One of the problems inherent to the blog format is that, as new posts are added, older ones drop out of visibility. They ‘disappear’. For example, anyone visiting this blog for the first time will soon be made aware of the pair of posts I recently published on the Victorian diarist Francis Kilvert.

However, unless they have engaged in an exceptionally resolute and thorough exploration of this blog, they are unlikely to come across an early essay, such as ‘On Being Creepy‘ (which explores the nature of the identity that stigma imposes on the paedophile).

I’d like visitors to be able to access these ‘old’ essays without needing prior knowledge of their existence. The early essays on a blog such as this one can be like the first squeeze of an orange – the ‘juciest’ ones: the fruit being as-yet untapped, and still fully laden with its goodness.

I also recognise that as a blog of this nature progresses, essays can become more and more footnotes to earlier ones – revisiting, revising and elaborating on ideas touched on previously. Eventually essays can end up being footnotes to footnotes to footnotes… and because of this I suspect that a disproportionate number of the most essential and fundamental posts will tend to be found early on in a blog’s history.

So, in order to make this blog’s content more accessible I’ve reorganised the menus that run along the top of each page: there are now several |posts| buttons and each triggers a drop-down menu which, taken together, give access to all this blog’s posts, in chronological order (the oldest starting with |posts 1|).


I have also produced the list below: it consists of a chronological list of links to all the posts on ConsentingA̶d̶u̶l̶t̶s̶Humans, each with a tag (or tags) and a short quotation which gives some indication of the posts’s content and tone.

I would be very grateful for any comments, criticisms, suggestions or experiences from readers or co-bloggers regarding the format, philosophy, and functioning of this blog.

18 common misconceptions about paedophiles & paedophilia [analysis]

“Our society’s ideas concerning paedophilia and the paedophile are wrong in almost every respect. What follows addresses some of these misconceptions…”

Three Glimpses of a Holiday Snapshot [fiction]

“She’d come back from the long holidays and during those few minutes before the morning-bell had been showing some photos to whoever would look at them…”

paedo humour – first installment [humour]

“I was walking home from the shops yesterday when this cute little girl came running out from her garden. “Please mister, can you help shave my pussy?” she asked...”

Poem – ‘The Mistress’ by C.K.Williams [poetry]

“After the drink, after dinner, after the half-hour idiot kids’ cartoon special on the TV,
after undressing his daughter, mauling at the miniature buttons on the back of her dress...”

Video – “first heartbreak”. Love, Tears and Parenthood [vide lip]

“Is it because I’m a paedophile that I so feel the intensity of this child’s love and despair? Could only someone like me take her love for Steven seriously…”

Found on Youtube – Men and Little Girls (and one very beautiful little boy)

“Youtube’s a great resource for those who appreciate and are fascinated by little girls and boys.”

Sexy Kids: could this be the real cause of Paedophilia? [analysis]

“What is the number one cause of paedophilia?”
“Sexy kids.”

Towards the aetiology of paedophobia [analysis]

“so long as we don’t address the aetiology of paedophobia we’re tacitly conceding that the problem lies in us, not in those who fear us.”

paedo humour – second installment [humour]

“A little boy is walking down the road and finds a pair of welders goggles.
He thinks to himself, “these look smart,” and puts them on...”

Sexy Kids: the tl;dr version [analysis]

“Here’s a boiled-down, dessicated, fat-free, crap-excised version of the original post. Its original 2595 hand-counted words ruthlessly rendered down to a more manageable 1620.”

The future is green, and liberating for children [analysis]

“A social system that would open up the nuclear family, reintroduce children into the community, and eliminate consumerism is one that would favour a reduction of intergenerational apartheid, the acceptance of child sexuality and…”

Found on Youtube – Miscellaneous

” I’m posting a miscellany – fathers, daughters, growing up, sex-ed, an enigma, a joke, something controversial, and a very friendly little girl.”

On being Creepy [analysis, culture]

“What is it to accept such an identity so young? Maybe it is, to some extent very likely that a paedophile will do so, since our culture offers the paedophile no other persona or role model.”

The staircase has not one step but many [analysis]

“The legal model of consent could be visualised as a house where there is only one single, unnegotiable, step for getting from downstairs to the bedroom upstairs.”

Does a child need a full understanding of Gravitational Theory before jumping on a trampoline? [analysis]

“The most insidious piece of unexamined thinking behind [his] comment is that one requires a full knowledge of an activity before one can engage in even its most tentative, playful first steps.”

