This selection continues where part 1 left off.

Kilvert’s last ‘on-topic’ entry had been from the 16 of February, 1874, and consisted of a brief statement of concern regarding “the licentiousness of the school children, especially Harriet Ferris, Mary Grimshaw and Lucy Halliday.”

What had these three girls been up to? As so often his diaries contain enough to ignite our curiosity and our desire, but we are obliged to turn to our imaginations to conjure up whatever it was that these three wayward little schoolgirls must have done.


Monday, 23 March

Pretty Louisa Dew bounded up the stairs to meet me with a bright rosy morning face and a lovely kiss, when she heard me leave my room. She will be a noble-looking girl one day and will make somebody’s heart ache. She is a very fine girl for her age now and as wild as a hawk but as good as gold, in spite of her dancing spirits.

Thursday, 4 June

Went to Bristol with my Mother on a market ticket […] As I was sitting in a confectioner’s shop between the Drawbridge and College Green eating a bun I saw lingering about the door a barefooted child, a little girl, with fair hair tossed and tangled wild, an arch espiegle eager little face and beautiful wild eyes, large and grey, which looked shyly into the shop and at me with a wistful beseeching smile. She wore a poor faded ragged frock and her shapely limbs and tiny delicate beautiful feet were bare and stained with mud and dust. Still she lingered about the place with her sad and wistful smile and her winning beseeching look, half hiding herself shyly behind the door. It was irresistible. Christ seemed to be looking at me through the beautiful wistful imploring eyes of the barefooted hungry child. I took her out a bun, and I shall never forget the quick happy grateful smile which flashed over her face as she took it and began to eat. She said she was very hungry. Poor lamb. I asked her name and she told me, but amidst the roar of the street and the bustle of the crowded pavement I could not catch the accents of the childish voice. Never mind. I shall know some day.

Wednesday, 5 August

A splendid romp with Polly Tavener.

Another of Kilvert’s ‘romps’.

As I touched on in my previous selection – we don’t really know what these ‘romps’ consisted of – only that he goes into no details about them in the extant diaries – a surprising thing from a someone whose style is distinguished by meticuloussness in recording significant details.

There seem to be at least two ‘Pollys’ in Kilvert’s diaries, and they are usually mentioned without a surname so it’s not possible to work out which Polly he is referring to.

But it would be nice to think of this Polly as being the one who in the entry for Saturday, 15 April 1871, “tub night“, was “very anxious to take off her drawers […] for my benefit”, drawers which, though maintained in place at her mother’s insistence, were “so inadequately constructed that it made uncommonly little difference whether they were off or on”.

Note how she and the Mary in the next entry share the same surname.


Saturday, 12 June

I went to see my dear little lover Mary Tavener, the deaf and half dumb child. When I opened the door of the poor old crazy cottage in the yard the girl uttered a passionate inarticulate cry of joy and running to me she flung her arms round my neck and covered me with kisses. Well, I have lived and I have been loved, and no one can take this from me.

Wednesday, 7 July

Kilvert is on holiday at the beach resort of Shanklin, on the Isle of Wight. I have often felt the same longing and envy of which Kilvert writes here.

At 5 o’clock we all went down to the beach […] Minna, Sherard, Commerell, Cowper Todd and I set to work to dig sand castles and trenches. The tide was going out, a number of children were paddling in the shallow water left by the white retreating surges, and it was a fair sight to watch the merry girls with their pretty white feet and bare limbs wading through the little rippling waves or walking on the wet and shining sand. Oh, as I watched them there came over me such a longing, such a hungry yearning to have one of those children for my own. Oh that I too had a child to love and to love me, a daughter with such fair limbs and blue eyes archly dancing, and bright clustering curls blown wild and golden in the sunshine and sea air. It came over me like a storm and I turned away hungry at heart and half envying the parents as they sat upon the sand watching their children at play.

Minna, Sherard, Commerell, Cowper Todd are Kilvert’s holiday companions.

