“Until relatively recently, pedophiles had fairly easy access to children, who were left largely unattended by parents. During the last two decades of the twentieth century, growing attention to the phenomenon has made it more difficult for pedophiles to act out their sexual urges.“
Ning De Coninck-Smith

Maybe you have to be over a certain age to have noticed that things have changed, how one rarely ever sees children outside of the patrolled spaces of the home, school and the fast-food restaurant.

Decades ago, as a child, I’d look forwards to the school holidays, and escaping the classroom for the outdoors and a near-eternity of time and freedom.

My friends would call round and we’d disappear till the next meal time, playing and exploring for whole afternoons and evenings. Sometimes we’d knock on someone’s door and ask for a drink of water. We were never refused. Sometimes they even invited us in, and we’d have lemonade and biscuits at the kitchen table, chatting to the householder.

Our parents were by no means ‘negligent’ in allowing us so much freedom – this was just what little boys did.

Leonard S. Mann (aged 3) playing with his new tricycle

As a young adult at university I’d still eagerly await the easy freedom of the long holidays. However, by then an additional reason imbued my anticipation: the streets, parks, the swimming pool and local bathing-hole would be full of children.

Leonard S. Mann playing/watching a game of cricket

There was nothing ‘predatory’ in this: I just loved seeing happy kids playing and having fun.

And I’d make the occasional short-lived friendship – some lone child would tag along with me, curious about what I was doing, and we’d spend a while talking and joking…

Or at the pool some little girl or boy, noticing a lonely, friendly-looking stranger, would teasingly splash me and we’d spend the next half hour playing together.

I still anticipate the school holidays. But it now feels like a habit that has outlived its relevance: Autumn comes and I look back, feeling vaguely dissatisfied and disappointed. The Summer has, once again, fallen short of my hopes – how few children I have even seen, let alone spoken to or connected with. And how many bored parents engrossed in and talking at their mobile phones…

It was not always so.

A Child’s place is in the home

What follows is a list of factors which appear to have caused this ‘child-flight’, this disappearance of children from our public spaces, over roughly the last half century – a period over which the process has accelerated to virtual completion.

The domestication and miniaturisation of facilities and resources

Advances in technology and increasing affluence have meant that a host of facilities and resources which, for most of mankind’s history, were communally shared, have been miniaturised and made affordable to the great majority of households.

Arguably, whenever there is a choice between sharing a facility or owning a miniaturised and privatised version of it– most people take latter option.

The following are examples of such changes. They all reduce the need for both children and adults to venture into public spaces (the reduced presence of parents in the community, of course, entails the reduced presence of their children):

  • television has replaced theatre, cinema, and attendance at live events;
  • the telephone has replaced pubs, cafés, and other social meeting places;
  • radio, CDs &c have replaced live music;
  • the washing machine has replaced the launderette;
  • the private garden has replaced the municipal park;
  • fridges and freezers mean that a weekly trip to the out-of-town hyper-market has replaced the daily trip to the local shop or market for fresh food;
  • computers and the internet are replacing many things, including local shops, supermarkets and libraries.

The family car

Arguably, the ‘domesticated facility’ that has most contributed to ‘child-flight’ is the car.

Extreme mobility (of individuals, families and resources) is one of the prerequisites of a fast-changing, growth-dependent economy such as capitalism. The family car answers this need and has played a major role in the dispersal of the local, the depopulation of urban and suburban public spaces, and the isolation of the nuclear family. It has eliminated the need for children (and adults) to walk, cycle in their geographical locality or use public transport, meaning that they do not develop an intimate knowledge of their neighbourhood or a sense of belonging, nor develop the skills and knowledge necessary for negotiating and making best use of their locality.

This means that those facilities which children do use are often situated far outside their geographical community: schools have wider catchment areas, so that children of school age have fewer local friends and are dependent on parents for their social lives; ‘family friendly’ leisure facilities (malls, multiplexes, amusement parks, leisure centres, fast-food restaurants) are increasingly found out of town, requiring the car to get there.

This means that children’s social and leisure activities are generally conducted in the presence of parents – depriving children of an independent, unsupervised social life.

Large areas of public space have been converted into roads. Public spaces (such as village greens and squares) have been given over to parking, both in town centres. The sides of suburban streets, and often the pavement too, are now used for parking cars, which creates major safety risks for children. The dominance of traffic constitute makes the world outside the home ugly, unpleasant, noisy, unhealthy and dangerous.

Bumper to bumper: The chaotic scene outside school at end of school in Birmingham

There are many positive feedback loops associated with the de-childing of public spaces. The ‘School Run Paradox’ is a good example: parents choosing to drive their children to school because the traffic chaos created by the parents dropping their children off at school by car makes walking to school too dangerous, thereby exacerbating the problem.

Same scene after the cars clear the area

The n̶u̶c̶l̶e̶a̶r̶ isolated family

A rapidly changing job market means that families have to be more mobile. This is easier if the family unit is ‘nuclear‘ rather than ‘extended‘. The relatives that make up the extended family (grandparents, uncles and aunts, cousins…) are likely to be dispersed and live far away.

Frequent house moves and ‘the domestication of facilities’ means that there is little desire and few reasons for interacting with neighbours. This creates neighbourhoods where there is little sense of community and results in a lack of ‘safe’ adults outside the home, making the world outside the home feel scarier.

The changing nature of children’s play

Children playing football in the street at Sandon Place, in Adamsdown, Cardiff August 1966
Children playing football in the street at Sandon Place, in Adamsdown, Cardiff August 1966

The working-class child of fifty years ago lived in a more crowded environment – more siblings and smaller houses. Their play consequently had to take place not in the home, but in the street or other communal areas. Consequently they were more likely to come into contact with all sorts and a greater number of children, and their choice of friends was not guided by the parents, since all children play on communal areas. The play of the working-class child was not generally supervised by adults.

Another feature of the traditional working-class family was that older children would take their younger siblings out into the streets to play, the younger sibling sometimes being a baby or a toddler. The older sibling would introduce the child into the community of local children and act as a role-model of how to negotiate public space and how to play.b8934e0a8251e2d1228e9dab23b1b3dd

Nowadays parental fears have meant that this role has mostly died out.

Middle-class children fifty years ago lived in more spacious homes, with a garden and maybe their own bedroom. Consequently they had no need to play in the street.

Today most families living in the UK and the USA enjoy levels of housing, domestic facilities, disposable income and car-ownership that would have qualified as ‘middle-class’ fifty years ago.

Outdoor play has been replaced by indoor activities dependent on expensive, heavily marketed and ever-developing technologies, which pressure children and parents to constantly ‘update’. These are usually screen-based activities and are often passive and operate within parameters set by the technology and the game’s creators.

The Nintendo Wii perfectly embodies how an adult-regulated, impoverished, indoor version of play is replacing the child-led, open-ended, chaotic play that has been normal for probably all of human history.

The appeal of public spaces such as playing fields, playgrounds, waste grounds, woods etc has diminished, whilst that of more organised, heavily-marketed, commercial attractions (such as shopping malls, multiplexes, amusement parks and leisure centres – all requiring a car to access) has increased.

Children’s leisure is a most lucrative market. Adverts, product-placement and other marketing strategies relentlessly promote leisure activities which involve high consumption and spending.

One of the most powerful concepts in winning young minds is that of ‘cool’.