Shame and Normality – two poems by C.K. Williams [poetry]

“”Sometimes I feel as though all I really want is to take his little whizzer in my mouth…
Didn’t you ever feel anything like that?”

paedo humour – third installment [humour]

“I was standing there, hands trembling, my wife due home from work any time now… I reached for my youngest daughter’s top – it came off with little resistance…”

The Sexual Child – The Ultimate Obscenity? Part 1 [analysis, culture]

“Why had she reacted with disgust at something that even she acknowledged wasn’t of itself disgusting, whilst showing no disgust at images that showed genuinely shocking things?”

Two poems about little girls in railway carriages [poetry]

“Both the following poems turn around encounters between men and little girls during a railway journeys.”

The Sexual Child – The Ultimate Obscenity? Part 2 [analysis, culture]

“[I]f part 1 of this blog-essay amounted to a kind of defense of sexual images of children, this second part will consider some of their more problematic aspects and […] the crux of the matter, I suspect, will boil down to questions of ‘consent’.”

Three Things That Being a Paedophile Has Taught Me [analysis]

“[A] few ideas which, I suspect, had I not been a paedophile, I would never have stumbled upon, or been much interested in if I had. They form part of my ‘survival kit’”

Found on Youtube – Kisses

“I don’t doubt that some of these clips might make for uncomfortable viewing for many non-paedophiles, or anyone who believes that children either are not, or should not be, sexual beings.”

The Attic Child – part 1 [fiction]

“Sophia knew that for a child of eight to take pride in her prowess at hide-and-seek betrayed in her a lack of achievement in those pursuits more commonly recognised as being proper to little girls of her age.”

The Good, the Bad and the Virtuous – Part 1 [an analysis and critique of the phenomenon of ‘Virtuous Pedophiles’]

“[W]hilst Virped has undoubtedly had some success in making inroads into the impervious and adamantine-hard carapace of public ignorance and hatred that surrounds paedophilia, I believe it has only been able so at considerable intellectual and emotional cost.”

Three Essential Paedo-Reads: “The Trauma Myth” by Susan Clancy [book review]

“‘The Trauma Myth’ investigates the source of the trauma frequently experienced by those who, as children, were in consensual sexual relationships with an adult, and pinpoints how social attitudes and beliefs, which perpetuate a false idea of ‘child sexual abuse’, contribute to that damage…”

The Attic Child – part 2 [fiction]

“Nor would she hear the distant worried voices calling her name, so far below they were and she being so fast asleep….”

Mob Rule over at Twitter [announcement]

“Well, it looks like the Mob over at Twitter has got my account shut down…”

The Good, the Bad and the Virtuous – Part 2 [an analysis and critique of the phenomenon of ‘Virtuous Pedophiles’]

“Virpeds’ stance on the morality of child-adult intimacy is indistinguishable from the populist and tabloid stance: all and any such intimacy is not only wrong, but it is intrinsically and unquestionably wrong…”

Unthinkable Thoughts and the Mechanism of Hatred [analysis]

“If there is one ‘big’ idea concerning paedophilia that interests me most it is that the hysterical paedophobia we are currently suffering from might have its roots in the deep structure of society, particularly economics.”

Reflections and Regrets of a Virtue-Free Celibate [autobiography, analysis]

“My recent reflections [have] left me wondering how it is that, despite definitely not being ‘Virtuous’, I’ve managed to reach the depths of middle age without having as yet ‘offended’…”

Three Essential Paedo-Reads: “Dream Children” by A. N. Wilson [book review]

“As a ‘paedo-read’ A.N. Wilson’s ‘Dream Children’ succeeds where ‘Lolita’ fails…”

Cart O’Graph’s New Channel on Youtube [announcement]

“I thought I’d mention Cart O’Graph’s YouTube channel which has only been up a month but which already boasts nine videos, and is shaping up as something really quite special.”

18 Common Misconceptions About Paedophiles & Paedophilia: Update & Reblog [analysis – update and reposting]

“Our society’s ideas concerning paedophilia and the paedophile are wrong in almost every respect. What follows addresses some of these misconceptions…”

Some Arguments For a Kinder World [analysis, polemic]

“This essay tries to answer the question: ‘assuming paedophilia is not the evil that society imagines it to be, what benefits, if any, does it bring to individuals, the community and society?’”

Request for Contributions: Your Road-Map to a Kinder World. [request for reader contributions]

“Are you a regular reader of ConsentingAdultsHumans? […] I invite you, kind (or, indeed, un-‘kind’) reader, to submit between 400 and 600 words sharing your thoughts on the right way forward for our love and our community.”

Jealousy (a nightmare) [fiction]

“The girl must have come on to Josh, because on our second morning the boy had just come straight out and asked me if I had a condom he could use. My first reaction had been: at his age, what did he even need a condom for?”

Road-Maps to a Kinder World – Part One [contributions in response to ‘Request for Contributions: Your Road-Map to a Kinder World.’]