Tuesday, 13 July

This morning after breakfast I started to walk to Bembridge through Sandown and Yaverland. The morning was blue and lovely with a warm sun and fresh breeze blowing from the sea and the Culver Downs. As I walked from Shanklin to Sandown along the cliff edge I stopped to watch some children bathing from the beach directly below. One beautiful girl stood entirely naked on the sand, and there as’ she half sat, half reclined sideways, leaning upon her elbow, with her knees bent and her legs and feet partly drawn back and up, she was a model for a sculptor, there was the supple slender waist, the gentle dawn and tender swell of the bosom and the budding breasts, the graceful rounding of the delicately beautiful limbs and above all the soft and exquisite curves of the rosy dimpled bottom and broad white thigh. Her dark hair fell in thick masses on her white shoulders as she threw her head back and looked out to sea. She seemed a Venus Anadyomene fresh risen from the waves.

Whitcliff Bay – which is found between Yaverland and Bembridge on the walk described in the above entry.

Thursday, 12 August

In the following entry Kilvert have ended and he has returned to his home territory of Chippenham.

I walked across to Kington St. Michael to be present at the school feast. As we were swinging the children under the elms that crown the Tor Hill a girl came up to me with a beseeching look in her eyes and an irresistible request for a swing. She was a perfect little beauty with a plump rosy face, dark hair, and lovely soft dark eyes melting with tenderness and a sweet little mouth as pretty as a rosebud. I lifted her into the swing and away she went. But about the sixth flight the girl suddenly slipped off the swing seat feet foremost and still keeping hold of the ropes she hung from the swing helpless. Unfortunately her clothes had got hitched upon the seat of the swing and were all pulled up round her waist and it instantly became apparent that she wore no drawers. A titter and then a shout of laughter ran through the crowd as the girl’s plump person was seen naked hanging from the swing. O ye gods, the fall of Hebe was nothing to it. We hustled her out of the swing and her clothes into their proper place as soon as possible and perhaps she did not know what a spectacle she had presented. I believe it was partly my fault. When I lifted the girl into the swing there were many aspirants for the seat and in the struggle and confusion I suppose I set her down with her clothes rumpled up and her bare flesh (poor child) upon the board and as her flesh was plump and smooth and in excellent whipping condition and the board slippery, they managed to part company with this result. Poor child, when she begged so earnestly for a swing she scarcely contemplated the exhibition of herself for the amusement of the spectators. I shall never see the elms on the Tor Hill now without thinking of the fall of Hebe.

What are we to make of that ‘excellent whipping condition‘!?

Are we misreading him when we attribute to these words a sadistic or punitive meaning? Was beating, at this late date, still considered as something good for children? I can’t remember there being anything in the rest of Kilvert’s diaries that suggest he had a sadistic bent; if anything, quite the contrary.

Hebe was a daughter or Zeus and the goddess of youth.

The Fall of Hebe‘ could refer to a poem by Thomas Moore (1779 – 1852).


Thursday, 30 March

This afternoon rain came on. I went down to Greenaway Lane and called on Mrs. Morgan. Then I went to the James Knights’. Pretty Bessie came to the door with a bright smile of welcome and brought me into the warm cosy kitchen where her beautiful sister Mary was at tea with the younger girls who had just come in from school. Kitty is growing very pretty and was full of fun and romping spirits. It was a charming picture as the mother sat on the settle between her two fair blooming daughters with the other children grouped about them. Then Kitty ran out into the rain and puddles in the farmyard and came in so wet that her shoes and stockings had to be stripped off, her lovely limbs were unencumbered with drawers and Bessie tossed her in the air, and for my benefit turned up her legs, showing her beautiful bottom and thighs white and soft and warm and rosy and as pretty as a picture.


11 thoughts on “Love in the Welsh Marches: Francis Kilvert & His Diaries – part 2

  1. Quote learned Leonard, “ apologies for being late getting round to approving all your comments – Real Life has been keeping me away …”

    Quote seXy SeXentric, “Yeah, but ‘Real Life’ is here too?!”

    Quote learned Leonard Nimoy, Mr (not kid-Doc) Spock, “It’s life, but not as we know it.”