‘Cool’ generally describes activities focused around acts of consumption, and a short-term gratification that is purchasable (e.g. computer games, social media, eating at MacDonalds, fashion and make-up) rather than something that has to be achieved .

Opposed to this is the ‘geeky’ or ‘uncool’ which generally applies to activities that are more dependent on skill, knowledge and practice (e.g. playing an instrument, bird-watching, reading, ballet, gardening, model-making, scouting) rather than consumption.

This change in the nature of play means that the traditions of free, independent and unstructured play, which parents and grandparents engaged in, are not passed on. Consequently many children don’t know how to make the most of being outdoors and independent. Staying indoors and engaging in adult-organised play becomes the default option.

This makes for children who are less healthy and active, and who feel handicapped when it comes to outdoor activities.

work and education

In the past fifty years there has been in the UK a steady increase in the school-leaving (15 in 1944 to effectively – 18 today). A basic qualification is no longer considered enough for anything other than the most basic jobs: higher qualification are essential for anyone wishing to ‘succeed’. In the UK almost 50% of students are today going on to higher education, as opposed to 3.4% in 1950.

This is nudging the effective limits of childhood ever upwards.

I suspect that recent concerns over ‘campus rape’ reflect an underlying sense that the age of consent is too low and should be harmonised with our current conception of the temporal boundaries of childhood.

There’s also been a sharp decline in the part-time jobs, such as the paper or the milk-round, which enable children to develop skills, knowledge and independence essential to being active participants in their geographical community, and to being citizens.

paper boys


“Around 5,000 children under the age of 16 die or are seriously injured on Britain’ s roads each year. Nearly two in three road accidents happen when children are walking or playing”
Automobile Association (2003)

Parents (and consequently children) increasingly consider the world outside the home as a place filled with hazards and consequently are reluctant to allow their children to venture out of the home. Whilst many of these fears are illusory, one fear – that of traffic-related injuries, illnesses and deaths – does seem to be a valid one.

Equal, if not exceeding, the fear of traffic is the fear of paedophiles. Any paedophile reading this knows that this fear is illusory: it is not someone who likes and respects children, and who has spent a life-time coming to terms with the illegal and stigmatised status of their love, who is going to do something impulsive that would scare or hurt a child.

The consequences of this fear are well documented on sites such as the excellent freerangekids.com. The most obvious one is that of parents simply not allowing their children to venture into public spaces unsupervised. Another pernicious consequence is that children are taught a fear and suspicion of adults, especially men, and to see adults as ill-disposed towards children.

Moreover the nature of parents’ fear seems to have gone from that of the child being abducted or seduced to one of a paedophile simply being present in the vicinity of their child and noticing (not even ‘desiring’) them – the danger no longer seems to require an act or a crime.

The stigma associated with paedophiles is such that adults fear being mistaken for one. This has largely eliminated interactions between children and non-familial adults and created in many adults a reciprocal fear and suspicion of children,  resulting in the reduced presence of men in children’s lives. The disappearance of male primary teachers is well documented. Another effect is that fathers are often viewed with suspicion when accompanying their children to the park or playground, or if they show sign’s of physical affection towards them in public.

The absence of children from public spaces makes those spaces feel less friendly and safe. the presence of children generally civilises places – think how football violence was addressed by making stadiums more child-friendly; likewise ‘family friendly’ pubs.

These fears are exacerbated by an increasingly risk-averse culture. The rise of the insurance industry and the consequent health-and-safety mind-set means that ‘any risk’ is ‘too much risk’, especially where children are concerned.

(I suspect that the Insurance Industry has an interest in making us afraid: also, if insurance is a kind of gambling, then maybe insurers have a vested interest in us misperceiving risk..?)

A final fear is that of the ‘Feral Urban Child’: public spaces have become so fear-ridden and fraught that any child, or group of children, who does venture into it unaccompanied by an adult is perceived as either being a victim of parental neglect or delinquent and up to no good.

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I know that this essay may come across as a diatribe against the ‘modern world’, as rosy-tinted longing for the blue-remembered hills of my childhood. Maybe it is.

I don’t doubt that there will be those, more enamored of modernity than I, who will have a different take on this. Indeed there is a debate to be had as to whether the disappearance of children from public space is a price worth paying for the lifestyle and products this form of society has also delivered.

But one thing is clear to me: all aspects concerning the nature of a child’s early life are affected, determined even, by the economic system they are born into. I’ve focused here on one aspect of childhood, namely ‘where it takes place’, but a similar analysis is possible with respect to all aspects of childhood, not least ‘sexuality’.

Indeed the identity of the child as a sexual being is intrinsically linked to the question of ‘where the child belongs’: the nuclear family, the ‘home’, is an institution where incest taboos strongly prohibit all sexual relationships between members, other than between the parents. It is not a place for the uncomplicated or risk-free expression of child sexuality. A child entirely enclosed within the family has no soil within which its sexuality can take root.

I also acknowledge that to all but a tiny minority of people, a paedophile arguing for the increased presence of unaccompanied children in his community might read a bit like a burglar arguing for more people to leave their front doors unlocked.

But it’s not just those of us with a capacity to love genetically unrelated children who are adversely affected by their disappearance from the community. The whole of society is terribly impoverished by it, not least the children themselves.

If we are insensible to this is it because we value cars, television and consumer durables above our children? Have we too readily accepted the version of childhood which has been most insistently thrust at us? Are we, as a society, guilty of having sold off our children for the bread and circuses of the consumer lifestyle?

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  1. We now have the laundry soap version of child liberation. The French brand Skip takes some of your points, they have a campaign “Libérez les Enfants” (Free the Children), stressing that children should be free to play outdoors and get dirty: https://www.skip.fr/liberez-les-enfants/
    They have a video showing prison inmates in the US, who have just two hours a day going outdoors, and who say that it is the best moment in their day, without it they would get mad; then the interviewer tells them that kids get even less time outdoors, and the prisoners are flabbergasted:


    1. thanks for that Christian – that ad has been at the start of a lot of youtube videos recently but I’ve never watched it.

      It’s very subtle (and/or insidious) advertising for washing powder, but makes its point powerfully and is thought-provoking.


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    1. >”1-Hour prog, boringly preDICKtable but innerestin’ – and REAL innerestin’ from 50m.23s, Free-Range BABIES in modern-EU DENMARK (sans Euro).”

      Yes, very interesting about Denmark – amazing section about ‘people don’t steal babies in Denmark’ – I’m also very much in favour of very short working weeks and job sharing.


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  9. Elite Ped Monty’s boys.

    RealMeanwhile, BBC/Brit Brain Crap ‘Breaking Wind’!

    “Shock! Following false allegations of peeediofiddling against one of WW2 Hero Field Marshal Viscount Bernard Montgomery’s ‘Desert Rats’, now Britains’ most senior retired soldier – Lord Edwin Bramall. Britain’s most senior ruler, Rupert ‘Mad dog’ Murdoch has decided to run a sub-sewer of the world SUN noizepaper campaign (for Ratings & Profit), to have Monty’s 10 ft statue standing for Freedom From Fascist Oppression – TORN DOWN Saddam-style ‘LIVE’ on Mass Mind Rape Totalitarian TeeVee for the shallow ignorant sheeple (i.e. for Ratings & Profit). Quote our alien unelected ruler rabid right/wrong un Rupe for Ratings & Profit , “I’ve bin falsely accused of pimping trash to the masses via my overpaid whores. Well, if it’s in the SUN it must be populist $hite. Fuck The Facts – Get The Fucking Story!”