“I think the biggest thing, the most important thing, irrespective of sexual interest or desires, is the expansion of societal acceptance, awareness and knowledge of childhood sexuality, and of the expansive nature of sex in general.” – BJ Muirhead

Road-Maps to a Kinder World – Part Two [contributions in response to ‘Request for Contributions: Your Road-Map to a Kinder World.’]

“My hopes and fears for paedophiles and children are coupled to my hopes and fears for society, mankind and the planet. And in these troubled times, I find it hard to be optimistic…”

Three Essential Paedo-Reads: “Paedophilia: the Radical Case” by Tom O’Carroll [book review]

“What can one say about a book that seems to say everything? […] Is there anywhere a more cogent, humane, well-informed and entertaining account of the case for the legitimacy and benefits of child-adult intimacy?”

Rationalization – Can Paedophiles Argue For Children’s Sexual Rights? [analysis]

“An accusation of rationalization can leave you feeling that your opponent has a ‘get out of jail free card’ with which, on your presenting conclusive evidence that two plus two does in fact equal four, they can undermine your credibility by suggesting that you have an interest in two plus two equaling four…”

Paedo Humour – Fourth Installment [humour]

“I totally smashed the world record today for holding your breath under water – 8 minutes 48 seconds.
It all started when the small girl at the swimming pool said to her father, “that’s the man there Daddy!”

‘Consent’ Without ‘The Age of Consent’ [analysis]

This essay tries to answer the question posed by ‘Josh’: “When and if we get there, the biggest obstacle we will face is how we will go about legally discerning what is and is not a consenting relationship? How will we be able to tell when a relationship is abusive or not? Children can easily be manipulated by adults and it can be difficult to detect.”

Found on Youtube – Six Films And Something Different [clips]

“During the 60s, 70s and 80s the European film industry managed to produce some films about children and childhood of incomparable depth and beauty…”

Expect A Postcard! [announcement]

“It’ll soon be Consentinga̶d̶u̶l̶t̶s̶humans’s first half-anniversary…”

Re-blog of “Nakedness of children” by B J Muirhead [reblog]

“B. J. Muirhead has written an important essay, and I recommend it to anyone interested in Art, ‘the nude’, child sexuality and ‘paedo-hysteria’…”

Narratives & Perceptions: Paedophiles & Moslems [analysis]

“I’ve noticed lately certain similarities in the ways paedophiles and Moslems are perceived in the popular imagination and portrayed in the media…”

Some Cuttings From My Scrapbook [humour/satire]

“Research conducted by a top scientist, Professor Jamie Carton, has confirmed that there is such a thing as the ‘paedo look’…”

Where Have All The Children Gone? [analysis]

“Maybe you have to be over a certain age to have noticed that things have changed, how one rarely ever sees children outside of the patrolled spaces of the home, school and the fast-food restaurant…”

Knowing ‘The Child’: An Epistemology of Paedophilic Desire [analysis]

“Do the social conditions under which we interact with those whom we desire significantly determine how that desire is experienced? What if it were possible to analyse these conditions and identify pressures inherent in them which might predispose us to think or feel in a particular way?..”

Happy Alice Day! [commemoration/video]

“On Friday the 25th of April, 1856, Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (AKA Lewis Carroll) and Alice Liddell met for the first time…”

On Alice’s Birthday – The ‘Beggar Maid’ Photograph [photography]

“The countless essays and hundreds of thousands of words that have been devoted to this photograph attest to its power. Even after we’ve absorbed every square millimeter of its surface, noticed and noted every one of its elements and details, its power is not exhausted but remains, grows even, a quality that only the greatest photographs possess…”

The Toybox: Coming Out & Staying In [analysis]

“The essence of the political problem paedophiles face is one which is common to all who are subject to witch-hunts: the stigmatised group, for whatever reasons and by whatever processes, is deprived of the power to define and assert its true identity.”

Eleven Poems on Love, Desire & Childhood [poetry]

“Though no shyer than the others – while her pitch is being checked she beams out at the audience,
one ear sticking through her fine, straight, dark hair, Nabokov would surely say “deliciously” –”

The Consumer Child – Part 1 [analysis]

“In […] Western, Educated, Industrialised, Rich, Democratic Societies there exist two dominant archetypes of the Child [that] are fundamentally incompatible with one another, and this incompatibility is being played out on political, social, psychological and interpersonal levels…”

After ‘Lamb’: Thoughts on Film and Culture [film &culture]

“Ross Partridge’s film ‘Lamb’ is not a horror film, though anyone reading the one-star reviews it has received on could hardly be blamed for thinking it were: ‘wow..just horrible..the movie is trying to normalize is disturbing to see that now this is the trend..’ – (quote from review by ‘petervoicu’)…”

Love in the Welsh Marches: Francis Kilvert & His Diaries [literature, biography & history]

“This evening being May Eve I ought to have put some birch and wittan (mountain ash) over the door to keep out the ‘old witch’. But I was too lazy to go out and get it. Let us hope the old witch will not come in during the night. The young witches are welcome.”