    Quote learned Loli, “It’s LUVLY…I LUV it!!”


  2. No need to apologize wize Leonard.

    Thoughts on Rockin’ Rev’s Romps & Whips in UK Victorian SeXy 70s.

    1) Cultural ‘norms’ then & until at least the Liz-2 UK SeXy 70s were, parrotfazed, “Always respect & obey Ur elders & betters!” And, “Spare the rod/whip spoil the kid.” (Not yet “Spare the Cock?” What!? Quote Victorian DICKens BIG Beadle, “U want MORE boy?!”)

    2) Franks’ bushy beard hid his dog-collar until needed to display, when he could say, “See? U can trust me I’m a man of the Cock, er, Cloth.”

    3) Again until the 19Hateys retard Right anti social Stalinist/Fascist phoney Anglophone-made KidSeX World irrational PANIC ongoing unchecked (‘cept in modern EU & most non-Anglolands). Pro social UK/U$/OZ etc parents (including clovert KindPed parents) largely trusted ‘Strangers’. especially authority figure ‘Strangers’ Docs/Cops/Revs etc, Not least cos parents TOO were ‘Strangers’ to other adults, as we all STILL are to each other, quote WizePeds, “A stranger is just a friend you haven’t yet met.” Quote half-sane UK chariddy ‘Kidscape’ post the lost-Maddie tragedy (time to own UP UK Docs Kate & Jerry), “Children are more likely to be struck by lightning than attacked by a stranger.”

    4) As for then & now UK domestic overt/covert Romps seXual or not? Vastly seXperienced SeXentric knows that UK Mums & Dads STILL rightly trust FUN adults whom their kids LURVE to see most. Quote Y2K+1 Mum to SeXentric (on long-bail for long past Hysteric so called ‘Crimes’ found thru long past pix found by UK Stalinist long phone-tap cops reluctantly admitting No Coercion/No Complaint/No Sweat/No Threat – NO VICTIMS then ’til U BARGED IN, U Fuckin’ aBusive Cop Cunts!), “She LURVES playing with U, Cum round anytime and babysit for me so I can go out on the razz.” Plus, 1999 (change hands) FunMum to another of SeXentric’s KindPed pals (later got 7 years fer Child aMusing) when SeXentric had just met and spent 1-hour romping wiv her two HOT Lolis 4 & 6 , “He’s a natural they LURVE him.” Sho nuff did! Nuff fer the HOT 4y.o. to be caught by her SHOCKED BIG Sis, 14, hard fast dry humpin’ on SeXentric’s back while he innocently leaned over oglin’ their tropical fish tank, quote SeXentric, “Please get her off she just won’t get down.” Plus the saucy 6y.o. tugged at SeXentric’s belt buckle in the street leaving wiv his KindPed pal, and whispered, “I want to see Ur WILLY!” Sorry, too late Loli U should have said so BEFORE leaving for FunFields anew. Quote SeXentric to KindPedPal as they left in his car after 6y.o. HOT Loli had also delivered soft sweet kisses to BOTH PedPals ‘Mmwwaaaah!’ ‘Mmwwaaaah!, “We wouldn’t stand a chance wi’ those two.” To which KindPedPal replied, “If they’re anything like their Mum whom I’ve known since we were both teenagers, they’ll be REAL HOT FUX!!”

    Nuff, fer now….


  3. Just ONE blogger (SeXentric) likes this, thus far?

    Where in Hebes’ Hell R ye all gawn?!

    Gawn a-ramblin to a-Shanklin seekin’ the phantoms of Frank & Lolis past? When will ye ever learn, oh when will ye ever learn? Lolis R not past but present and future, and ever in fine whipped-cream condition?

