The six-month sabbatical I awarded myself back in August has drawn to its close and I’m eager to start blogging again. Indeed I’ve missed having to produce something reasonably coherent, readable and (I hope) interesting every two weeks.

Anyway, here I am, back home from my travels, having lived it up where the weather suits my clothes and where orange juice comes like running water.

The house smells a bit musty, but my body is toned from months of swimming in the morning, then in the afternoon, driving up into the mountains and skiing. And my mind is refreshed from getting in plenty of on-topic study whilst sipping Darjeeling in my favourite reading spot – the ostrich house at the local zoo, as it happens.

Sorry not to have sent more post-cards, but when you’re partying 24-hours a day it can be hard to find time to put pen to paper. Anyway here are a few happy-snaps of me on holiday:

LSM on the beach
LSM on the beach
partying with the lads
partying with the lads
explaining the finer points of 'the sociology of consent' to a local
explaining the finer points of ‘the sociology of consent’ to a local
making friends
making friends

As mentioned above, despite all this partying, socialising and physical exertion I managed to get in a fair bit of on-topic reading – including the following on-topic, or vaguely on-topic, publications:

  • Arthur Miller’s ‘The Crucible’ (not a paedo-read by any means, but very relevant to our situation – as I hope to eventually prove to you)
  • ‘Moral Panics – The social construction of Deviance’ by Eriche Goode and Nachmann Ben-Yehjuda
  • ‘BirthRights’ by Richard Farson
  • ‘Death in Venice and other stories’ by Thomas Mann
  • a second reading of ‘Michael Jackson’s Dangerous Liaisons’ by Carl Toms – better known as Tom O’Carroll
  • ‘What Maisie Knew’ by Henry James
  • ‘Toxic Childhood’ by Sue Palmer
  • ‘Childhood and Consumer Culture’ Eds David Buckingham and Vebjorg Tingstadt
  • ‘Ethics in the Real World’ by Peter Singer
  • ‘The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam’ – by Robert Spencer
  • James Cantor’s complete published research on paedophilia.

I’ve managed to complete a handful of essays and posts during the sabbatical, and have started and half-completed many more.

Whilst I hope to maintain variety and responsiveness in the issues I cover there are several two-parters, and certain trains-of-thought that I will pursue over three or more essays. One of these is an attempt to elaborate an ‘ethics of paedophilia’ and its application to contemporary and historical issues. I will also pursue my ‘Aetiology of Paedophobia’ hypothesis, and I will be digging away at the phenomena of Stigma, and of Moral Panics and Witch-hunts.

I’ll also mention here that I plan to update my ‘blog roll’ – culling any blogs or forums that appear to be dormant or defunct. If your blog disappears from my blog roll and you feel its culling was premature or unwarranted, please don’t hesitate to contact me via ‘comments’ to inform me about the status of your blog.

I’ve also, for the first time, received a few angry and hostile comments – all to ‘18 Common Misconceptions About Paedophiles & Paedophilia: Update & Reblog‘. I’m guessing that it must be listed on some anti-paedophile forum somewhere.

The comments are all low-level kind of stuff (‘I know someone who was brutally raped and left for dead by a paedophile…’) and make no reference whatsoever to the content of the ’18 Common Misconceptions…’. The modus operandi of these commenters seems to be that they decide a blog or a page is sympathetic to paedophilia and, without reading the content of the page, they fire off (or cut-and-paste) a formulaic, hysterical, catch-all paedophobic comment.

These comments put me in a slight quandary: do I ‘approve’ them? Surely, if I ‘approve’ them, I can’t just leave them there, stinking out the comments section? In that case, I should respond to them. But then I’d be wasting time responding to low-level, fish-in-barrel comments wholly irrelevant to the issues raised by the accompanying blog-essay or by other commenters.

Neither is this blog, nor its comments section, a free-speech free-for-all: ‘freedom of speech‘ is not the same thing as the ‘right to have one’s voice heard from any platform of one’s choosing‘.

Anyway…the policy I have decided is as follows: I welcome and will approve comments that oppose this blog’s stance – provided that:

  • such comments clearly address ideas and arguments set out in the accompanying essay, or in other comments;
  • such comments are polite. Any gratuitous abuse will guarantee the comment’s trashing. Death threats, or threats of violence or torture, either explicit or implied, will be considered as a form of impoliteness;
  • I am convinced of the honesty, integrity and veracity of the comment’s content and intentions.

I’m actually in the thick of writing what I originally intended to be the inaugural post of this blog’s 2017 season.

It’s working title is ‘What I Think’ and it is going to be a summary of my stance and opinions on what I consider to be the most important issues concerning paedophilia and child sexuality (I’m actually writing this post during a rest-break from writing ‘What I Think’!).