Love in the Welsh Marches: Francis Kilvert & His Diaries – part 2 [literature, biography & history]

“I went to see my dear little lover Mary Tavener, the deaf and half dumb child. When I opened the door of the poor old crazy cottage in the yard the girl uttered a passionate inarticulate cry of joy and running to me she flung her arms round my neck and covered me with kisses…”

To Blog or Not To Blog? [announcement]

“Seeing that it’s a year ago to the day that I launched this blog […] today seems an apt date to announce the start of a prolonged sabbatical from blogging…”

Housekeeping: Improving Access To The Blog’s Content [housekeeping/accessibility]

“One of the problems inherent to the blog format is that, as new posts are added, older ones drop out of visibility, they ‘disappear’ […] I’d like visitors to be able to access these ‘old’ essays without having have to have prior knowledge of their existence…”

32 thoughts on “Housekeeping: Improving Access To The Blog’s Content

  1. Of course, you and your habits/taste are the boss here. 🙂

    A comment section of a fresh/popular article can be indeed better in the newer-at-top order, where the reader can continuously reload the page to see the newest comments until s/he gets tired.

    On the other hand, when I’d like to read an older article and its all (non-changing) comments in their natural order of creation, I like when I just have to scroll only downward. To me, it’s quite distracting that at the end of the article, I have to scroll to the bottom, scroll back to the last comments that fit on a page, then look at the punchline of the next half-visible comment at the top of the screen, scroll up to the next comment, and if it’s too long, then scroll down again, etc, etc. And the multiple types of replies doesn’t help. There are the proper ones, using the “Reply” feature (scroll down to read them in context), and the ones just making a new plain comment for their replies (scroll up). And when the “proper” replies doesn’t visually distinct enough to immediately know that you are seeing a bunch of replies, and you read the last (meaningless) comment because you didn’t scroll up to the proper position…

    Maybe it’s just me who’s this complicated. To my convenience, I keep looking the comments feed page to see if someone makes a comment:

    Anyway, it seems that I only got a few days to read everything on your site. 🙂

    And I just leave this here, even if it’s not strictly related:


  2. Dear Leonhard,

    May I kindly ask you to reverse the comment order to the original newest-at-bottom order, even if my (misinterpreted 🙂 suggestion was the one that made everything upside-down? To me, it’s really hard to follow the order of comments and its replies.

    Thank you for considering it. 🙂


    1. Hi Melorder – thanks for you suggestion.

      There are problems with both ‘newer at top’ and ‘older at top’ but, I must say that, if I have to choose, I prefer ‘newer at top’ – the reason being that as one reads a page of text the natural sequence is that one encounters newer things as one travels down the page. It also means that it is not always the same comment at the top of the comments section, and that new comments are displayed in the most prominent place as they come in and work their way down as further comments come in.

      Also Tom O’Carroll’s venerable site also operates on the ‘newest at top’ principal – and what’s good enough for Tom is good enough for me.

      But seeing as there is very little commenting going on at this moment, deep into my ‘vacation’ – I can use this interregnum as an opportunity to experiment: for the next few days only, I’ll set the comments as ‘older at top’. Would you let me know how you find that arrangement? If you find it more workable?


    1. Hi, Libertine, I recently finished my second read-through of Tom O’Carroll’s excellent “Dangerous Liaisons” – and have just finished a long interview with him concerning this book and Michael Jackson’s relationships with boys, that I’ll be posting on my blog sometime in the new year.


      1. Cheers LSM…We are usually ‘lone wolves’ on this subject, And its not like we’ve not had the practice; That’s why after I did think should I have involved others, How does that make me look! But considering I shared your 18 misconceptions, You would be interested in what people are saying. I finished Dangerous Liaisons back in 2014, I sent it to ‘Carl from Spiked’..Through anonymous mail. Though, It did have a useful index to refer to at the back.


        1. My only regret is that my comments weren’t approved – it’s a shame, some of my comments were quite long. I’d have enjoyed a good argument, especially since it seems that most of those you were arguing with were at least up to having a debate, and not just hurling threats and insults.

          One of the things that struck me was ‘Pea’s’ question: “what does society gain by permitting adults to have sex with children?” – it’s actually quite a good and useful question to think about. I started off my answer with something like:

          “Let me change your question and ask you ‘what does society gain by permitting adults to have sex with other adults of the same sex?’ I suggest that the answers to your question and mine are actually very similar…”

          I guess the blog’s mod thought having two paedos defending their love would be too much…

          >I sent it to ‘Carl from Spiked’.