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  10. Further true SeXentricities, er, “Awaiting Moderation”?

    First tho, an err-ection by omission, detection, correction/addendum down – Wized UP!

    The EU/UK vox pop poll ‘ped/non ped’ pic was not just post-Sarah’s tragic death-by-childsex craZed killer (as ever lowbrow mass media DELIBERATELY mistaken for a ‘paedophile’), but was in fact post-rabid Rupe’s sub Sewer Of The World anti social knee jerk call for national notifications of so called ‘Paedophiles’. Sparking instead a late-Summer Y2K national ‘Paedo Riots’ BIG SICK Fest with even a ‘Paediatrician’ fire bombed by lowbrow Murdochized Mob Rule Mass MIND RAPED Morons. Re-quote Late Great True Brit Ped John Peel, “Rupert Murdoch has destroyed most of what was good about this country.” (Never a truer line Liddypool to Pontypool to Parks’ Pools nationwide, and no coincidence the UK 19Hateys ongoing mass hysteria ped panic inquisition parallels Right wing rabid Rupe’s rise and rise for ratings and profit always deviously masked by mass deception as so called ‘Child Protection’. All anti social rabid Right wing/wrong uns – Nil Water By Mouth!

    RealMeanwhile WAY back in Rockin ’57 nearby Emerald Isle, west coast Co Limerick a pretty lil 11 y.o. blonde, Rosie Griffin (later a high achiever round the World sailor, Marathon runner and all round adventurer Rosie Swale-Pope MBE) was pleasurably meeting a local ‘Stranger’. Paraphrased from her SeXy ’73 bio ‘Rosie Darling’,

    “One warm sunny day as I was dreaming on Askeaton’s bridge over the River Deel a man’s voice in a ripe local accent suddenly asked me, ‘Haven’t I seen ye in my special barn where I sleep off my merry hangovers?’ ‘I don’t know which barn you mean’ I replied. ‘Sure it’s just along the lane I’ll show you before you have to get home for tea, and you can meet my pals, Peter, Paul & Percy.’ My new man friend often appeared unexpectedly in the next few month for our fun meetings in the special barn quiet high hay loft. But it was only years later as an adult when I learned that an eleven year old girl excitedly French kissing a friendly 43 year old man’s seedy tongue and playing with his penis and testicles was severely frowned upon by most adults.”

    Coincidentally fellow famed Limerick-ian, and ace blarney raconteur the Late Great Sir Terry Wogan was maybe the only mainstream Brit media presenter to have used the ‘N’ word ‘Nonce’ in it’s true Oirish? source meaning of ‘a short time’, with his SeXy 70s announcement/anoncement? paraphrased, “We’ll be back in the nonce, after the news.”



  11. To emphasise the ALL phoney modern Fascist Anglophone, grotesquely unnatural ‘Nature’ of 19Hateys ongoing paedo-fucking-phobia – ‘Stranger Danger’.

    Unphoney ex-phoney-fascist-fucking-Anglophone SeXentric recalls.

    1) Post-Y2K Sarah Payne’s rare tragic childsex-murder. An EU/UK revealing vox-pop poll showed a pic of a man/(Aaaaaaaaagh!) and lil Loli/(aah..) together by a park pool. A) to pro social adult mainland modern ‘EUians’ who EU-nanimously said, “That’s sweet a dad or uncle with daughter or neice in the park. While, B) U guessed it! So called ‘Adult’ anti social infantilized Brits en-bloc blurted, “PEEEEEEDIO-FUCKIN-FILE!!!!!!!!!! (SeXentrix would still coo, “Another proactive Adultophile?”)

    2) A pro social, pro-ped NON-Anglo (Quel Surprize) SeXy ’70s Grande Belle France novel Gianni Segre’s “Confirmation”. Accurately evokes the Cartier-Bresson Swingin ’69 pic-magnifique in Ur fine slidey-show galleria. Where two leggy Lolis lol on a background balustrade-ancien while a dog and boyz bounce around, and two foreground tots are deep in conversational ‘intercourse’. Seek out Segre’s (now Anglo Fascist anti social CENSORED) ‘minor’ masterpiece. Depicting Cote D’Azur vacationing willing lil Lolis lingeringly cunniling-ummed/mmmm and (spoiler alert) ends happily with a newly arrived Loli proactively ENTHUSIASTICALLY asking the, by then well known, Loli-lovin SuperPed, “R U, THE Stranger?” (A tough job even then, but someone had to do it!)

    3) Closing fer now with a half century WAY back once pro-social Anglo Americana classic, late-Rockin ’50s Jack Kerouac’s, “On The Road” or was it “The Dharma Bums”? In which our Beat Generation BIG Boy keenly observed mebbe the VERY FIRST modern Anglo Gothic irrational ‘Stranger Danger’ – aka Pedophobia! Paraphrased, “By 1956 via new scare dealing mass-TV & tabloids the traditional gregarious roaming bum, postwar remnant of Steinbeck’s 1939 ‘Grapes Of Wrath’ dustbowl depression and all that, had become a misunderstood, feared and shunned outsider, loner, potential child-molester. Yet just a few years earlier, yardbird bums lazily a-waitin ohn the next outbound freight would find real friendly local boys fascinated by the freewheelin’ lifestyle, and eager to share tales of girls and whores. Mutually a bum might then take a boy up the track aways and love ‘im up a piece.”





  12. Not in any way discriminatory this quasi academic atheist can reveal.

    The post-Anglo Reformation ongoing 400 year history of humanity infantilized, nannied, brutalized, abused, and killed by anti social structure-obsessed domineering Anglo Protestant fascists for careers and profit not for people.

    Goes back far further than the very recent free range kids rounded up in the late-20th Century. And always with grotesque paradoxes and inhuman hypocrisies spread worldwide like a ‘psycholonial’ virus.

    Including today’s phoney Anglophone global KidSeX panic with pre-AOCs ‘Generation SeX’ knowing more than any other in history about procreation, ‘Birds & Bees’, safe sex, selfie-sex, fun-to-fuck culture. Yet now beyond infantilized – they are anti social Anglo fascist mainstream ‘Foetus-ized’.

    While, just 4 decades ago in a pro social UK SeXy ’70s ‘Jackie’ type girls own annual now deeply archived or in private collections is a true tale. From teens (now proud if confused grannies?) boldly recalling how in the late Swingin ’60s as mini-skirted preteens they played in a favourite secluded corner of a large park where a nice man entertained them with fun kissing & cuddling games and photography sessions, before ensuring that they safely returned home giggling in time for tea and “Mum’s The Word”. No harm done – just had some fun! “See U next time…bye-eee, tatty bye, sleep tight don’t let the bed bugs bite. ” This was the largely true stranger ‘No Danger’ Pedo-Adulto archetype encounter in most cases known or unknown.

    Another now deliberately mainstream muted authentic Adulto-Pedo pro social SeXy ’70s positive account is from a True Brit Yorky insider honest ex-cop John Wainwright. Telling of a case not fully prosecuted because the aMused little girls found (via loose gossip not complaint) to be eagerly visiting local mens’ houses for fun SUN/Page 3 type photography sessions, wouldn’t testify against their ‘nice uncles’. And not because they were ever bribed or threatened, but because they were NEVER bribed nor threatened.

