It may be that I have a bit of a tongue fetish but I have to confess that, whether it’s with an adult, with another child or even with dog, seeing children passionately kissing really pops my cork.

I guess that pretty much any paedophile watching these won’t be able to help imagining themselves in the place of whomever (or ‘whatever’) the child they find most attractive is kissing.

I don’t doubt that some of these clips might make for uncomfortable viewing for many non-paedophiles, or anyone who believes that children either are not, or should not be, sexual beings. Certainly it would take some quite spectacular mental gymnastics to be able to interpret the actions of these children as being entirely non-sexual.

Indeed some people may find these videos ‘obscene’, one step away from child pornography, and feel that any adults involved in the making of them to be verging on the criminal.

Indeed if these videos offend it is because they throw into question Western societies’ conception of the ‘child’ (are Russians more accepting of child sexuality than we in the Anglo-sphere?), and their assumptions around issues of child sexuality and sensuality, innocence, consent, gender and even speciesism.

Small Boy Desperately Wants to Kiss the Girl..Must See

Published on 19 Sep 2013

The boy in this video being so young throws up some interesting questions: can we ascribe to this toddler all the conceptual baggage we, as adults, attach to the physical act of kissing?

Kissing on the lips, for westerners, is a sign and signal of desire, a first step into intimacy with someone we find attractive, a breaking of the boundaries of privacy involving exchanges of bodily fluids we normally think proper and hygienic to keep to ourselves.

Is this toddler feeling desire for, and attraction to, this lady? Is he merely copying the behaviour of adults he’s witnessed about him? Are his kisses nothing more than a culturally-appropriate expression of affection?

There are two schools of though concerning the origins of kissing: one believes that it is instinctual and intuitive, the other that it has evolved culturally from what is known as ‘kiss feeding’, in which the mother feeds her baby by passing directly into its mouth chewed food from her own mouth.

Whatever theory of kissing we subscribe to it would have been, from a purely scientific standpoint, useful to have been able to observe the state of the boy’s penis during this interaction. Doing so would have taken us some way to answering some of these questions.

Of course such an experiment, and such observations, would probably result in the researchers being ostracised or even prosecuted, and their findings suffering the same fate as the research of  Rind at al. And so an everyday occurrence, something we all must have experienced, a phenomenon that is eminently researchable, must remain in the dark – ignorance protecting itself with a fence of hatred, stigma, criminalisation and hysteria.

☼Приколы Офигеть, во дети дают, уже в таком возрасте целуются, пипец Прикольные дети988  (Comedy Ofiget, children give in already at that age kiss Kick Funny kids 988)

Published on 29 Jan 2015

Wow! Phew! Gosh! This little girl really knows what she’s doing!

If anyone reading this can understand Russian it would be interesting to know what the off-camera adult is saying. But whatever it is she’s saying, she seems to be quite at ease with what’s going on.

(Note how the little boy wipes his mouth immediately afterwards.)

A kind anonymous reader has supplied the following translation:

This a live broadcast with Vladik (the boy) and Olya (the girl) we have waited for so long.
Finally, a love confession.
– Olya, I love you
– I love you
(romantic song in Russian)

Pit Bull attacks 4 year old with kisses

Published on 20 Jun 2012

One of my most idle daydreams is that of being professor of ‘Paedophilia and Child-Love Studies’ at some prestigious university.

I’d don my cloak and mortar-board (shaking the chalk dust out of its tassle with a charismatic movement of my head) before showing my students the above clip, and presenting them with the following set of questions for discussion:

  • is this an interaction which requires consent?
  • can the girl consent to what the dog is doing to her and, if she can, is she giving her consent?
  • is Informed Consent required in this interaction? if so, then what information exactly does the girl require in order to give it?
  • if she is giving her consent to what is happening, to whom or what is she giving it?
  • if it were not a dog but an adult doing the licking how would that change the situation regarding consent?

Little boy wants to kiss a little girl FUNNY2

Published on 18 Dec 2012

What particularly interests me in this clip are the reactions of the off-camera adults:

at 0:45 an adult berates the children, when they kiss, with a slightly panicky ‘Hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey!’ as if the children were two dogs that had started mating.

at 0:58 onwards we hear the adults repeatedly telling them ‘no more’.

Clearly the adults feel that it is not ‘appropriate’ for these children to be behaving in this way. The boy’s reaction to being kissed is maybe a bit over the top and knowing – maybe influenced by films or cartoons he’s seen.

Вот как надо целоваться. Учитесь. (Here’s how to kiss. Learn.)

Published on 1 Jul 2015

Maybe it’s because I’m generally more attracted to girls than boys – but am I wrong in thinking that the boy is getting the better bargain in this relationship?

Here we have a startlingly beautiful little girl, dressed like an angel and with a face full of intelligence and warmth, vitality and personality, kissing a boy who shows little sign of appreciating just how lucky he is; a boy who, throughout the clip, seems more intent on picking his nose and eating it than paying attention to the angel sat next to him!

