My inbox has been literally inundated by very nearly two messages asking if I’m going to share any more cuttings from my scrapbook.

Well, I can reassure my eager correspondent (can I call you ‘BF’ for short?) that I’ve not been idle since I published my first selection, just over a year ago – I have spent many hours hunched over a glossy magazine in a quiet corner of the newsagents working my right hand into a cramp and getting sticky cutting-out paedo-related stories with my stiff, old scissors and pasting them into my scrapbook with my trusty pot of glue.

Paedo satisfies twisted urges by viewing footage of himself as a child – shocker

The Bootle Champion, 26 November 2016

Paedophile, Terry Robinson, aged 52, twice convicted of child pornography offences in 2015, is again facing trial after police, during a routine search of his home, found a stash of films containing child nudity.

Forensic experts viewed over two hours’ worth of footage before eventually finding a reel which contained ten seconds of disturbing footage of a two-year-old boy naked in the bath, and another reel containing footage of the same boy playing naked on a beach. In both instances the boy’s genitals were, at moments, clearly visible.

Under interrogation Robinson claimed that his parents had given him the cine films so that he could digitise them for their Diamond Anniversary celebrations next year. Robinson also claimed that he was the boy in the films. Police admitted that this appears to be the case.

Dr Carton, an expert on paedophiles in prison, explained “It is common knowledge that each viewing of child pornography repeats the abuse the victim endured. There is no reason to think that this effect is nullified simply because the image in question was recorded fifty years ago and because the victim and the viewer happen to be the same person.”

Dr Carton added “It is also common knowledge that children who have been abused grow up to become paedophiles. If you combine these two facts then it is feasible that Robinson is a paedophile because when ‘adult Robinson’ viewed footage of himself as a child with abusive intent, the ‘child Robinson’ in the footage experienced actual abuse.”

Terry Robinson’s parents, Cyril and Enid, residents of Sunny Gardens Retirement Home, have also been brought in for questioning over the matter. Police have reassured public concerns by stating that the cine films in question will be destroyed after the trials.

WordSearch – Famous Paedos

The British Journal of Social Work, January 2016

Hone your paedo-spotting skills and keep your loved-ones safe with our ‘Famous Paedos’ wordsearch! There are 20 famous paedophiles hiding within it. Spot them before they get your kids!

We will publish the solution in our next issue.

famous2 prep

Book Review – ‘What Dread Hand – a portrait painted in pain’ by Aurora de Belfox

The People’s Friend, 8 November 2016
What Dread Hand - Aurora de Belfox
What Dread Hand – Aurora de Belfox

Chances are that you’ll already have heard of Aurora de Belfox’s ‘What Dread Hand’. It seems that one can’t turn on the television or radio, or pick up a newspaper without finding it being discussed, praised, argued over or condemned.

Like horror films, misery memoirs ask the questions – how much more do you want? how much more can you take?

But what happens when ordinary violence, child abuse and neglect just won’t do the job any more? what happens when last year’s ‘Angela’s Ashes’ simply won’t deliver this year’s kicks?

I’ll tell you what happens – a book like ‘What Dread Hand’ happens. This is a book in which the most horrific, insidious abuse is so presented as to entirely blur boundaries between ‘perpetrator’ and ‘victim’.

De Belfox goes so far as to claim that she suffered less damage at the hands of Paul, her abuser, than at her mother’s, whose modelling career leads her into drug addiction, bulimia, sex addiction, and a fast turnover of boyfriends. While De Belfox ramps up her mother’s violence and neglect, her depictions of her abuse at Paul’s hands titillate, and minimise the horror of what he’s doing.

Aurora first meets Paul when he is forty and she is six. Little Aurora is desperate for the affection and attention from some dependable adult. Paul, a local jobbing gardener, picks up on this and focuses his attentions on little Aurora with an effectiveness that suggests to me that she is not the first child he’s abused.

She takes him to her garden to show him her ‘secret hole’… a hole in the garden fence, through which she spies on her neighbour’s garden.