    Rightly reviewed, if very wrongly described here as ‘fantasticfiction’:



  13. Looking back on my 1950s childhood, I am amazed at the freedom I was given by my parents to roam far and wide and play far from home. Looked at today, it might seem as though they didn’t care about me or didn’t love me for doing this, but it really was a very different world then. One of the main differences is that back then, parents couldn’t conceive of anyone being sexually attracted to their child, so it wasn’t a problem for them and they never thought about it and I don’t remember being told never to talk to strangers, as we talked to strangers all the time. These days, parents have been bombarded for so long now with what they are told of the horrors of paedophilia and child abduction and murder and molestation and rape, that this is all they think about and it’s a constant worry for them, even though, statistically speaking, their child has got more chance of winning the jackpot on the National Lottery than of being abducted by a stranger.

    Some of my memories of childhood would give modern day parents the screaming heebee-jeebies. I remember when I was seven years old being in the park and this man pushing me on the swing and riding down the slide with me, with me sat in his lap and he with his arms around me. He did me no harm and we were happy together. When I was ten years old in 1957, I started going to the pictures on my own, and, like many boys, when the film had an ‘A’ certificate, I would wait outside and ask a man going in to take me in with him. Modern parents would be absolutely horrified at this once commonplace practice. Yes, there were rare occasions when a man who’d taken me in the cinema would grope me between my legs as we sat side by side in the darkness, but I really didn’t regard it as anything to worry about. I’m choosing my words carefully here, of course. I remember one time in 1959 when I was 12 when I was sat in the cinema with a school pal and there was an elderly man sitting in front of us wearing a Trilby hat and every time that a boy got up and went to the toilet, this man would also get up and follow him in there. When the boy came out of the toilet and resumed his seat, the man would also come out of the toilet and resume his seat, the whole process being repeated when another boy got up and went to the toilet. My school pal and I thought this was hilarious. He suggested that I go down to the toilet and see what the man did, but I told him I wasn’t going down there. We were aware that certain men were attracted to certain boys, but it didn’t bother us, we just regarded it as a bit of fun, I suppose.


  14. I heard on the radio that today children suffer from muscular hypotonia because they are always seated; this gives them a feeling of being tired. At school they are requested to be always seated, and at home they remain seated, watching TV or playing with a console or any type of indoor game. Thus our culture makes children who are obese, hypotonic, devoid of maturity, lacking autonomy, depending on adult authority for any decision. This makes very bad adults.


    1. I agree – but all this is very good for the perpetuation of consumerism and neo-liberal capitalism.

      I saw on a news report the other day about how some American schools have got rid of chairs in the classrooms and the children work standing up, effectively increasing the exercise they get and improving their concentration.

      But such solutions are really just dressing plasters on a giant wound – the whole structure of society and childhood needs to be rethought.


  15. Another fine post, LSM.

    >The absence of children from public spaces makes those spaces feel less friendly and safe. The presence of children generally civilises places – think how football violence was addressed by making stadiums more child-friendly; likewise ‘family friendly’ pubs.

    If you had a really packed capacity crowd at a football match in the 1960s it was impossible for kids to see the game. Among standing adults (few seats in those days) they were simply too short. Solution? The kids would be “floated” over the heads of the crowd down to the front, near the pitch. It was a case of all hands to the pump. Dad would be first, hoisting his little lad aloft and asking the bloke in front to pass the parcel. And so it went on: a chain of total strangers (including me on occasion!) would stick their hands over their heads, grab the first bit of boy that presented itself and gently float the feather-light footie fan down a bit further, over the man in front. It was a wonderful sight actually, with kids all around the stadium drifting along, gradually descending, like dandelion seeds on a light breeze.

    Everyone was trusted. It was a communal effort. Dad wouldn’t see his son again until after the end of the match. But not to worry: just wait till the crowd cleared a bit; the lad would be waiting at the front; he’d be OK. Yes, there was a certain amount of football hooliganism , but not so bad in those days as to make a no-go area for kids.


    1. That’s a very beautiful, dream-like image you evoke there, Tom! Can you imagine that happening today!? – the absence of paedo-paranoia, the trust in the benevolence of one’s fellow man and in one’s son’s independence.


  16. An odd poem, that. Is it a modern one? Not exactly Alfred Lord Tennyson, is it, but maybe I’m completely out of touch with the style of today’s poetry. Just a point about the complete lack of children playing in the streets these days. They can certainly be seen in old films from many decades ago and I remember how, one afternoon in the summer of 1964, I set up my now long gone Fidelity Playmaster reel to reel tape recorder in my bedroom on the housing estate where I then lived and hung the microphone out of the bedroom window and recorded the happy sounds of children playing in the street below. If I went back to that street today, 52 years later, there would be nothing to record, as the street and the surrounding streets would be silent and devoid of any children playing. In fact, children apparently don’t play in the street any more as they did many years ago and are all probably sitting in their bedrooms posting comments on Facebook.

    Another thing has changed drastically since I moved to my present address 25 years ago. In those days, paperboys used to deliver my daily paper, which was very convenient for those who were housebound and couldn’t get out much and someone from the newsagent would come around once a week to collect the payments. At one time there were so many paperboys and papergirls around here in this city that once a year, they were all treated to a free day out at the seaside and taken there in a fleet of double decker buses. All that is long gone now. I never see a paperboy these days and if I want a paper, I have to walk into town for one. I suspect it’s like this all over the United Kingdom now and it may well be why the sales of daily papers have gone right down. There is simply no one to deliver them any more.

    I enquired a few years ago as to why this had happened and was told that it was because newsagents who employed children had to pay £64 (around $90 for the benefit of any Americans reading this) to have a Criminal Records Bureau check done on them to prove that they had never been convicted of a sexual offence against a child and that the newsagents objected to this on principle and simply avoided what they saw as a new government tax by ceasing to employ paperboys and papergirls. There may be some areas of the country that still have the odd paperboy delivering, but there are certainly none around where I live.


    1. A contributing reason for a one-third drop in US newspaper sales since the 1970s may be increased access to news via the internet. From the stats there appears to have been a drop of one third in newspaper brands over the same period.

      I personally have not bought a newspaper for about twenty years now. I have come to loathe and detest the media with a passion for fomenting hysteria and panic. They have stigmatised my sexuality to the point where my right to safety in my country of birth has been put in jeopardy. There is no limit to what they have to answer for, and no limit as to how much I hate their cowardly guts …


  17. Thanks for your comment Once A Boy. It’s a very good point that nowadays probably the huge majority of those whom the official statistics and the media count as paedophiles or child molesters or sex offenders are there either because of some infraction at the verges of the AoC or for offenses related to viewing ‘pornography’ (I use inverted commas because in some countries child pornography is increasingly defined as ‘whatever image turns a paedophile on – including cartoons and photos from clothing catalogues).

    The little glimpse into your childhood is intriguing, OAB. I remember too how there were friendly adults we’d encounter as me and my friends roamed and played – though I can’t remember ever being seduced.

