Are you a regular reader of ConsentingAdultsHumans? What are your thoughts about the way forward for paedophiles and the children they love?

Do you believe there is any hope for us? or are we doomed to perpetual hate and stigma? What future should we aim for?

Most importantly – how do we achieve that future? What should we not be doing? FatherDaughterRelationships_hugWhat have we done right in the past and what have we done wrong?

I invite you, kind (or, indeed, un-‘kind’) reader, to submit between 400 and 600 words sharing your thoughts on the right way forward for our love and our community.

You can either post your contribution as a comment below (marked ‘not for approval’) or send it to this email:

Depending on the response, I hope to soon publish a compilation of your visions and roadmaps for the future.

Hoping to hear from you soon,

Leonard Sisyphus Mann

16 thoughts on “Request for Contributions: Your Road-Map to a Kinder World.

    1. That would be fantastic. I suppose there’ll be a lot of different approaches, but I doubt they’ll be mutually exclusive, which means people can support and participate in whichever they feel is most important, without worrying that they might be hindering the movement if they chose wrong. There’s nothing like a freedom of choice. 😛


  1. Lensman, I’m a regular reader and I have written (in comments) more of between 400 and 600 words sharing my thoughts on the right way forward for your supposed love and your phony and inexistent community.

    This is enough for a contribution? could you do one mixing the best of each one of my comments, just an idea, because in my comments is much talk about pedophilia (but not too much positive about that… btw).

    A hug.


    1. I’d be happy to publish a contribution made up, as you say, of past comments – keeping in mind that it would have to be about the future of paedophilia and how to get there and not just why paedophilia is an engram and how bad it is 😉

      But it’ll have to be you who puts it together TNSO – the blog and all the other duties of my life (being a full-time rocket scientist and amateur brain surgeon, and, of course, having to maintain my troop of performing elephants for my circus – and my acting career (catch me in the next Scorsese film) taking off, and the Berlin Philharmonic breathing down my neck wanting me to finish my next symphony, and my next collection of poems (‘Warren Peace’) coming out in January, and my boxing for the light-HeavyWeight title in March…) leave me just a trifle short of time.



  2. In the article on Onanism, Dr Fritz Bernard was quoted saying ‘paedophilia will probably just be excepted at best’…That’s pretty grim, But my thoughts are more sinister, I think it will get even worse before it gets better, How bad is anybody’s guess! I like the introduction on Heretic TOC..’.Raging infernos eventually die down’, But at what cost to human rights?


  3. I cannot think of a bigger gulf than the one between child-lovers and child-abusers.
    Our society bases its views of paedophilia on the latter, whereas we see ourselves as entirely defined by the former.
    Perhaps the term “kinds” is closer to the truth than the term “gay” could ever be.
    We love children with all our hearts, no holds barred.


    1. Now that just makes me think of my grade 3 teacher and what I wanted to do with her. Poor woman, half the class lusted for her. So many boys playing with themselves under the desks! Ah, the shortness of the skirts at the time.

      (Dear me, an autobiographical comment. Must avoid those and maintain appropriate academic distance.)


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