          Carl and I had a great discussion that went on for tens of thousands of words. Seemed like nice bloke too – very open minded. I remember that time back then when there were a lot of paedophile-related aricles on spiked. I enjoyed the discussions there enormously.


        2. Hi Libertine – they’ve approved my comments on MJF – It’ll take me a while to reply to their replies. I may be linking back to this blog (though not this particular post) in some of my replies. If I do so – would you want me to delete this exchange?


          1. I remember that exchange; It kept me entertained, I found your foreign ventures interesting; Carl asks some hard questions, Stuff only Vir-Peds usually ask; I have chatted with some of them on Twitter when I had my account running! It still amazes me how quickly Tom had his account suspended, just for asking for evidence about a murder that, As it turns out, Never happened!

            But now I’m starting to think chatting with Vir-peds is better, There is less bigotry, Hatred, and the way they repeat stuff with no value…Like Clinton’s debate with Trump; Whenever there was a cogent argument put across, Trump would reply with things like….’So what, people just don’t like you, Or ‘you should be in jail’ etc. Look forward to reading your response.


  3. Hmmm
    There’s a difference between having a sexual relationship with someone of the same gender and having a sexual relationship with an underage child, sorry mister, but society isn’t too far gone to make paedophilia legal, don’t think there’s too much love for “Christians” or paedophiles thankfully


    1. hi Sexentric,

      thanks for giving the AAA problem some thought!

      “A “Search Box” ?”

      There’s actually one right at the bottom of the page – somewhere a bit too out of the way for my liking, somewhere where only the most intrepid venture. It works aesthetically to have it there, I guess – not too much clutter up top.


  4. I’m come here because your blog is listed on a child protection website.. wow.. just horrible..your blog is trying to normalize is disturbing to see that now this is the trend..showing that a relationship between a middle aged man and a very young child is normal and perfectly natural..

    It is quite shocking that we reached this point where these kind of blogs now pop up, and people cant see nothing abnormal about it. Blogs as a matter of fact have always been used as an efficient tool to brainwash..your blog is doing just that,,brainwashing

    avoid this blog..trash that presents child abduction and pedophilia in a positive light!!


    1. I guess you’ve been ‘triggered’ Monique: you’ve encountered someone seeming to advocate ideas and opinions that you are diametrically opposed to, and your mind has gone into a kind of shut-down where your only response is outrage and a demand that those opinions be somehow silenced or censored.

      I know that it is extremely unlikely that you will read this response to your comment – the ‘Offenserrati’ are notorious for believing that a statement of having been offended is sufficient response to any arguments,ideas and evidence you disagree with – but your comment would be much more valid if you could show some sign of having read at least some of the content of my blog. My impression is that before leaving your comment you merely read as much as it took for you to realise that it defends paedophiles’ and children’s rights. And then you went into ‘shut-down’.

      The most grotesque illustration of this is that you suggest I present “child abduction in a positive light”.

      This betrays appalling lack of honesty, integrity or seriousness regarding this and related issues. If you are going to attack me, attack me for those ideas and beliefs I advocate – not those you fantasise into being and then attribute to me.

      As it stands – you, the ‘offended’ of the ‘snowflake generation’, seem to think that once you’ve identified an ‘enemy’, you can slime them with whatever lies, whatever dishonest labels, it takes to silence them, even if you deep-down know that the ‘slime’ and the labels you so liberally throw around, do not, or can not, represent the true opinion or stance of the person you are attacking. I mean – who, honestly, is going to defend ‘child abduction’!!??

      I challenge you, Monique: if you have any intellectual honesty or integrity quote something from my blog that could be interpreted as presenting child abduction in a positive light.


      Interesting word here. I ask you – is society awash with ideas, memes, media reports that support child-adult sensual intimacy?

      If you think it is then you really are detached from reality. You should try being a paedophile and seeing how supportive and pro-paedophile society really is – how often do you come across an article, a news report that paints paedophilia in a positive light? Virtually never. There is no minority more vilified and misunderstood than paedophiles.

      It’s you whose mind is saturated, awash with and perfectly in tune with the paedophobic narrative and zeitgeist.

      You think paedophobia, you speak paedophobia, in the same way that a monolingual person speaks and thinks in the only language they can speak. You have no freedom of thought on this issue since your culture, your life experience, has never allowed any ideas to filter through that might counter your certainty. It’s YOU who are ‘brainwashed’.

      I have to confront ideas, dishonest news reports and prejudices that are anti-paedophile every day. How often have you had to confront pro-paedophile philosophy?

      I guess from your response to my blog, that this is the first time. Certainty is a luxury enjoyed by those who know only one side of an argument.