    Paraphrase SeXentric’s SeXy 70s thru Y2K+ Banged UP KindPed BIG Pal KM aka DC, “My next door neighbour’s skinny Jolie Blon leggy lil Loli, 7, cums to sleep over wiv her lil Lad bruv, 5, and can’t keep from snugglin’ up in my bed, panty pert bum humped into my pajama’d BIG lump before brekkie. Then her Loli pals cum over for swimsuit splashpool sunny garden games & BlindPed’s Bluff when she whispered to me, ‘I’ll hide up in Ur bedroom so can find me & tie me to Ur chair and softly spank me for bein’ a nawty gel – I LUV that game!” Sooo, while the other Lolis delightfully squealed and hid behind the bikeshed, bushes & wheelybin HOT blonde Loli waited for KindPed quietly creepin’ UPstairs where she greeted him with a BIG pulldown bikini-pants soft pink fanny-flash, then wickedly tugged down at his BULGING shorts & OUT it POPPED! ‘Oh! BIG – BIG – BIG !!! ‘ woz all she said.”

    Nuff said – fer now…..


    1. “Gawn a-ramblin to a-Shanklin seekin’ the phantoms of Frank & Lolis past?”

      I wish! I love the Isle of Wight, especially all round Kilvert’s route on that walk.

      But my apologies for being late getting round to approving all your comments – Real Life has been keeping me away …


  4. “What are we to make of that ‘excellent whipping condition‘!?”

    My guess is that such a phrase might have been commonplace within the schools of Kilvert’s day, particularly boarding schools, where older pupils and teachers alike freely indulged in the practice of caning or birching the bare buttocks of younger boys.


  5. Additional, pro social SeXentric’s sickening observations.

    Victorian KindPeds/UnkindPeds buying a beggar child’s charms (for a BIG bun?) may have been ‘appropriate’ short-time, nonce fun then. But charming Loli’s/Laddies’ lil buns/butts/bums should just be for Just KindPeds, un-dodgy Dodgsons, un-rusty Ruskins, un-pervert Kilverts, learned-Leonards, caring-O’Carrolls. NOT for any ole Tom DICK or Harry to take, toss-off to, and toss aside – Buy Buy Bye Bye?

    A full 140 years on from Frank’s Victorian/DICKensian ‘SeXy 70s’ fartful Dodgers, fuckin Fagins, lil Dorrits, crippled Cratchits, twisted Olivers, grate seXpectations et al,

    Today’s 21st Century anti social SICKENING UK, pervert-edly self-styled ‘Best’ is DAMNED by leading agencies UNICEF/OECD/York Uni etc, as ‘Among The WORST In Modern West For Child Welfare’. Indeed, the whole mass child aBusing phoney fucking Anglophone VILE RECORD on TRUE ‘Child Welfare & Protection’ has a vast 96% (NSPCC hidden stats) NON-SeX Child aBuse millions of Child Victims about whom the KidSeX craZed anti social phoney Anglophone doesn’t give a damn!

    While, coincidentally with NO AngLOWbrow anti social retard Right Rupert-ised media/NO AngLOWbrowFascist Registers/NO AngLOWbrow seXtreme SeX Laws/NO AngLOWbrow constant Monitorings/NO AngLOWbrow Inhuman Taggings/NO AngLOWbrow Historic Witch Hunts/NO AngLOWbrow Mass injustices – the pro social KidSeX mature modern-EU is rightly named – “WORLD BEST for Child Welfare & Protection”.


    SeXentric know this not least cos unlike some ineffectual intellectual KindPed occasional visitors very short-term delayed at EU points of entry – BIG FUCKIN’ DEAL, SeXentric celebrates eight great years ongoing in mainland modern EU. Re-quote SeXentric, “UKIP If U Want To – Modern EU Stays Wide Awake!” “Stay in EU – Leave UK!!”

    And, closeout BIG pro social SeXentric note. Contrary to constant LIES from anti social AngLOWbrow mainstream medai, the 500 Million population VICTIM modern EU caused NONE of today’s BIG 4 World crises:

    1) Anti social Anglo 2008 ongoing Wall St/London City-made worst ever World financial crash.

    2) Anti social Anglo 1948 ongoing BIG mid-East mess for Oil/Gas/Arms, mass killing millions of Muslims including innocent children while inevitably causing consequential Islam ‘Terrorist’ fightback crisis – Isis, et al.