I originally thought that, if I maintained a sufficiently ruthless approach and a concise style, I would be able to keep this within the 3000 maximum-word-count limit I think appropriate for a blog.

I now see that I hopelessly under-rated the complexity of the issues I would have to address, and equally hopelessly over-rated my capacity for concision. I have failed to summon the ruthlessness necessary for ditching a nice turn of phrase or a juicy, succulent, mouth-drenching gobbet of information. Like a fat man on a half-hearted diet facing a vendor offering 50 new varieties of home-made ice-cream, I have decided to reserve my parsimony for a more fitting future occasion..

I’m actually not that far from completing the blog-post in question. If I don’t eat, drink or sleep; if I don’t take Fido walkies; if I urinate, defecate and expectorate into the bucket currently steaming besides my desk, I might just get it out before the twelfth stroke of the bell tomorrow midnight…

Yours Truly reading Arthur Miller's 'The Crucible'
Yours Truly reading Arthur Miller’s ‘The Crucible’

9 thoughts on “Back Home From My Travels & Eager to Blog…

  1. Glad to see you back , Lensman! Have no doubt I’ve been periodically checking your place on cyberspace, hoping to find something new from you, and I’m pleased as a flea in fur that I just did! 🙂 A few things I will mention (or re-mention) regarding some concerns you raised in this blog:

    1. Remember, not everyone prefers short blogs/essays. Some people do, and those people tend to presume everyone else feels the same way for some reason. I certainly don’t! I am one of those who prefer thorough, well-thought out posts (you know, like the ones I tend to write LOL!), which I feel deserve to be lengthy. As I have noted before, I think the best way to meet both sides of the issue is to divide lengthier posts into sections. That will free those who prefer short essays from the odd psychological feeling they seem to have that tells them essays must be read all in one sitting, otherwise they are “too long.” People would likely feel the same way about books if they weren’t divided into chapters, which is why they are 🙂

    2. I agree that simple hate-filled comments which do not address the point of your specific post should be deleted. Virtually everybody on this planet who has been literate for the past 20 years has read the typical rant of the antis, which isn’t so much a set of well-crafted points as it is pure emotional venting. The misconceptions they spew are the same we see thrown out in every such comment. I think you can make exceptions in the rare cases one of these venomous rants actually touch upon an important and cogent point that deserves to be addressed. One of these may be the example of the type of “pedophile horror story” these haters tend to claim, e.g., that one of your commentators alleges she/he knows someone who was beaten and “left for dead” by a “pedophile.” I’m not outright denying something awful was done to a friend or acquaintance of that person, and if so, then I truly sympathize and hope the victim is okay now; but the point is, if this happened, I think it’s important to ask if the culprit was truly a genuine Kind person, even one who has built an identity around exclusive exposure to the common narrative? I have the very strong impression that virtually every act of extreme violence committed by any adult against a minor is blamed on a “pedophile.” Adult attraction to minors is continuously scapegoated as a motivator for violent, horrific behavior against younger people.

    3. On your reading list, you must include Pedal by Chelsea Rooney if you haven’t read it already!

    4. Did I tell you how glad I was to see you back, my friend? 🙂


    1. Nice to hear from you Dissie! And thanks for your thoughts and warm welcome back to blog-land.

      Re the long vs short essay – I give myself a word limit because if I didn’t I’d never end an essay. My word-count has definitely inflated – when I started the blog the essay ‘sexy kids’ (which, for some reason, still receives a hell of a lot of views..:-)) came in at 2,600 words, and I remember thinking that this was just way beyond an acceptable word-count, and consequently I posted an edited-down (tldr) version. Now, 2,600 words is my normal word count.

      I write pretty slowly – I’m doing well if I get 400 words down a day – and then the next day I’ll spend half my writing-time deleting and tinkering with what I wrote the previous day. The only serious writing that I have done previous to the blog has been poetry – and poets can (and should) spend hours on getting a few words right – and I haven’t shaken off what is a bad habit for a prose-writer. I was listening to a program on the radio the other day about Anthony Burgess, the author of ‘Earthly Powers’ and ‘A Clockwork Orange’ – it mentioned that he would write 2000 words before breakfast. I thought “what!? 2000 words!? Before breakfast!? He should be in a circus or a freak show!”

      Re – hate filled comments: the ultimate policy is ‘it’s my blog – if I don’t want it on my blog it won’t get approved‘ – and, as you say, even if it’s polite, if it’s just rehashing the usual misconceptions then I’m not interested – partly because I’m reluctant to have to find time to address those misconceptions in a reply.

      However I’ve recently been having some evil, wicked, unethical thoughts… the WordPress comments system allows you to edit comments. I’ve been half-tempted to completely change a hateful comment into a supportive comment “I think all peados should be killed” to “I support your views and believe in the emancipation of child sexuality” – with the poster’s name, or course, remaining unchanged. Oh, I’ve been so tempted. But that would be unethical of me wouldn’t it…?