      It is you who are ‘brainwashed’. I can prove this to you. If you are not brainwashed, if you have something more than the dominant narrative in your head, you will be able to coherently summarise the ideas, reason and evidence of those to whom you are opposed.

      Can you give a convincing account of my philosophy? I can give a convincing and coherent account of your thoughts on these issues – I encounter them every day – but let’s see if you can give a coherent account of mine.

      I challenge you – go ahead and try – reply to this comment with a summary of the ‘pro-choice’ philosophy.

      If you don’t, or if your reply is not a valid summary, then I will take that as your acknowledgment that your initial comment was erroneous and merely the result of your mistaking the media-constructed monsters that inhabit your imagination for people with a real life existence.

      I recommend you read Arthur Miller’s ‘The Crucible’ to get some insight into the mechanisms of stigmatisation and demonisation, and to help you reflect on how the sleep of Reason brings forth monsters.

      Maybe it’s time for you to wake up.


  5. Why don’t you want to talk to the police about your ‘nice’ blog? Because they have a stronger sense of justice than any corrupt lawyer? Because they’ll send your stupid ass to the state penitentiary? (And rightly so) why should you have to worry about telling the police? If “science (my god) is on your side” well then you overrule any sort of human justice amirite? Ha, dead wrong, the police will most likely give that shitcunt an early night in the form of a 9mm pistol and good on them for doing so


    1. hello Amused Atheist

      ‘If you want a job doing properly, do it yourself’ –

      With that timeless wisdom in mind – why don’t you go talk to the police about my ‘nice’ blog? Do your own dirty work?

      I’m sure, overworked and underpaid as they are, they’ll welcome the laugh of having you calling in to report the crime of “there being someone on the internet with whom you disagree”.

      And if they’re nice they’ll speak to you kindly, smile a lot and give you a ‘speshul’ certificate hastily sketched out on the back of an old betting slip or something, to show what a great citizen you are.

      Now, I’m guessing from the general incoherence of your comment that English is not your first language, so being a kind and generous sort of person I’ll let that stand as an explanation as to why you think you can post a comment which make no reference to the article it appears under, and which is merely abusive.

      But let me return to the scene at the police station:

      Policeman: “Now Mr Atheist – what complaint have you against this Leonard Sisyphus Mann?”

      amused atheist: “he writes a blog that advocates the decriminalisation of paedophilia”

      Policeman: “well, it’s a free country, he can write what he likes”

      amused atheist: ‘but he’s a paedo!!’

      Policeman: “You know, having the desire is not itself illegal: only acting on it in certain ways that break existing laws. Is there anything on the blog that suggests he’s broken the law?”

      (you immediately scuttle home and spend hours reading all the posts on my blog, then return to the police station)

      amused atheist: ‘no’

      policeman: “does anything on on the blog incite or encourage others to break the law?”

      (you immediately scurry back home and reread yet again all the posts and blogs on my site, then return to the police station)

      amused atheist: ‘no’

      policeman: so on what charge should I arrest him?

      amused atheist: ‘errr….ummmm….errrr….. – (despairingly) but he’s a paedo!?’

      policeman : ‘Now you’ve wasted enough police time run along home sonny, don’t trip over your laces and wipe the drool from your chin …’

      And on the long walk home your slow brain, churning over what you’ve read on my blog, twice..:

      Amused Atheist (thinks): “that Leonard Mann, what he write actually makes one hell of a lot of sense! I’m glad Leonard Mann included me in this little imaginary sketch and had me read the contents of his blog twice, because I feel enriched and enlightened by what I’ve learnt – who’d have thought it, all this hatred of paedophiles is so ignorant and ill-conceived, a product of the same ignorance and stigmatisation that resulted in the Witch trials at Salem… I will now defend and support the cause of ethical, pro-choice paedophilia and be a frequent contributor to discussions and debates on ConsentingAdultsHumans and help Leonard Mann Roll that truth to the top of the mountain”

      Well, Amused Atheist, wasn’t your conversion from stupidity to wisdom was fast and spectacular!?

      Welcome to the pro-choice paedophile fold!!


  6. Paedophiles love children. But they hate the rest of the children, especially adolescents and pubescent. Conclusion: paedophiles NOT love children. They only establish a “erotic” relationship with a child as a way to escape his troubled and perverse mind. Pedophiles are a waste of human being. Period.


    1. Welcome to my blog Matt Hale, I’m glad you’re here as it’s part of the purpose of my blog to inform and educate those who have no knowledge or understanding of paedophilia, and who labour under the misconceptions promulgated by the popular narrative.

      “Paedophiles love children”


      “But they hate the rest of the children, especially adolescents and pubescent.”