Twice, with discretion and patience, she tries to divert him from his compulsive rhinotillexis and mucophagy, guiding his hand away from his nose and mouth, before kissing him. Then, to add insult to injury, after she’s finished kissing him, he wipes his mouth!

But I can’t be too hard on him because I was once a little boy like this.

I remember being worried about what my friends would think, as they went on playing football on the field beyond the bushes to which a girl had led me. I remember my befuddlement at the sweet attentions of little girls, often younger than myself, who seemed to know all about love, who knew what they wanted from me and who would, like this girl, patiently coax me into kissing them, hugging them, loving them back…

As a child I sleep-walked through situations that I now would sacrifice body-parts to have the chance to experience again.

I remember a train journey where I shared a compartment with a family. They had a daughter of about two and a half who spent much of the journey gazing, fascinated and bewitched, at her reflection in the mirrors set behind the seats (this was quite a few decades ago and it was an old train even then). She seemed to have noticed, maybe for the first time, just how pretty she was. I, on the other hand, was well into my teens before I ever gave any thought to as to whether I was attractive or not. Little girls become aware of the power and potential of their beauty very young.

There’s a quotation which I half-remember and which goes something like this – a girl is a woman when her older brother is still a child. I can’t remember whose words they are – maybe Thackeray, or one of the Romantic poets – but I think there’s a lot of truth in it.

An all-expenses-paid week on my dreamboat, with all your wishes (both sordid and non-sordid) catered to by my little bunny-girls and/or bunny-boys for anyone who can source this quotation.

целует взасос/SUPER KISS/接吻激情

Published on 4 Feb 2013
“пацан засосал взрослую тетеньку” (kid sucked adult aunt)

The aunt at first seems shocked at the passion of her nephew’s kisses (0:14). But she quickly appears to entirely yield herself to him, even cradling his head and pulling him to herself to maintain the contact and increase the intimacy (0:45).

Could it be that being the object of a child’s desires is something that, deep-down, we’re all programmed to respond to, to enjoy, to want more of?

Boy Torture A Girl For Lip Kiss

Published on 14 Apr 2014

It’s interesting how all the clips of children kissing adults are of little boys kissing women.

Believe me, if I’d found clips of men being mouth-kissed by children I would have included some in this selection.

Is it that men and children kissing rarely happens? Or is it that when it does happen people don’t find it cute, funny or charming, and are more likely, when they reach for their phone, to call the police than to film it and post it to Youtube under the rubric of ‘funny’ clip? Would Youtube have censored the this and the previous video if the interaction had been between a little girl and a man?

Boy-lovers, don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining (I feel that I may have come across as bit critical of little boys in this post) – if this beautiful little boy had tried to ‘torture’ me with kisses, as he did this lady, I assure you any resistance I would have put up would have been merely token.

5 thoughts on “Found on Youtube – Kisses

  1. Here is a translation of “children give in already at that age kiss Kick Funny kids 988”:

    This a live broadcast with Vladik (the boy) and Olya (the girl) we have waited for so long.
    Finally, a love confession.
    – Olya, I love you
    – I love you
    (romantic song in Russian)


  2. Lensman: “it would have been … useful to have been able to observe the state of the boy’s penis during this interaction”, and Tom: “there must be plenty of ordinary family naturist videos recording such scenes,”

    :o) these two comments combined helped me recall one particular scene back the eighties when my wife and I belonged to a naturist club. We were playing soft ball – the stereotypical naturist game. In the opposing court was a father and his two 8-year old twin sons. One of the boys had a permanent hard-on, encouraged by occasional tweaking courtesy of the thumb and index finger of his right hand; neither he nor anyone else was fazed by this. It was absolutely natural (and to me, of course, very beautiful). So yes Tom, beware anyone who has ‘pornographic’ images of underage naturists in their attic; Judge Elizabeth Roscoe and her henchmen will come a-knocking on your door before very long to order the destruction of all your depraved family heritage.


  3. >Whatever theory of kissing we subscribe to it would have been, from a purely scientific standpoint, useful to have been able to observe the state of the boy’s penis during this interaction.

    Yes, indeed. There must be plenty of ordinary family naturist videos recording such scenes, and old family movies from the Super 8 film era and before. Together, they constitute a potentially vast resource but it is bound to atrophy quickly as people die and stuff gets thrown out of the attic, or binned as potentially too dangerous to keep in the house now, as laws are tightened up.

    The problem may not be as bad in France and other continental countries, including perhaps Russia. And what about Japan? I don’t know whether they have much naturism but they do seem to have a much more relaxed view of child nudity.

    I suppose in Japan it might even be possible to collect and systematically study such material scientifically.


    1. No, Tom, in Japan is prohibited pictures of nude children and everything that smacks of child pornography, soon also prohibit the lolicon, although the existence of non-sexual video sites of underage idols makes me doubt if everything is forbidden, but bare minors, of course, all because of the West US-UK cultural imposition… stupid western capitalists… the Axis they would treat us a “bit” better.


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