    3) Anti social Anglo 2003 ongoing post-Iraq/Libya/Syria devastations causing massed migrant millions including innocent kids rightly seeking sanctuary in pro social modern EU while whining lil Brits go BatShit over a few thousand camped at Calais – in Belle FRANCE!

    4) Last BUT not least, anti social Anglo 19Hateys ongoing World KidSeX irrational BIG PANIC for corrupt careers/ratings/profit crudely masked by Mass Deception as so called ‘Child Protection’! (BUT, nowhere NEAR so BIG in nearby pro social rational mainland modern EU.);_ylt=A0LEVvWrFJtXUVsAJcgPxQt.;_ylc=X1MDMjExNDcwMDU1OQRfcgMyBGZyA3locy1pYmEtMQRncHJpZANyZllGYWRRN1R0dUZhaEZvRFM0TUJBBG5fcnNsdAMwBG5fc3VnZwMxMARvcmlnaW4Dc2VhcmNoLnlhaG9vLmNvbQRwb3MDMARwcXN0cgMEcHFzdHJsAwRxc3RybAMyMARxdWVyeQNEaWNrZW5zJTIwY2hhcmFjdGVycwR0X3N0bXADMTQ2OTgxNDk4Nw–?p=Dickens+characters&fr2=sb-top-search&hspart=iba&hsimp=yhs-1&type=xdds_5338_CRW_BE


  6. WillisTina 1st-half subsTITute for SeXentric back to back, here and now?

    Quote True Brit Com Scouser SeXy 70s Kiddies’ BIG Fave Diddyman Doddy, “They can’t touch U for it – yet!”


  7. Oh Leonard!

    Are Ye/we happy banned-band not cut from the very same cloth as Victorian ‘KindPed-of-The-Cloth’ Rockin’ Rev Kilvert, covert, overt, subvert, pervert?

    Your lovingly presented, achingly accurate details from Frank’s most frank entries (those seXtant/survived not trashed by UPTIGHT extant relatives Kinderotophobes scaredy-cat of SeXplicitLoliLurve ) all but take us all back, while taken aback.

    Back 140 years to Frank’s earlier ‘SeXy 70s’ instantly recognizeable matching sight for sight, sound for sound, word for word, touch for touch, heartbeat for heartbeat, hard on for hard on, sooo many Loli SeXperiences STILL seXperienced today Worldwide WebWize and WAY beyond. (WAY beyond? There was/is even a WAY beyond SeXy 70s edition of TV StarTrek going WAY beyond where no KindPed had ever been – starring skintight blue ‘Leo’tard sporting Lolis!)

    And, very personal for SeXentric. sunny summer Shanklin/wanklin I.O.Wight uptite outta sight Loli whites. Other colours optional. U choose or snooze zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Sadly also where SeXentric’s KindPedPal BIG bearded Kilvertesque redhaired Loli-lover trolled clicked & flicked Worldwide from Long Eaton to smokey ole Tokyo for ‘RORITA’ mags & vids. Then took his Long Eaton BIG-eatin’, long-drinkin’ last long leap from I.OW. cliffs found DeadPed far below July Nawty ’96 – R orita In P erpetuity. (Or was he pissed, or pushed?) Sooo many IOW recalls, not least Y2K+4thru7 BANGED UP released, ‘recalled’ there to HMP MonstaMansions RecAllbany- DOH!

    Plus, Loli flashed firm flesh fit to whip? Tho not SeXentric’s proactive thing, still so much part of AngloSeX S&M cultcha. Including some proactive teasing Lolis lurve Tag, Catch, Smack with SadoMaso overtones. Quote young Gay Brit Queens, “Strip me, whip me, tie me to a chair…” Some Lolis too lurve such role play scenes lil Drama Queens seek SeXtra piquance stings from Naughty but Nice plump pert butt spanks or lite whips – plus whipped creamed Loli butt SeXtra thrill before U spill.

    One could go on, but Oh Gawd…ya’ll know the rest, often first, always best, passed the test-osterone…….


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