      It’s certainly not my experience, nor that of the other paedophiles I know.

      But if you have any data or research which supports your assertion I’d be very grateful if you could point me towards it.

      Though I’m a paedophile proper (i.e. my primary attraction is to prepubescents) I’ve worked a lot with secondary age children and have felt respect, affection and appreciation for many of them, for their qualities and likeable personalities. Likewise with adult males and females. Being a paedophile doesn’t stop you appreciating good qualities in non-prepubescent humans – we’re not some separate species, endowed with some alien psychology, as you seem to presume.

      Assuming you’re a heterosexual teleiophile, Matt – does that prevent you appreciating the good qualities in male friends and colleagues? Do you have to be sexually attracted to someone to not hate them? That is what your statement seems to imply.

      “They only establish a “erotic” relationship with a child as a way to escape his troubled and perverse mind.”

      Again, can you supply some evidence to substantiate that claim? I’ve had adult girlfriends and been very happy and at ease in those relationships, and the fact that those relationships lasted years suggests that these girlfriends were reasonably happy too.

      “Pedophiles are a waste of human being.”

      A list of people who would be defined as ‘paedophiles’ by today’s criteria:

      Lewis Carroll, Edgar Allan Poe, Alexander the Great, Caravaggio, Leonardo da Vinci, Allen Ginsberg, Michael Jackson, Mohammed, Gandhi, John Ruskin, J.M Barrie, Benjamin Britten, Arthur C. Clarke, Mark Twain, Richard Hughes, Francis Kilvert, Eric Gill, L.S. Lowry, T.H. White, William van Gloeden, Ernest Dowson, John Cowper Powys, T.E. Lawrence, Wilfred Owen.

      Hardly ‘wastes of human beings’, don’t you think?

      Come to think of it – there are other groups that have been historically highly stigmatised and reviled, but that have, once the stigma has dissipated, shown themselves to have been, and to be, the most creative and intellectually advanced groups in society – think homosexuals, think Jews, think atheists. It wouldn’t surprise me if some time in the future paedophiles will be recognised, alongside these, as having been some of the greatest thinkers, artists and inventors in history.

      Can I suggest you read through “18 Common Misconceptions About Paedophiles & Paedophilia – it’ll set you straight on some of the basic misconceptions you are likely to have concerning paedophilia if all you’ve ever heard about it emerges from the media.


  7. For gallant GaliLeo GaliLeonard and Heretic TOC-like tireless boffins battling against today’s tabloid tsunami of mainstream mass produced ignorance.

    (While streetwize warriors SeXentric & Co BIG kick AngLOWbrow butts BIGtime. WebWizeWorldWide & WAY beyond. Sadly the only holy discourse that tabloid/’Bible’ mainstream mind-RAPED mugs TRULY respect. Max 3-syllable grunts Bish Bash Bosh!!! “DOH?! Er, now Ur tawkin’ holy atheist Doc Dawkins.”)

    Lest we ever forget among the greatest of all observers, re-orderers and brave boffins. Who also paid dear for daring to tell heretical truths in hellish lands of lies – thus far? GALILEO GALILEI, born 15 February 1564, Pisa, Duchy of Florence, Italy – died 8 January 1642 (aged 77), Arcetri, Grand Duchy of Tuscany, Italy, was an Italian astronomer, physicist, engineer, philosopher, and mathematician.

    Galileo played perhaps the major role in scientific, religious, and also political revolutions of the post-medieval 17th & 18th centuries Renaissance Age of Enlightenment. Tho sadly not SeXually for gays and other paraphiles including his contemporary earlier Italian Renaissance artistic visionaries Leonardo & Michaelangelo both gay hebephiles hiding in heretic closets? Leonardo maintained long-lasting relationships with two pupils who were apprenticed to him as children. These were Gian Giacomo Caprotti da Oreno, who entered his household in 1490 at the age of 10, and Count Francesco Melzi, the son of a Milan aristocrat who was apprenticed to Leonardo by his father in 1506, at the age of 14. And, why does Michelangelo’s manly David have a wee boys willy?;_ylt=A7x9UnhXYMVXFTYAinqPAwx.;_ylc=X1MDMjExNDcxNjU1OQRfcgMyBGZyA3locy1DTkQtMDAyBGdwcmlkA2VHM2dpUGQ1UVc2WTdQSkczdFNuTUEEbl9yc2x0AzAEbl9zdWdnAzEEb3JpZ2luA2ZyLnNlYXJjaC55YWhvby5jb20EcG9zAzAEcHFzdHIDBHBxc3RybAMEcXN0cmwDNTYEcXVlcnkDd2h5JTIwaXMlMjBNaWNoZWxhbmdlbG8ncyUyMERhdmlkJ3MlMjBwZW5pcyUyMHNvJTIwc21hbGwEdF9zdG1wAzE0NzI1NTMwNTQ-?p=why+is+Michelangelo%27s+David%27s+penis+so+small&