In a twist that breaks bounds of credibility and will provide solace and stimulation to perverts everywhere, De Belfox has Aurora seduce Paul: behind the cover of the bushes, she hides Paul’s car keys in her knickers and, pretending that her hands are tied behind her back, asks him to retrieve them.

From then on Paul has little Aurora in his power.

He makes himself invaluable to Aurora’s mother by being a seemingly trustworthy, reliable and free baby-sitter – her out-of-control, hedonistic life-style making her ever more dependent on Paul’s ‘services’.

Very soon Aurora is spending more time at Paul’s house than at her mother’s. Paul panders to Aurora’s every whim and indulges her in a way that her struggling mother is unable to.

And here, far from calling out Paul’s manipulativeness, in a startling example of Stockholm syndrome, De Belfox expends many words trying to depict Paul as a loving and sensitive character. Paul helps Aurora with her school-work, buys her new clothes, takes her to Brownies, makes her laugh with his jokes and stories, develops her love of reading and writing, teaches her the mandolin, takes her to museums and the cinema, teaches her to swim and ride a bike, takes her for walks in the countryside and shares with her his love of nature etc ad nauseam…

All of which might sound laudable. But De Belfox seems not to realise that all the attention Paul lavished on her was a deception! This book had me wanting to scream at De Belfox ‘what you call ‘love’ was not real! It was a smokescreen for your abuse!’

In another of the many instances that test credibility beyond reason – Paul and Aurora work together to convert a spare room into a bedroom for her. But come her bedtime, Aurora doesn’t want to sleep alone, and De Belfox has little Aurora trying to persuade Paul to let her sleep in his bed with him!

Not surprisingly, Paul agrees, and De Belfox has little Aurora ‘eagerly rushing up to his bedroom’! Which raises the question of why a child would ‘eagerly rush’ to what can only be the most appalling of sufferings?

And there in the bedroom, between their going to bed together and her falling asleep in his arms, she pays the heaviest of prices for all the attention and indulgence Paul has expended on her (though De Belfox unconvincingly claims that Paul never tried to rape her).

And so the book continues until Aurora’s mother finds herself a boyfriend who cares enough to notice that Paul is a paedophile, and informs the police.

But neither little Aurora nor the adult she becomes seem particularly grateful for this selfless act.

Indeed, according to De Belfox, the ‘dread hands’ of the title are not those of her abuser, working their way about her underpants, but those of the police who arrest Paul, or of the social workers and psychologists who do their best to make Aurora realise the gravity of what she has endured.

But De Belfox would have us believe that the most ‘dread hands’ are those of her mother who, struggling under the pressure of being a single mother and a drug-addict, is occasionally harsh and physical towards little Aurora. This seems monstrously unfair – how can one doubt that, deep down, as a mother, she loved and cared for daughter? But whilst De Belfox entirely exculpates her abuser she is not so understanding of her mother, forgiving her nothing.

I don’t know how much of this book is true – my gut-instinct is that it is either some insidious propaganda or a publishing hoax.

But if it is indeed the truth then what ‘What Dread Hand’ teaches us is that there are some truths that are best left unspoken.

Camden’s own paedo football coach caught red-handed

Camden Gazette, 18 August 2016

We may have our own paedophile football coach scandal here in Camden!

To the casual observer Fabian Azikiwe, originally of Kenya, is a highly respected and much-loved football coach. His under 10’s team regularly do well in both the London Little League and the national under 10’s league.

Amongst the alumni of his squad are the Chelsea defender Adam Duncan, Manchester City’s goalie Zak Stephens and Jude Sanchez of Stoke City – all of whom, when contacted by the Camden Gazette, spoke of Azikiwe with the greatest affection and respect.

But this success may be nothing but a smoke-screen that hides a history of grooming that might go back to when he started training Camden’s under 10’s twenty-one years ago.

With the media’s recent focus on grooming and paedophiles coaches, some parents had become suspicious of the amount of time and effort Azikiwe devoted to ‘his boys’.

Things came to a head last month when Azikiwe was seen to put his arm round a boy who was tearful after a particularly nasty collision on the pitch.

After that incident a group of concerned parents started to monitor Azikiwe’s behaviour towards their sons.