    There’s a poem by Fiona Pitt-Kethley in her collection ‘Sky Ray Lolly’ (1986) called…(…dashes off to book shelves to find the book….) ‘A Sunday Afternoon’ – which really evokes this freedom tinged with sexuality that I think a lot of us experienced – a kind of feeling of expectation…

    What the hell! As a special treat, here’s the poem:

    A Sunday Afternoon

    Seeking adventures one church-free Sunday,
    I crossed the Dives-Lazarus divide
    from Ealing into Acton on the bike
    I had for winning a free place at ten,
    and chained it up to Springfield Garden’s gate.
    It was your average London park, complete
    with flasher, park-keeper, geraniums,
    a bum-splintering see-saw and baby swings.
    I soon go talking, and a girl of seven
    was pointed out, who always dressed in pink
    and used to suck men’s willies in the Gents.
    I thought it seemed a funny thing to do.

    The boys didn’t use the swings or see-saw,
    but stood a little way off, watching us,
    hands in pockets. An Indian twelve-year old
    crossed the gulf , sniggering, and asked if he
    could ‘plant his carrot in my turnip field’.

    Soon, we were rescued from moral danger;
    the ‘Firebrands’ evangelists descended
    asking the question ‘Are you saved?’ We weren’t
    too sure, and so they kidnapped and bussed us
    to Acton’s Co-op Hall for Sunday School.
    A gaggle of children, matted or plaited,
    our hands reeking of the metal swing-chains,
    we were ready to try anything once
    and sang ‘I will make you fishers of men’,
    even the little cocksucker in pink.


    1. Another poem, by “Cric”, from Anthologie satyrique, Tome Huitième, 1878 (https://archive.org/details/anthologiesatyr01cosmgoog):


      Rien n’est plus rigolo que les petites filles,
      A Paris. Observer leurs mines, c’est divin.
      A dix, douze ans ce sont déjà de fort gentilles
      Drôlesses, qui vous ont du vice comme à vingt.

      Elles savent montrer en riant leurs dents blanches ;
      De précoces désirs font tressaillir leur chair.
      Elles vont dans la rue, en tortillant des hanches,
      Perverses, la prunelle au vent, le nez en l’air.

      Et c’est coquet, et ça vous dévisage un homme
      Du haut en bas, avec un regard polisson !…
      Ah ! ces gamines… c’est tout de suite grand comme
      La botte, et c’est déjà — fille — comme chausson.


      1. I like that poem!

        I thought I’d try translating it. It’s a loose translation rather than word-for-word – and I struggled with some of the idioms (vous avoir comme du vice, être comme chausson):

        Nothing’s more fun than little Parisian girls,
        See how their faces are divine.
        Already at ten or twelve they’re such sweet strumpets,
        who’ll work you over like a woman of twenty.

        They take care to show off their white teeth when they laugh;
        Precocious desire already thrills through their flesh.
        They wiggle their hips when they walk in the street,
        Haughty, eyes to heaven and nose in the air.

        What flirts! They’ll stare you down, then inspect you
        From head to foot with a saucy look!…
        Oh! these little girls… no taller than a pair of boots
        And they’re already trying you on like a pair of slippers.


  18. There have been enormous changes in society since I was a little boy over sixty years ago. Although in recent times the media has been hitting the populace over the head continually with the paedophile problem, convincing most easily led parents that there’s a child molester on ever street corner just waiting to pounce, the reality is not that dramatic and is very different. These days, because of the strict laws pertaining to adults even so much as speaking to children who aren’t related to them and children being taught from a very early age that all men are out to do them harm and to scream and run to tell a policeman if a man even so much as says hello to them, it is very, very difficult for a man to have any contact with a child, even a strictly platonic one and I suspect that most sex offenders today aren’t being arrested for hands on contact with a child, but for merely looking at photographs of them on the Internet.

    It was all very different when I was a child. We mixed freely with adults and regarded any man who talked nice to us as a friend. Because of this, it was quite easy for any man who was sexually attracted to children to befriend one when the child was out playing on his own and lead him off to somewhere more isolated and play with him. Although I’m not going to go into any detail here, I speak from experience, because such things happened to me as a child. There was no need for the man to resort to force or violence, because it all happened as part of play, the man giving the boy a piggy back ride and so on, putting the child completely at ease and generally the pair having fun together, so that when things got more intimate, the boy would accept it all as part of their play together. This kind of thing must have been quite commonplace back then, but I doubt very much that it could possibly happen today. It was a different world back then.


  19. Not only has the UK population has grown, but the age profile of the population is now higher than ever. People wait longer to have children, and then have fewer of them.

    There are literally fewer children around these days, per head of population, than when you grew up.


    1. Hmmm Anon, interesting. I notice that the Total Fertility Rate in England and Wales has decreased by nearly 40% since 1964, that nearly half of babies are born to mothers who are neither married nor in a civil partnership (in 2013), and that the average age of the mother giving birth has reached 30 for the first time.

      The middle statistic implies that half the children born these days will have no adult male around within the family home. For me, this is astonishing … so many kids being raised with no male role model and no male love in their young lives. Kind of makes me as a Paedo feel about as useful as a one-legged man at an arse-kicking contest!


  20. Oh reminiscences LSM!

    Many of your archive photos are of street scenes in towns, but the stark black and white images of boys in the middle of the 20th Century brought back memories of socks draped around ankles, of itchy long baggy shorts, of permanently bruised knees, and a surfeit of fresh air. Dare-I-say-it: a more innocent time. I was raised in a rural area back then, a council house estate providing most of my playmate peers located on the edge of leafy, sleepy, village (now made famous due to a royal connection) with ‘centre’ comprising a butcher’s shop, a shop-cum post office and a pub. A large village green was situated adjacent to this hub, and it was here that most weekends were spent playing football during the winter and playing cricket during the summer. As you mention, there was a strong sense of community in those days; I can recall at least ten homes where I would be welcomed with fizzy pop, a packet of crisps (careful not to eat the salty blue one!), or a slice of home-made cake, served by a smiley mum.

    I cannot recall any time when I was warned to be careful of strangers; I suppose either the group I went around with was such a permanent fixture that it was taken for granted I would be safe, or, the concept of stranger-danger was just not an issue. There was a 20s something guy with Down’s syndrome on the council estate; his thing was to visit neighbours out-houses and jerk in these forbidden places, but otherwise he was harmless. The only other adult to watch out for guy in his 60s who had previous for sexual assaulting his niece, but he was a known quantity and not singled out by vigilantes thirsting like vampires for his blood. When I was in my mid-teens, one event did rock the parish during the 1960s; two young girls were murdered in a nearby village. Everyone was scared until the murderer was arrested. That single act ruined the idyll.

    Cars were infrequent on the streets; more frequent were horse-drawn carts carrying hay. I have distinct memories of quiet roads, but recently I watched a YouTube video taken from a car journeying along the main thoroughfare through my home village, and was stunned at the number of cars travelling along this route nowadays. This is hardly surprising when the county in question has seen its population rise by a factor of four in the interim. The hermetically-sealed way we conduct our lives has transformed our culture for the worse; the ascendancy of mobile phone communication is further eroding the art of human communication (eye contact and speaking). The emotion of empathy is rapidly becoming a thing of the past.


    1. Though you do get those awkward times like on a train, where you are facing each other; In those situations, I wish I had more to do on my phone, But alas, I just use it for calls and SMS


  21. God dammit, Leonard. Now I’m imagining all the different ways to structure an independent town/state. I’ve wasted many an hour in this endeavor, only to conclude that while plausible, the set up cost would be far too high, unless I were to find a benefactor. Add to this the rarity of MAPs that would be stupid enough to risk joining, and I should give it up as a pipe dream.