      I read ‘Pedal’ a year or two ago, and quite enjoyed it – I have to confess that it’s didn’t quite make it into my ‘top-paedo-reads’ list though.


      1. Hey, Lensman! 🙂

        I read ‘Pedal’ a year or two ago, and quite enjoyed it – I have to confess that it’s didn’t quite make it into my ‘top-paedo-reads’ list though.

        I’m certainly not one to tell anyone what their reading/viewing preferences or “top picks” for any given reading list should or should not be, but I will come close to making the odd exception with Pedal. Why? Because it was extraordinarily progressive and transgressive for any fictional work dealing with this particular topic to be published in the present era, so much so that Chelsea Rooney and her publishers (Caitlin Press) both deserve medals for their open-mindedness and, more importantly, their incredibly commendable degree of courage. No large publishing outfit today, and maybe only a handful of small presses, would have displayed such courage in this day and age when being “acceptable to mass customer sentiment” is considered one of the overarching policies of business, including the business of producing any form of art or creative expression or written informative research. Just ask our mutual friend Mr. O’Carroll! 🙂

        Hence, the book’s sheer importance cannot be underestimated, and one thing it does not deserve is to end up languishing in obscurity. It should be, IMO, on the “fiction” reading list of every Kind person and non-Kind individual doing serious, objective research on the topic from both a scientific and cultural standpoint. Tom had some important criticisms of the way his own work was quoted by Ms. Rooney’s main non-Kind protagonist in the book that should be listened to, so the book isn’t without faults (few works are), but I think the way IPCE was presented was amazing and overall the book was a gem among a vast pile of rocks if that analogy makes sense.

        And besides, Lensman, you do have to admit that after reading the book, you now likely know much, much more about cross-country biking and bicycle maintenance and repair than you ever thought you would have learned in this lifetime 🙂 That’s another thing the book has going for it; it belongs on every serious cycilist’s reading list too 😀


        1. You certainly make a good case for Pedal, Dissident – if I ever need someone to defend me in court I’ll know who to turn to 😉 .

          I certainly think it is a book worth reading, and I would encourage anyone interested in an enlightened perspective on paedophilia to do so. I believe that art and literature such as Pedal are a very important part of promoting enlightened values round paedophilia and child sexuality – books may not get the same audience as youtube channels or features on tv, but I think that they access the kinds of minds best predisposed to accept new ideas. Paedo-friendly cultural products like Pedal also build a sense of community, and can help isolated individuals to develop a positive identity.


  2. In my comments section, I got the privilege of being accused of grooming, murdering and dumping the body of a nine year old boy, “in water”…somewhere close to where I live…They had me being investigated, and everything…

    Curiously…within a day or two, they were accusing someone different, of nearly the exact same thing…almost word for word.

    I think the authorities need to look into this character, possessing all that knowledge of where the dead bodies of murdered children/youth are hidden…Kinda makes me think, they might be a serial kid murderer…Or, they’re just a troll full of shit…Who can tell?

    I find it useful when people leave nasty, insane comments…It’s kind of like a muse to me….And I can put on display, the kind of ludicrously I get attacked with.

    If they want to make me look far superior to them…they’re welcome to do so.

    VERY nice abs, by the way!…And I hope you taught that local well! 🙂

    I need to do more reading, myself…I recently purchased the entire Dark Tower series, for my Kindle….It was an impulse buy.


    1. I guess it’s a sign of success when we draw the attention of these kinds of people – I hope that my blog impinges at least a little on the minds of non-paedophiles, and if I guess that whenever happens there’s going to be some kick-back.

      These kinds of accusations reveal the state of their imagination – the assumption that the highest aspiration of the average paedophile is to murder a child and dump them in water – if it’s true that ‘ignorance is bliss’ then there are some very blissful haters out there.

      I thought of doing a blog-post containing a selection of these kinds of comments – I’m not sure – on the pro side it would remind us of the mindset, brutality and ignorance of the worst haters; on the contra side – well, we hardly need reminding, such hatred being ubiquitous in our culture.

      Glad you liked the abs – though I’m so flabby and look dreadful in that photo – I look a fright! I’m much better looking when I haven’t spent the previous 24 hours partying down at Malibu.

      (note to self: must remember to add your excellent blog to my blog-roll!)


  3. My policy for excluding comments or parts of them:
    – discussions straying outside relevant topics will be removed;
    – insults, hate speech and links to pornography will be thrown out;
    – troll-type comments will be marked as spam.
    I have a rather extended definition of troll, it includes genuine religious bigots who denounce all sorts of sins and sexual deviance, conspiracy-minded crackpots, etc.

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