A spokeswoman for this group explained “Paedos target children who suffer from parental neglect or with low self-confidence. They will make children feel special in order to win the child’s trust. Azikiwe encourages children in trouble with the law, or from struggling families, to join his squad, and has been known to pay the subscriptions for these children. At Christmas he’ll buy football boots for any child whose family can’t afford a pair.”

She continued “He never forgets their birthdays. Azikiwe always makes time to listen to a child and will go to great lengths to give a child the impression that he cares. The boys confide their worries, fears and problems to him. The children worship Azikiwe and consider him as a father-figure.”

Azikiwe has not been above using family tragedies to wheedle his way into a child’s affection:

Azikiwe coaching his under 10’s Team

“I remember when the dog died and our son was inconsolable – when he learnt of this Azikiwe came round and comforted our son. At one point Azikiwe put his arm round my son’s shoulders and gave him a hug. At the time I thought it was sweet of him, but I know better now and the thought of it sends a shiver down my spine.”

Police are proceeding with investigations. So far victims have been reluctant to come forward. Police are hoping that increased media coverage will encourage more of Azikiwe’s victims to contact them and help expedite the prosecution of the case. A fund has also been established to compensate any victims who present themselves.

Spot the paedo competition

The British Journal of Social Work, December 2015

It’s Easy! Pick out the paedo for a chance to win our tip-top prizes!

Study the photograph carefully. One of the men in it is a paedo. Use your skill to place a circle round who you think it is. You must mark only one person per entry but you can enter as often as you like!

spot the paedo!
spot the paedo!

Enclose a £5 fee with each entry and send to:

Spot the Paedo competition
The British Journal of Social Work
c/o Reg Cockney
PO Box 128
London E3

A Panel of Experts including top psychologists, criminologists, policemen and social workers will decide who the paedo is. All entries that agree with this panel’s verdict will be entered for a random draw. The first name picked out wins the Jackpot!

So pick up that pen and enter now!


Congratulations to the winner of last week’s competition – a Mrs Betty Forceps of Bootle, who managed to correctly identify the paedo in the following photograph.

Spot the Paedo - competition n° 1477
Spot the Paedo – competition n° 1477
An overjoyed Mrs Forceps holding her winning entries
An overjoyed Mrs Forceps holding her winning entries

Sick Paedo walks free on Technicality

Dundee Courier & Advertiser, 13 October 2016

Sick paedo pervert Paul Singer walked free from Dundee Crown Court yesterday after having exploited a loop-hole in the law to avoid justice.

A ten-year-old girl
A ten-year-old girl

Last February locals spotted Singer (aged 17) holding and passionately kissing a girl who appeared to be about ten years old.

They covertly filmed him with their mobile phones, handing the footage over to the police, who called at Singer’s school the next day, withdrew him from lessons, and after questioning, cautioned and arrested him.

Police at the same time raided his home, taking away a computer and several books.

An analysis of Singer’s computer revealed that he had several times visited sites which promote paedophilia – including one particularly odious site that dares claim that paedophiles can be ‘virtuous’.

Amongst the books taken from his house was a copy of ‘Lolita’ by the paedo author Vladimir Nabokov, a book of poetry by the paedo poet Ernest Dowson, a book of photographs by the paedo children’s author Lewis Carroll, and a book called ‘Harmful to Minors’ which claims that teenagers can be sexual.

Police also found a clothing catalogue hidden in his mother’s knitting basket, and a publicity flier for the local swimming pool hidden in the letterbox, both of which contained images of children in swimming costumes.

Under questioning Singer revealed that his victim was a Sally Matthews, of Wimberley Gardens, Dundee.

When police interviewed Matthews she told police that Singer had on several occasions kissed her on the mouth, once introducing his tongue. Matthews (aged 18) refused to confirm that Singer had done anything more.

Reluctantly directing the jury to find Singer not guilty, Judge Mather-Geoffries summed up:

“If it were down to me you’d receive a custodial sentence. As it is the law is ill-equipped to deal adequately with such a case. You are evidently a paedophile and you thought that, because your victim was older than you and had passed the age of consent, you could get away with acts that are clearly paedophilic in their intent. You targeted and exploited the need for love and affection of a girl who, because of an unfortunate medical condition, can never expect to experience and share romantic or sexual love.”