    Yet here I am, drawing up plans again, looking up sustainable living alternatives, determining a good settlement area. I guess I can’t help myself. Looking at it from the perspective of my fields of study, such a town could be used to see the difference in brain structure for: children who engage in consensual sexual activity versus those who don’t, free range children, people living in an environment mostly clear of pollutants, and a few others. From other perspectives, you could examine the emotional wellbeing of adults and children within a society with a strong sense of community, the relative maturity of the populace compared to other less communal places (like any major city), crime rates (my hypothesis is that all crime would be lower, though not eliminated)…. The advancement to our understanding of human development and society would be astronomical. My pipe dreams are like that.

    Thanks for this article, I needed something to distract me from my channel, so I can work on my channel. You’re way with the english language never fails to leave my mind active and imaginative. Even works of frustration, like this, make my day better. I look forward to your next post with great anticipation.



    1. Hi Cart!

      >”God dammit, Leonard. Now I’m imagining all the different ways to structure an independent town/state. I’ve wasted many an hour in this endeavor, ”

      Time spent thinking is never wasted.

      I’d say that ‘the time spent dreaming of a better world is the cement with which we build that better world’ – if it wasn’t such a damned cheesy thing to say! 🙂

      Better urban planning is important – large car-free areas with central facilities and shops should be feasable – but I suspect good urban planning will always be remedial, something that happens against the current of economic interests.

      I suspect that the layout of urban spaces is something that grows out of the economic role of those spaces – think of how the slum dwellings of victorian cities were ideally suited to cheaply accomodating a large but not very mobile workforce near to their place of work. Parks and gardens would have been a waste of valuable space – and terraced housing was a very effective way of packing as many people into as small a space as possible, as cheaply as possible.

      Which is a way of saying that if we want to change the way children exist in their geographic communities we’ve ultimately got to look at the nature of that community’s economic system… but that’s a whole other can or worms. Or is it?

      Anyway I’m glad you found the article stimulating.

      I enjoyed your latest video on Teal Swan BTW – keep up the good work.



    2. Hey, Cart! As a big fan of your YouTube channel, I hereby request that you dedicate one of your excellent video analyses/deconstructions of that commentator’s strangely contradictory review of Richard Farson’s 1974 book on youth liberation, Birthrights, where he (I’m still gonna use that pronoun) claims to be a youth liberationist himself, fully supporting children having the right to suffrage, yet derides Farson for including a chapter on children’s sexual rights. That was discussed elsewhere in this very thread between Leonard and I, and Leonard included the full review made by that commentator in his post. I think that’s a perfect example of how emotion can fully occlude one’s rational thinking processes.


      1. I will begin my research for this video soon. I think to be properly informed I’ll need to read [i]Birthrights[/i], and before I can do that I’m going to finish [i]The Trauma Myth[/i]. I also have a few videos half completed that I need to finish and upload, when my computer is repaired.


  22. “The stigma associated with paedophiles is such that adults fear being mistaken for one. This has largely eliminated interactions between children and non-familial adults and created in many adults a reciprocal fear and suspicion of children, resulting in the reduced presence of men in children’s lives.”

    Hence the recent “black-eyed children” phenomenon whereby resolute adolescents “demand” to get to your car or house and an adult freaks out and drives/hides away because he (un)consciously fears to get in unsupervised contact with a minor. Conspiracy theorists then make up horror stories about what could have happened if that adult had let them in. It’s “stranger danger” in reverse.


    1. That is so fascinating, Aphasie. I must confess that I hadn’t heard of this before I read your comment and looked it up (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black-eyed_children).

      They say that the monsters society creates are reflections of its deepest fear (during the industrial revolution monsters – such as Frankenstein’s monster and Mr Hyde – that were a product of out of control science, ‘aliens’ from out of space during the cold war, body horror, such as ‘The Fly’ and ‘The Thing, during the aids panic…).

      As you say, – it’s plausible that these black-eyed children reflect the new power children have to destroy an adult’s life with accusations of ‘paedophilia’.

      But aren’t vampires and zombies all the rage nowadays? Zombies seem to me to embody the fear of growing old, and vampires, well they’re very sexual aren’t they? And don’t they only drink virgin’s blood?


  23. Sadly, stranger adult Gays ‘Poofs’/’Queers’ were the well known phoney Anglophone useful fake SeXual demons for the lowbrow lynch mob sheeple. From early mass media tabloid Brit victim Wilde’s 1890s for 90 years until the 19Hateys ongoing ultimate scapegoats – today’s so called ‘Pedos’ now falsely made synonymous with Child-Killer Sadists. (Much more of which could give Paedophilia a real bad name!)

    Kind stranger Peds unpopularly tagged ‘Child Molesters’ were rarely in the phoney Anglophone public conscience or unconscious but for rare blots on kind Ped lore by fictional films, lone books, or true tragedies now largely forgotten – check ‘em all out WebWize, Amazon & amazin’ YT.

    Post-WW1 hard times Deutschland Fritz Lang’s “M” Child Murderer starring bug-eyed Peter Lorre (and Lang’s post-WW2 tame U.S. remake), plus Rockin ’50s True Brit Dickie Attenborough as a falsely accused ChildSeX killer in “8 O’ Clock Walk”, and similar Swingin ’61 Canadian classic noire “Never Take Sweets From A Stranger” (unless a ‘Stranger’ Kid offering something sweeter?) Then cum all time stereotype hapless Ped Humbert with far more likely happy Ped Quilty in Vlad’s Rockin ’55/’58 blockbuster book made into Kubrick’s Swingin ’62 BIG flick ‘Lolita’, and lesser known pulp fiction novel ‘Rockabilly’ ’bout an early Rock Star Ped pestered young gals breakin down doors to trophy shag the stars, ya’ll get the drift.

    The sadly deranged Brit Straffen ChildSeX multi-killer Rockin ’50s bad case followed by a BIG watershed the mid-Swingin ’60s UK Moors Murderers/true sadists. Both rare cases but both fixed a darker yet remarkeably soon forgotten fake stereotype when Straffen, Brady & Hindley were rightly caged for Life.

    Tina’s Rockin’ 50s ongoing personal true tales of truly kind stranger and familiar Peds follow, sooner or later…


  24. “These fears are exacerbated by an increasingly risk-averse culture. The rise of the insurance industry and the consequent health-and-safety mind-set means that ‘any risk’ is ‘too much risk’, especially where children are concerned.”

    Isn’t it all so deliciously ironic: the agoraphobic and agrophobic nuclear family wrapping its little darlings up in cotton wool to protect them against all those horrible dangers out there, not least the paedophile perverts that hide behind every bush in every Park, but all the while killing their imprisoned loved ones from inactivity and an atrocious diet. In the 1960s, one in twenty US kids suffered from obesity – in the interim that figure has inexorably risen to one in five. Last year the same one in five obesity statistic applied also to kids aged 10 across England.

    I too recall endless hours outside with my mates. Being inside with the parents was just not an option back then, and furthermore I would not have wanted any other way.


    1. >”all the while killing their imprisoned loved ones from inactivity and an atrocious diet”

      Yes, this: and literally ‘killing’ them as well.