    Galileo has been called the “father of observational astronomy”, the “father of modern physics”, the “father of scientific method”, and the “father of science”. His contributions to observational astronomy include the telescopic confirmation of the phases of Venus, the discovery of the four largest satellites of Jupiter (named the Galilean moons in his honour), and the observation and analysis of sunspots. Galileo also worked in applied science and technology, inventing an improved military compass and other instruments. Galileo’s proof of the earlier 16th Century visionary Pole, Nicolaus Coperinicus’ theory of heliocentrism/Star-centred planetary systems was highly controversial during Galileo’s lifetime, when the masses conformed to either geocentrism or the Tychonic system. Galileo also met with opposition from astronomers, who doubted heliocentrism because of the absence of an observed stellar parallax too far then for early telescopes to see. The matter was investigated by the Holy Catholic Inquisition in 1615, which concluded that heliocentrism was “foolish and absurd in philosophy, and formally heretical since it explicitly contradicts in many places the sense of Holy Scripture.” Galileo later defended his views in “Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems”, which appeared to attack Pope Urban VIII and thus alienated him and the Jesuits, who had both supported Galileo up until this point. He was tried by the Inquisition, found “vehemently suspect of heresy”, and forced to recant. He spent the last 25 years of his life under house arrest during which time he wrote one of his best-known works, “Two New Sciences” in which he summarized work he had done some 40 years earlier on the two sciences now called kinematics and strength of materials.

    All, more than ever relevant now in post-WW2 and 21st Century ongoing supposed ‘Modern Free Democracies’. De facto, a New Age Of Endarkenment installed and sustained by the all unelected AngLOWbrow Media Monsta MurDark & Minions.


  8. In your top menu, “posts 1” and “blogroll” do not always work (it depends on the post).
    Since your posts have categories and tags, you should put the “Categories” and “Tag Cloud” widgets in your displayed widgets. So readers can visit each category or tag for the relevant posts.
    If you want to display a list of all posts, choose a theme with widgets in the right or left column, then select the widget “Recent Posts”, putting the option of number of posts to display equal to 1000.


    1. Thanks Christian – I’ve fixed a few things in ‘blogroll’. There’s also an intermittent problem with the dropdowns dropping down but disappearing when one moves the mouse onto the content. I haven’t found a fix for this and may contact WordPress as it may be a flaw in the theme. I’ll give your “Categories” and “Tag Cloud” suggestion a go.

      As to your last suggestion – I’m reluctant to change themes – I really like the look of Libretto – despite its short-comings. I guess there’s no perfect solution (though the 3 post drop-downs at the top would be great if it were 100% reliable) so I’ll satisfy myself with tinkering and bodging.


      1. In fact, when the post title makes two lines, the pin above prevents clicking on the three things above: | posts 1 |, | common misconceptions about paedophiles & paedophilia | and | blog roll |. It is a problem of spacing and layout.


        1. Yes, I’ve noticed that problem – it only happens when there’s that pin there, not on the blog’s index page. I’ll have a look to see if there’s some way of getting rid of that pin – I think it indicates the format of the page, varying whether the page is formatted for ‘standard’, ‘announcement’, ‘video’ etc


          1. Put a higher banner image, so that it is completely covered by a two-line text. The pin will then stay on the banner, below the menu.


  9. Dear Leonard,
    I think a long list is still a looooong list. Maybe you could consider creating a hiearchical Table of Contents, one main TOC (not the one with the creepy moustache) and sub-pages for each bigger topics.

    Also, if wordpress allows, maybe a “most recent comments” box would be welcomed. Searching for “ust 28”, “ust 29” is not fun. 🙂


    1. Thanks for you suggestions Appropinquo Fallcatti.

      You’re right, it is a very long list – and, yes, I’d like to create something more hierarchical, something more navigable. The difficulty is that the set up of the pages doesn’t seem to allow for the creation of ‘anchors’ that would make this workable.

      Maybe I can do something that groups subjects according to their tags – all the ‘analysi’s together, all the ‘humour’ together &c But whichever way it’s done though, I’m still having to herd some 59-and-counting posts into some kind of order.

      Would a simple list of titles, without the tags, or the quotes be more useful? Some titles don’t give much away..?

      As to the comments – it seems that the choice on offer for my blog’s theme is between having the most recent comment at the top of the page or the most recent ones at the bottom. I think your suggestion is that the most recent ones should be at the top – though if it is a comment to a comment I assume that it will be subsumed to the hierarchical position of its ‘parent’ comment.

      But I’ll give it a go and see how it works.


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