Though the Judge’s hands were tied when it came to sentencing he was able to place Singer on the sex offender’s register, confiscate the aforementioned books and forbid him from approaching his victim or his victim’s home.

Sally Matthews, who suffers from a rare pituitary condition which has halted her physical development at the age of ten, is currently studying English Literature at Edinburgh University and plays violin in the National Youth Orchestra.

After the trial, Singer’s victim appeared distressed and refused to answer press questions. We understand that she is undergoing post-trial psychological evaluation. She is likely to require prolonged counseling and therapy with a trauma specialist as a result of the abuse she suffered at Singer’s hands.

[This story caught my eye for several reasons – not least because this condition doesn’t seem to be as rare as generally thought. Here is another story from the Daily Mail: ‘The woman who will never grow up: 20-year-old looks like a young child due to rare condition affecting her growth hormones’. There is also a film released in 1981 called ‘Fallen Angel‘ in which a 17-year-old actress, called Dana Hill, plays an entirely convincing 12-year-old girl – L.S.M.]

21 thoughts on “MORE Cuttings From my Scrapbook

  1. Dived into this and thought it was actually authentic, screamed in the bathroom in aggravation only to come to my senses and see in the tags below it had the word “satire”. You got me you arse, because I was close to throwing my iPad to the insanity I thought was authentic in this post 😀


  2. That book review of “What Dread hand” points to everything that is wrong with the current perception of paedophilia. It reads like a parody! Wow.
    I will try to find this book.


    1. Errr…ahem… Jonathan – I think you might struggle to find ‘What Dread Hand’ in your average bookshop (hint – check out the ‘category’ this page was posted under in the ‘meta-tags’ section above…) 🙂


  3. LSM, do you know why GirlChat requires Tor now? Once they didn’t, and BoyChat still needs no Tor to enter. Did authorities attempted to persecute them, or something like that? Since I do not use Tor, I can’t go there, and this is quite unpleasant.


    1. I’m not sure of the details of why GC has had to migrate to TOR – I know that one day the site just disappeared.
      I’ve only recently realised that they can be accessed on TOR, and I’m getting back into the GirlChat habit. I’m nervously thinking of getting back into the BC habit, but that’s more daunting – I find it too much of a macho bear-pit for my tender sensibilities.

      You should use TOR, Explorer, even if it’s only for accessing Girlchat – I think they/We need as many of the old familiars to find their way back – TOR is easy to use, it’s legal, and you won’t encounter anything to scare the horses (except if you go looking for it, I guess). You just use it as you would another browser.


      1. Thanks for info, LSM. As for your advice for Tor usage, I think I won’t follow it. As far as I know, Russian authorities have a habit of scrutinising people who download Tor – while they do not have the ability to watch one’s Tor-protected activities, they can notice the very fact of downloading Tor, and check the open Web surfing of the downloader. And, since I visit not only pro-paedophile sites, but a whole range of anarchist sites as well, my interests may disappoint authorities greatly. Call it paranoia if you want, but living in an explicitly authoritarian countries like Russia will easily teach one some fear of unpredictable repression.


      2. Adding on to what Explorer has said, I have heard (though I don’t know how true this is) that the NSA tend to take an interest in people who take an interest in TOR.

        You don’t think, do you, LSM, that this sudden disappearance of GirlChat is some kind of honeypot operation by the Feds? I can’t think they’d have a leg to stand on legally, but, well, call me paranoid (and ignorant). They’ve got all kinds of malware and Lord knows what-all.


        1. I’m really absolutely unqualified to write or comment about security matters, and I’d hate the idea that anyone might take what I write seriously and act on it, but…

          >”Adding on to what Explorer has said, I have heard (though I don’t know how true this is) that the NSA tend to take an interest in people who take an interest in TOR.”

          Yes, I guess the organisations like the NSA would take an interest in people who use TOR. But I suspect that there may be a difference between countries like Russia – and European countries and the USA where, yes, they may be suspicious of TOR users, but rights are taken sufficiently seriously that you’re not going to get into trouble just for using TOR – they’d have to have reason to suspect that you were accessing something illegal before really paying attention or intervening.