      The statistics on child murder show that it is ovewhelmingly a crime committed in the family. It is one of the things that really infuriates me how news stories about parents who kill their children just fizzle out after a couple of days, whereas some footballer who fingers a young woman…. or if there’s a sexual motivation to the murder and/or by a stranger it enters the zeitgeist.

      The hypocricy is grotesque – society will never dare sully the brand of ‘parent’ with the same hysteria it gleefully directs at the mildest forms of paedophilia – even just looking at a child.

      I’ve been working on an essay on this question – and have made a little collection of child-murdered-by-parents stories. When I look at these articles and see the photos of sweet little girls and boys who’ve been murdered by their parents and who have been forgotten – the crimes they have suffered reported (calmly, with detachment, without even a little of the hysteria that befits them), digested, excreted and flushed out of sight like something too embarassing to dwell on – it confirms, in a way that no amount of cogitation and research can do, just how SICK and distorted is the way our society considers children.


      1. Indeed LSM, several very recent stories seem to hold the media in thrall. Eivind Birge says this about the first: “My blood boils with hatred against the subhuman scumbags who believe age difference equals rape, as in this case: http://www.miltonkeynes.co.uk/news/crime/would-be-olympian-jailed-after-flying-400-miles-to-rape-a-12-year-old-girl-in-milton-keynes-1-7288355“, and this one he links to about Adam Johnson: http://stevemoxon.blogspot.com/2016/04/re-post-utterly-crazy-sex-law-exposed_6.html. Finally, a third (unrelated) story which falls into the category of The War On Kids: “British anti-sex hysteria goes full retard”: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3521328/Toddler-aged-three-questioned-police-allegedly-sexually-abusing-child.html

        I recently submitted a comment on Heretic TOC suggesting that the media seem utterly obsessed with trivia and image, and of course, tales of bogey-man paedophiles, but strangely silent on the ongoing child abuse and neglect epidemic within Anglosphere families. Why? It seems to me that no journalist has the guts to expose and hold accountable the real tail (family poverty plus Christian fundamentalism) that wags the whole war-on-kids dog.


  25. A good article.
    I particularly enjoyed the opening quotes “My friends would call round and we’d disappear till the next meal time, playing and exploring for whole afternoons and evenings. Sometimes we’d knock on someone’s door and ask for a drink of water. We were never refused. Sometimes they even invited us in, and we’d have lemonade and biscuits at the kitchen table, chatting to the householder.”

    These quotes took me right back to my own childhood which is just so different to how my own kids live today. My kids never go out alone, have no real privacy, have a much more rigorous timetable from the moment they leave school to the time they go to bed. They are told quite specifically what’s acceptable and what isn’t, they are carefully crafted to be model citizens without any risks. When we are out as a family and we see some kids outdoors unsupervised my wife will tut disapprovingly and ask “where are their parents? They shouldn’t be out without supervision.” I’ll offer some token defense about it being a safe neighborhood and they’re learning independence but it all falls on deaf ears.

    Today kids all too often miss out on the things we took for granted as kids. They don’t hear the school bell and race from school to meet up with their friends and have some mischievous adventure. I actually say that quite literally because when I do the school run I’ve observed the kids all trundle out of school to their parents to be whisked away home to their safe little home enclosures, they just don’t seem to exhibit the same end of school excitement that I used to have at the end of the school day.

    Liked by 1 person

  26. Rephrase Ning De Coninck-Smith,”Until anti social UK/US Fascists Mad Hag Mag, Mad RayGun & their Media Monsta Murdoch’s 19Hateys. Naturally kind Anglophone pedos and kids including proactive adultos had Free Range access to each other left largely to their own desires outside with 99% “No harm done just had some fun, and now reluctantly home to wash yer hands before tea or, now it’s dark, late to bed perchance to dream of SeXciting things.” Since the 19Hateys increased phoney Anglophone lowbrow Murdochized media & market-led charridies like Childline/NSPCC ‘Stranger Danger’ created fake panics for BIG profit masked as ‘Child Protection’. Grotesquely demonizing these ancient benign natural rituals, making it very dangerous for Anglophone Free Range pedos & kids including proactive adultos to act out their mutual attractions including natural SeXpressions outside. While long before and much since the 19Hateys, natural pedos & adultos in civilized societies beyond the Fascist phoney Anglophone outside, and well acquainted discrete Anglo kids, adultos & pedos now indoors have always engaged 99% IN THEIR OWN HOMES with 99% MUTUAL FUN DONE behind closed doors – DOH!“

    Rightly quote UK alt-charridy Kidscape during the ’07 lost Maddie tragedy (time to own up parents & doctors Gerry, Kate & Co) , “Children are more likely to be struck by lightning than attacked by a stranger.”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’d initially wanted to follow the De Coninck-Smith quote by addressing its inherent errors and dishonesties – but it was already proving a struggle to get this essay down to a reasonable length (my New Year’s resultion was to keep my essays to under 2,500 words – which I have yet again failed to do) so I had to edit out my ‘debridement’ of the De Coninck-Smith quote.

      The constraints on word-count have also meant that I’ve not given as many statistics as I’d have wished. Ideally I’d liked to have at least given statistics proving that children have disappeared – maybe I’ll do that in another essay…

      But as you mention that quote I’ll take it as an opportunity to post what I’d written:

      “Until relatively recently, pedophiles had fairly easy access to children, who were left largely unattended by parents. During the last two decades of the twentieth century, growing attention to the phenomenon has made it more difficult for pedophiles to act out their sexual urges.“
      NING DE CONINCK-SMITH, http://www.faqs.org/childhood/Pa-Re/Pedophilia.html

      The statistics on child abuse show that if a child is suffering from unwelcome sexual attention it is overwhelmingly likely that her best refuge from such attentions is getting out of her home.

      Surveys and crime statistics show that parents, step-parents or relatives are overwhelmingly the perpetrators of unwanted sexual attention.

      And we should also take into consideration the much more serious offences of ‘physical violence’ and ’emotional abuse’ – the Canadian Centre for Justice, for example, found that family members, including relatives, constituted (93%) of alleged perpetrators.

      Granted that there is a grain of truth in what De Coninck-Smith wrote – but undoubtedly that grain of truth is drowned out by the way it assumes and perpetuates some of the most inaccurate and harmful (to both children and paedophiles) misconceptions about paedophiles – viz:

      1. that the home is not the place where the huge majority of both wanted and unwanted child-adult sex takes place
      2. that the average paedophile approaches strange children in public places with the ultimate goal of sex,
      3. that the main reason that children are more rarely left ‘unattended by parents’ is fear of paedophiles.

      Liked by 2 people

  27. Rather than abandoning recent household and leisure technology, which can be very useful, it is the model of nuclear family that must be abandoned and replaced by a more communal way of life, with many families sharing together education, leisure, cooking, household and laundry services, all these with big technical equipment, no miniaturization. This would require a radical change in household and urban architecture.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m not sure what the solution to this problem is though other than a change in household and urban architecture as you say – also town planning.

      Yes, I don’t really think it’s possible to turn the clock back on technology – though it is possible to promote technologies which are more beneficial to children and the community and santion those which are harmful (removing subsidies for fossil fuels and the fossil fuel industries, and making them pay the price for pollution would be a start).

      But more radically I’d argue for a change in the economic structure of society – an economy based on largely self-reliant communities, organised into a larger polity for resources and facilities that can only operate on a large scale, would address many of these problems – maybe even all of them.

