render it illegal. Am I right in thinking this?

I could always try burdening such videos down with dry, abstract analysis, but I’m not sure that even I am capable of squeezing that much dust out of videos of little girls and boys showing us their tongues.

But anyway I’ve chosen instead to play safe and instead I’m posting a miscellany – fathers, daughters, growing up, sex-ed, an enigma, a joke, something controversial, and a very friendly little girl.

Wat dochters nodig hebben – hoofdfilm

Published on 23 Aug 2015
“Kijk op https://www.dochters.org voor meer filmpjes.
“Hier vind je ook wat dochters nodig hebben.
Hoe je van jouw dochter een krachtige vrouw maakt.
En hoe je dochters over de hele wereld kunt steunen.
Dit is een campagne van Plan Nederland”

I only found this in the past few days, otherwise it would have appeared in the post “Found on Youtube – Men and Little Girls (and one very beautiful little boy)“.

The URL in the description above doesn’t work but this page (which is incidentally a cornucopia of nice father-daughter videos) tells us the following:

“In the Netherlands our daughters have every opportunity to develop. They get an arm around them when they need it, we laugh and cry with them and teach them fall and get up again. What our daughters need all daughters need. But girls in developing countries are often discriminated against. They are married and can not go to school just because they were born as a girl. It’s a world of difference with our daughters here. Fathers are indispensable if we want to make the unequal treatment of girls disappear. Nederland barst van de wereldvaders en op hen doen*, we appeal : give girls everywhere in the world the opportunities made available to Dutch girls, so they can grow into strong women.”

* I can’t get a coherent translation for this phrase – could any Dutch readers help?

Birth to 13 years in 3 min. 30 sec. Time Lapse Lotte. (The Original)

Published on 16 Apr 2013
“Amazing New Time-Lapse Video Shows Lotte Changes From Baby to Teenager.
From Baby to 13 Years. On october 28 Lotte became 14 years old. The new edit will soon be posted on this channel.
Birth to 13 years in 3 min. 30 sec. Time Lapse Lotte. (The Original)”

It’s interesting watching this little girl grow up – she seems to become increasingly feminine as the clip proceeds. It’s only during her third year (her age appears in the bottom right-hand corner) that her hair starts to take on a more feminine style. Is this because at three she’s reached an age where she can start to assert her gender identity?

There are some things that diminish the experience of this video a little for me. The first is that there is nothing that gives us a sense of size or scale – the camera pulls away from the girl as she grows up so that she always occupies roughly the same area of the frame. I suppose that this directs our focus on the changing proportions of the girl rather than her changing size. But size is such a significant quality of childhood – and that’s one of the reasons why children so often seem more vivid in photographs and videos in which they are interacting with an adult (see the first video in this selection).

The technique of splicing together short sections of accelerated film makes for a very energetic, restless feel, which the music exacerbates and which is somehow at odds with the poignant nature of what’s being shown. I think that this video would have been better without the music. Try watching it without the sound on – see what you think.

The Most Controversial Commercial Spot Ever – Romanian Ad

Uploaded on 21 Mar 2009
“The purpose of the “Don’t Let Your Child Be Educated by TV” social campaign is to raise the parents’ awareness to the risk of allowing their children watch too much television without their supervision. – Social Advertising Romania High Quality Option”

I think that this is a quite well-know clip. It throws up all sorts of questions and issues about what kind of sexuality we want our children to learn and express. I intend to make a post eventually about the archetypes of the ‘sexual child’ which operate in western societies – one of those is what I call the ‘toddlers-in-tiaras’ archetype – a child who assumes the paraphernalia of the trashiest adult sexuality.

I wonder if the actress is maybe actually an adult suffering from one of those conditions that leave them with the body and looks of a child.

Re: Talk to the Kids About Sex

Uploaded on 10 Mar 2011
“I watched GotThatFunk’s post about having “The Talk” with your kids:

I think it’s great that the parents are so open and relaxed about sex-ed with their daughter.

Rare Condition Makes Little Girl Extremely Friendly

Published on 5 May 2015
“A special girl suffers with a rare condition that makes her extremely FRIENDLY.
Little Lauren Taylor, three, has Williams Syndrome, one of the side effects of which means she will say hello to everyone.
Mum Katherine, 37, says it takes her hours to do the supermarket shopping because Lauren has to say hi to everyone.
The condition has also left the youngster with development delays. She is estimated to be around one year behind her peers.”

Such a sweet, lovely little girl like this saying ‘Hello’ to me like this in the supermarket would make my day. Is it because she’s being filmed that other people in this footage react to her in such a luke-warm manner? Or is it that paedophobia in the UK has reached such a pitch that adults are fearful of responding naturally to a child’s friendly curiosity? Is she disappointed or puzzled when people don’t respond to her greetings? Is she already learning that the world is not as friendly as her nature would have her expect it to be?

It’s funny how we consider someone being as friendly and happy as this as a ‘condition’ (though, to be fair, the video makes clear that there are many downsides to this positive).

The girl is both slightly odd-looking but also very pretty – she almost has the facial characteristics of a cartoon character. I find myself questioning some of my ideas around beauty.


Uploaded on 25 Sep 2008
“De runner up van het IJ-Kort film festival 2008”

See what I mean about how silent videos work better without music? Without the music we are forced to inhabit the rhythm, time and pace of the actual thing we are seeing.

This little girl just exists in this dolls house – she isn’t acting or pretending or following instructions. She’s just waiting. Her eyes look both at the camera and beyond it, maybe at the person filming. We are seeing a person doing nothing more than occupying time – she provides us with a blank page which throws into relief the thoughts and emotions that flicker across her face.

I wonder if this footage was originally actually taken inadvertently whilst the little girl was waiting as some technical issue was being sorted out. The lack of performance from this girl is extraordinary.

Pedophiles harassed by pedophilophiles

Uploaded on 5 Aug 2010
“According to a recent study by the University of Leiden, an increasing number of pedophiles are being sexually harassed by men who are attracted to them.”

This is from the satirical Dutch web-site ‘De Speld‘.

What is it about the Dutch?

This is the third video in this post to come from there; the Dutch are the fourth most frequent visitors to my blog; and they seem to have a bit of a history of tolerance towards paedophilia. Or is it simply that they are more respectful towards their children than most other western societies?

I don’t think that a video like this  – by a playground with real kids in, and an actor talking about being ‘just about to make my move with some candy’ and watching children intently (1:15) – could now be made in the USA and the UK, two countries where the hysteria is now in overdrive.

Anyway I take my hat off and give a special welcome to any Dutch visitors to my blog.

3 thoughts on “Found on Youtube – Miscellaneous

    1. Thanks for that. That was interesting viewing – but quite uncomfortable, really.

      The girl was clearly overwhelmed by the situation and was unable to connect her idea of Levine with his actual physical presence. I think she’s actually 3 – a 5 year old would maybe have reacted better.


  1. Apart from jokes, I think really I’m a pedophilephile, I’m attracted to women who are pedophiles or hebephiles, not if it exists but I swear it really happens to me.


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