          I also wonder if they’re really that interested with paedophiles exchanging on fora that don’t allow any mention of offending. With the rise of islamic terrorism they have much bigger problems to deal with.

          >”You don’t think, do you, LSM, that this sudden disappearance of GirlChat is some kind of honeypot operation by the Feds? I can’t think they’d have a leg to stand on legally, but, well, call me paranoid (and ignorant). They’ve got all kinds of malware and Lord knows what-all.”

          I’ve wondered about this and seen discussion about this at Visions of Alice. My question is – what benefits would the Feds get by having Girlchat accessible via TOR – presumably that will hide any identifying data (keep in mind my absolute ignorance on these matters). As you say, there is the question of malware, but don’t you have to download something in order to be infected by malware?

          Moreover, why would they use Girlchat? Yes, the people who access the site are probably paedophiles, but the site is legal, nor does it link or lead to anything illegal.

          So I’m pretty much in the same position as you A. I really don’t know what to think.


          1. Yeah, I get jumpy because I’m ignorant on security matters…legally I am, as I am sure many of us are, whiter than the driven snow, but that’s just it: if they are starting to go after meek and mild people who merely post on Internet fora, then it’s a Bad Sign.

            I mentioned malware because of the FBI ‘Operation Pacifier’, in which, according to the news articles I’ve read on the case, anyone clicking on a link in a particular subforum on the ‘Playpen’ website got the malware, so it’s not clear if anything was downloaded. However, the subforum was titled something like ‘Preteen Girls Hardcore’, so a whole different ball game. That operation sadly caught a paediatric oncologist: but his lawyer does at least suggest he can continue as a researcher:

            Another possibility I guess is that one or more GC administrators ran into unrelated legal trouble — or illness, who knows? — and took some safety measures to protect the board.


  4. Thanks, Leonard – reading your creative satiric writings was a great fun for the fist time.

    The second reading left me with some sad thoughts, however.

    And the third reading left me scared by the realisation that one can very easily imagine any of these texts in some actual real-life newspaper. In fact, if I haven’t known from the start that these writings are satirical, I could be lead to believe that these writings are taken the some contemporary media channel. Since, with the mind-bendingly wild level of absurdity which is common and characteristic of modern NonceSensical witch-hunts and moral panics, one cannot reliably drive a line between a satire and a “serious” claim by some enthusiastic paedo-bashers; the latter can be so twisted in their incoherent speculations and baseless assertions and dehumanising vilifications that any satire will be left far, far, far behind.

    Say, the PizzaGate fantasies would make a great plot for some surrealistic Kafkian novel… if they weren’t an actual, “seriously” believed-in basis of the worldview of a good number of our contemporaries, which led them to no-less-actual attacks on some real-life people. The widespread belief in such “anti-paedo” (yet, basically, “anti-child”) absurdities easily lead the believers to committing atrocities; the people whose lives were devastated by Satanic Panic accusations could attest it. All non-violent child-lovers subjected to “therapeutic” torture, imprisonment, banishment and surveillance because of an “asexual child” mythology, would definitely agree as well.


    1. Thanks Explorer,

      I know what you mean. Whilst I was working on the ‘What Dread Hand’ review I thought I’d look at some reviews of ‘Tiger, Tiger’ for inspiration.

      There’s a triple review in the Guardian ( – the third review is by an anonymous ‘survivor’.

      After reading that review I thought “what’s the point of writing a satire – I might as well just copy/paste this and change the name of the book and some details..”.

      I’ve tried to write short satires that clearly differentiate themselves from what you regularly find in the media – but they come across as too grotesque – after all, as you mention, it’s not so long ago that the press were respectfully quoting the proceedings of a trial in which statements about ‘pedophiles’ flying like witches were being taken seriously (McMartin case).

      On the other hand I recently watched an excellent satirical program on veganism/carnism – (‘Carnage’ directed by Simon Amstell) it presents a very credible and convincing near-future world in which eating meat is considered as much a crime as eating humans is now. And its satire is very effective for being based on a very recognisable world.