      It would make for a different kind of society – still technologically advanced – but one where people’s well-being would be dependent on their neighbours and community rather than on multi-nationals.

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  28. Another excellent article.

    I would note that “pavement”, to an American reader, refers to the surface of the street itself, whereas for most other English speakers it refers to a sidewalk.

    I would also note that in America, at least, children were reasonably mobile before the automobile came about. I know that one of my ancestors, about a century ago when she was ten years old, sometimes drove a buggy to pick her sister up from school. Similarly, I once knew a man who in the 1920s had a paper route in a very wealthy neighborhood, and did so well that by the age of 14 he had purchased a car so that he could more easily deliver his papers.

    Fortunately, I have traveled to other parts of the world, and observed that the older childhood culture is still the norm in many places. Hopefully we will find a way to revive it before it disappears completely.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. >”Another excellent article.”
      Thanks Baldur!

      >”I would note that “pavement”, to an American reader, refers to the surface of the street itself, whereas for most other English speakers it refers to a sidewalk.”

      Yes, such linguistic confusions are a problem – though not quite as problematic as the ones possible round ‘fanny’ and ‘bum’.

      English isn’t my first language and in my writing I’ve made a deliberate choice to stick to one particular version of it – that way vigilantes or LEAs can waste a bit of time searching for me in England rather than here in my converted à la James Bond volcano in Antartica 🙂

      > “would also note that in America, at least, children were reasonably mobile before the automobile came about.”

      Yes, I think mobility in itself is not a bad thing, but I think the economic system has imposed mobility on us without really reflecting on the consequences.

      My essay really is about ‘problems’ rather than ‘solutions’ – but I think enlightened town planning could be a major factor – why not have whole areas of towns which are entirely car-free – combined with a very efficient public transportation system? I’ve worked in cities (or rather neighbourhoods of cities) where the streets are too narrow to give access to cars. In these neighbourhoods life happens on the streets, there are kids playing everywhere and the atmosphere is really open and welcoming.

      I also think that the economic system that underlies these changes is rotten, and would wish that to change – but that is a whole different can of worms…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. My essay really is about ‘problems’ rather than ‘solutions’ – but I think enlightened town planning could be a major factor – why not have whole areas of towns which are entirely car-free – combined with a very efficient public transportation system? I’ve worked in cities (or rather neighbourhoods of cities) where the streets are too narrow to give access to cars. In these neighbourhoods life happens on the streets, there are kids playing everywhere and the atmosphere is really open and welcoming.

        One of the most interesting things that Richard Farson argued about in Birthrights, his 1974 primer on youth liberation, was for better community design and public transportation that would create many areas where it would be safe for children to play and generally convene without the concern of traffic-related injuries and fatalities. I have personally argued for this very thing, but I have been refuted and told that the private automobile is just too convenient to even consider reducing the usage of in favor of affordable, efficient public transportation that was superior to any current metropolitan bus or subway system… even if that meant greater safety for all, including children!

        This makes it quite clear where Western culture’s priorities are, and why it makes it difficult for many of us to accept that the pedo-hysteria is mainly about “protecting” children from harm. If so, then why does a perceived and often disproved “threat” that involves sexual activity always rate far above actually demonstrable threats to safety that do not include a sexual factor? If convenience is a bigger concern than safety to the average adult in Western society, then might this perhaps suggest that Kind people are much more of an inconvenience for what they represent than anything actually akin to a real demonstrable threat?

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I’ve checked out Farson’s book on Amazon – and seen the controversy in the reader reviews:

          “Richard Farson is a brilliant writer and academician. This is a brilliant book. Every chapter left me saying, “I couldn’t have said it better myself.” UNTIL…….
          He started the wicked chapter off as well as he could have. Something along the lines of “I know I am going to lose most of my audience here, (TRUE!) but intellectual honesty compels me to go on…..” (BETTER HAD HE NOT!) and then he, quite horribly, goes on to give an intellectual justification for child-molestation.
          Of all the ironic, oxymoronic books, or even philosophies! To state the case for children’s rights so compellingly and to then devolve into saying children have the right to sex with adults, if they so choose!
          I guess I’ll have to grant that it is always the most extreme proponents of any “ism,” that are the embarrassment of the more rational moderates. I am a gung-ho advocate of giving children the right to vote. But despite that, I am still such a stick-in-the-mud that I would lock up and throw away the key on any adult who has sex with a child. I am glad Farson, lately, moved on to other areas where he can do less damage. How can I ever forgive him?”

          If that isn’t a recommendation, I don’t know what is!


          1. You can see how that commentator’s deriding of the “very dangerous area” that Farson went into makes no rational sense, especially when this person claims he (I’ll just use that pronoun) is an advocate for children’s rights, yet is an admitted “stick in the mud” when it comes to kids having the right to say “yes” to sexual activity with adults. Seriously?? What exactly does this person think the word “rights” actually means? Does he expect it to mean “only the choices that do not offend us too badly”? If children are given the right to suffrage, and gain the resulting influence in politics and participation in running society which come with that, then how would this person expect them to agree to have just this one choice denied to them? Of course, an anti would respond this way: “Well, so few children would actually want to touch or be touched by an adult in that way, that virtually all of them wouldn’t care about that law being on the books, and in fact would actually appreciate it being there.” Mmm-hmm, the wishful thinking of someone who doesn’t understand that the word “rights” means choices, and not limited to only those that the majority mindset/lifestyle approves of.

            Note how this person never questions the rather strange but comforting idea that it’s somehow indelibly “fixed” in nature that child sexual contact with an adult constitutes “molestation”? As if the legal definition was somehow a law of nature and not a cultural construct. What if we, as a society, decided we were offended by the idea of children being able to skip school in order to go to the voting booths? What if we decided we were too offended to allow children to attend R-rated movies when they were able to vote for politicians who did or did not agree with their freedom to view whatever they wanted to view? How would you possibly work out the legal prohibition of children from choosing to do, and self-defining, the one thing that offends us too much if we created a youth-liberated society?

            This example makes it clear how much emotion actually destroys the rational part of the brain, often in such a knee-jerk fashion that the person has no idea how little sense it makes to grant a certain group of people the right to any flavor of ice cream they prefer, as long as they are the only group denied the right to choose vanilla because the majority of people feel it’s disgusting for that group to consume vanilla ice cream (because they were always told that it was).

            We also need to keep in mind that Farson’s book was written in the ’70s, during a time when it was considered acceptable to put this topic on the table. Of course, the typical anti always displays a complete lack of appreciation for how things have changed throughout even comparatively recent history, and assume that the values and sensibilities they hold so dear today have been embedded in the framework of the universe from the very moment the Big Bang occurred.


            1. Yes, Dissident, that review struck me as being particularly moronic, managing as it does to pack into its short length a book’s-worth of intellectual dishonesties, fallacious arguments and feeble thinking (“he, quite horribly, goes on to give an intellectual justification for child-molestation” – a beautiful example of ‘begging the question’ – whether all adult-child sensual intimacy is ‘child molestation’ being – I presume – what Farson is questioning).

              Reviews like that are as ‘recommendations’ for me. I’m very much looking forward to reading Farson.


            2. If ‘rights’ are choices, isn’t it strange they merely exist when supported by a sufficiently sized herd? US children today don’t even have the rights to have sex or marry, do they?


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