It’ll soon be Consentinga̶d̶u̶l̶t̶s̶humans’s first half-anniversary.


In that time I’ve published 44 posts, received 14,830 views, 4,032 visits and 546 comments. It’s been exhilarating, stimulating and challenging.

It’s also been quite exhausting.


Like the kid who sets off on a cross-country race as if it were a sprint, I’m a bit prone to over-enthusiasm: I like to throw myself into things thoughtlessly and willy-nilly and then sort out the fine details once I’ve made a mess.


I published some 12 post in my first couple of weeks blogging. I remember how back then I’d wake up early in the morning just bursting to get to my computer and post on some subject that it seemed essential that the world should know about.

Ahh, the reckless innocence of youth!


I’ve gradually slowed down to a rhythm of publishing one post per week, but the posts seem to be getting longer, and harder to research and write – and some recent posts have obtruded into my life much as would a full-time job. If I’m not exactly feeling ‘burnt-out’ but maybe some of my more papery edges are getting a little ‘singed’.

Which is a long-winded way of saying that I’m going to take off a month or so from blogging to re-charge my batteries, pursue some projects that are not paedo-related and to sort out some real-life business that needs sorting out.

When I return I’ll be posting at the more manageable rate of once a fortnight.

So, see you then my friends and comrades – and if I get time I’ll send you a postcard.



10 thoughts on “Expect A Postcard!

  1. Happy half-anniversary on February the 14th! I don’t know if I should call you half-Valentine or anti-Valentine, anyway there is a non-teleionormative version of the Saint:
    Your statistics are quite honourable: 14,830 views, 4,032 visits and 546 comments after 6 months and 44 posts. How many “likes”? How much spam filtered? Any hateful troll trying to comment?
    I have much less success in terms of readership: on my first anniversary (on Jan. the 9th), with 94 posts I had reached 10,000 views, less than 4,000 visits, about 85 comments (100 if you count pingbacks), 400 filtered spam and 300 likes; but I got no troll until yesterday, that’s my Valentine present. However I have a stable and slowly growing cohort of WP subscribers.
    One way to assuage impatient readers is—whenever you don’t have any longer piece ready—to include very short posts, each with one picture and less than 10 lines. I do that with my “asides”, and Ron does it with “random images” on Pigtails in Paint. There are even readers who don’t like long posts, so this makes them happy.


    1. Thanks Christian! And well spotted, today is indeed the blog’s half-anniversary.

      Like you, I’m none too interested or impressed by the whole St Valentine’s brouhaha – but the story you feature in your link certainly moves me. I wonder how many paedos are taking out their little loved-ones today and being mistaken for their father?

      I’m Valentine-less today, although an email, which I have just received, from a little girl-friend with single kiss appended (she usually adds more) leaves me feeling a little less unappreciated, though deep in the hold of my dream-boat I was hoping she’d ask me to be her valentine…

      As to my stats – yes, they’re not bad I guess – but it’s swings and roundabouts – I’ve only got 23 followers and I notice that you have 64. I’ve also only got 65 Likes.

      I haven’t really picked up any trolls as yet – which I find a little disappointing in that it means that the blog is still preaching to the choir – trolls are a sign that antis are taking an interest and noticing your blog.

      Your suggestion about short posts – I kind of wanted to try this – a ‘heavy’ post alternating with a lighter, maybe more culturally-oriented, post. But these supposedly lighter posts would often end up taking as much writing and preparation as the heavier posts. Maybe I just need to be a bit more disciplined when making short posts and set a rigorous word limit…

      I think the fortnightly rhythm will work better – and also allowing myself ‘holidays’ too.

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  2. Be aware of how appreciated your work is, Lensman! What you and Tom do for the community is invaluable, so much so that were I of the more selfish inclination who didn’t understand how much goes into writing (including the research, self-editing, formatting, and whatnot!) I would demand a new blog from both of you every day! They are really that important to the community, and I really look forward to them that much 🙂

    But being a writer myself, I do in fact understand everything that goes into it, and how much it can conflict with personal life, other projects, paid work, etc. Because of that, I understand completely that down time is an absolute requirement, and you know I’ll be here when you get back. Thank you for all that you do, and make the most of your month off… I completely look forward to seeing whatever bounty your future projects may yield for the community, and for the world!

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    1. Thanks for your kind words and encouragement Dissident!

      >”I would demand a new blog from both of you every day!”

      just the idea of posting everyday is enough to give me a fit of the vapours 🙂 – the slow trickle of intelligence that feeds my brain would soon be exhausted!

      I think the mammoth ‘‘Consent’ Without ‘The Age of Consent’ took a lot out of me – a lot of research, reading, note-taking – it was great fun whilst doing it (it’s great when you’re completely lost and absorbed in an essay like that), but afterwards I felt intellectually worn-out and found it hard to motivate myself for writing another essay for the next week.

      The good news is that I think this vacation is doing the trick – I’ve found that I’ve no wish to be entirely idle and having been making notes for a couple of essays and am looking forwards to doing a bit of on-topic reading. I’ve also done a little posting here and there on comments boards – something for which I didn’t have the time or spare-thought-capacity in the last couple of months.

      One of the options I considered was running the blog for a six month period each year, fortnightly rather than weekly – I’m still quite tempted by that idea…


    1. Thanks Cart!

      Funnily enough, this morning whilst gavering the earwax from my herd of wildebeest wildebeest, tending my wasp farm and working on the secret formula for “Lensman’s Patent Panacea – sure-fire cure for balding, gut-gripe, dylsexia, teleiophilia and bat infestations” I found I was spending half my time making notes for my next blog!

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  3. >It’ll soon be Consentinga̶d̶u̶l̶t̶s̶humans’s first half-anniversary.

    Great job, LSM!

    >…the posts seem to be getting longer, and harder to research and write

    I know the feeling! I used to casually dash off 750 words or so on a daily basis. Now it’s the devil’s own job to get down below 2,000 words and it would ruin my blog/life balance to do one a week.

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    1. Hi Tom! Yes, there seems to be a kind of natural process where you start off surfing on a wave of naive enthusiasm that propels you effortlessly forwards – and then you become self-conscious, start expecting too much of yourself and then writing can end up feeling less like surfing and more like wading through treacle. I’ve learnt that striking the blog/life balance is important – I’ve got an interesting non-paedo project that’s going to take a lot of attention and I think, following in your wise footsteps, a fortnightly blog will allow me to devote better quality attention to both the blog and this project.

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