      Can satire change anything? Well, not mine. Even Chris Morris’s ‘Paedogeddon’ didn’t change anything.

      But I think that laughing at one’s oppression and one’s oppressors is a good thing in itself. It’s the last weapon of the powerless.


  5. Like by us?

    We LURVE WordSuppress BIG liar Lens’ lil nerd CRAPbooks.

    Ya’ll cum bak now real soon choleric-thick sick sad suckas we never BLOCK nuffin (lurve them double-negs).

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      1. Alt Viewers still ohn TurdSearch&Destroy sad sucka.

        Like TV Tiny Tears TOC before and ‘After Dark’ cant’ last 5-mins ohn RealWorld free-fer-all YT.

        RealMeanwhile check Alt Viewers BOSSBitchTina/Butcher’sDogDoug, YT-AntiSearch&Destroy.

        Tina Willis – YouTube
        Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 27. Loading… Loading… Working… “SeX Facts Rock n Roll” Liked videos Play all. Play next; Play now;

        Tina Willis 25 minutes ago
        Markxy, thanx fer Ur worthy, wordy (yet unwize) reply. Concisely rephrased, ” Ye classical ancient and common-law age of responsiblity/wisdom was, is, 7. Re-set in vile Victorian England & Wales at 10, though STILL 8 in wize olde Scotland. While Worldwide Ages Of Sexual Consent are still just meaningless numbers 12-21, totally negating current vile neo-Victorian notions of just what is so called ‘malign pedophilia’. In fact c. 90%+ benign pedophilia-adultophilia like ALL sexual interactions Worldwide since time immemorial If sometimes pseudo-consentual’/unlawful – BIG Effin’ Deal!”

        Liked by 1 person

  6. A lot of laugh and joke, they are healthy, but pedophilia, like homosexuality is a disease, a mental and social disorder, children are not sexual and never will be, so at least you could help pedophiles to heal themselves and treat this disorder and thus live their lives better, instead of taking a joke something so serious and harmful


    1. thank you for your comment Roosh;

      Obviously I disagree with much in you comment, but I won’t dwell on them.

      What I will dwell on is the idea that some subjects are not legitimate sources for humour – what subject is there more terrible than the Holocaust? Yet Jews tell jokes which make reference to the Holocaust, their stigmatisation and their persecution.

      Humour and satire isn’t frivolous – it is an optic through which we can get an understanding of the world and our condition. Humour can penetrate where other modes of thought can not reach. Humour and satire give us glimpses of alternative realities and narratives that may be difficult to consider directly – as such humour expands the bounds of our capacity to think.

      Totalitarian mindsets hate and fear humour – ISIS are not famous for their sense of humour, nor were Hitler or Stalin.

      That is because totalitarians know that humour is the last weapon of the powerless, and humour is no respecter of power, quite the contrary. The thing that the risible and ridiculous most fear is laughter.

      >”so at least you could help pedophiles to heal themselves”

      yes, a lot of paedophiles need some healing. I do. and I daresay it’s not just paedophiles but all of humanity that has lived long enough to suffer and be hurt needs some healing.

      Why, of all hurt people, do you want to deprive us of the consolation of laughter?

      Do you think existing in a cloud of obsessive, self-loathing grimness is a way of promoting mental well-being?

      I don’t think it’s even a great way of promoting ‘not offending’.

      VirPedery at its most extreme has much of the air of a bad alcoholics anonymous meeting, with everyone trying desperately to not think of the thing they most desire. Whilst healthier-minded people seem to be able to enjoy the occasional glass of beer without it having to become an absolute disastrous falling off the wagon – and by ‘an occasional glass of beer’ I don’t mean ‘breaking the law’ but smiling, or laughing, or looking at a little boy or girl and thinking “that’s nice”).

      Yours is an “all or nothing mindset” – you can only envisage either hating your desires or yielding to them entirely. Now that is dangerous to children.

      I know it’s a cliché but sometimes laughter is indeed the best medicine.

      It’s also a weapon – and it gratifies me not a little when those who view paedophiles with contempt and hatred take offence at my jokes and satire. It shows that it has hit home.


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