Further down the page you’ll find some, well, ahem, stimulating videos…I mean, of course, intellectually stimulating – raising as they do issues of culture, socialisation, instinct and gender normative differentials etc.

But before you hare off in search of said stimulation,  let me grab your elbow, subtly block your escape route and, whilst I’ve still got your attention, make a couple of announcements.

Calling Female Paedophiles!

I’ve long been wanting to dig deeper into the field of female paedophilia.

Some of this blog’s most valued readers are women, and the more I read about female paedophiles and witness the ways in which women can interact with children (see the videos below) the more I suspect that the experiences of female paedophiles differ greatly to those of male paedophiles.

Auguste Toulmouche (1829-1890)

However, I recognise that the official literature has been written in terms of the dominant narrative and is consequently of worse than no value, and that which is of value is largely dispersed as messages and comments on various paedophile forums and message boards. I also recognise that this is a subject I am, by reason of the variously under-employed down-dangling organs between my legs, incapable of writing about…

And so I make this appeal to those who are qualified to write about this subject…

I invite you, Kind readeresses and readerettes, to send in a text (no longer than 700 words) sharing experiences, observations, thoughts, theories, hypothesis, references, influences, research, musings, poetry, fiction &c that you think might be important, interesting, relevant, entertaining, useful and/or enlightening.

I’d also be interested in any original visual art (painting, drawing, photograph, film, documentation etc) that could enrich our thinking concerning the condition and experience of the female paedophile.

I will compile your contributions into one or two blog posts, much as I did with parts one and two of ‘Road-Maps to a Kinder World’.

Please post your contribution, and any queries you may have, using this page’s comment facility. Any confidential queries should be clearly marked with ‘DO NOT APPROVE‘ and include some way for me to contact you.

Please make clear that your text is a ‘CONTRIBUTION‘ and not just an ordinary comment. I will attribute your contribution to whatever name you leave in the ‘name’ field.

I have set up the comments system to allow for maximum anonymity. However, WordPress does record the IP addresses of commenters. You can get round this by commenting whilst accessing my blog on the TOR browser.

I am also aware that some of you may wish to share more than can be fitted into just 700 words. If this is the case then feel free send your thoughts at full length, but on the understanding that I may make a selection (or selections) from your text for the final blog-post.

Burn Out

The other day, whilst working on a blog-post with the title ‘ferret breeding for paedophiles’ I came over a little queer: I felt…frivolous, my head literally started spinning and the words on the screen would just not stay still.

Sensing something was amiss, I requested that the blogosphere’s resident doctor make a home visit to ‘Chateau Lensman’. Taking care to first secure the komodo dragon I use for a guard dog, I popped a thermometer into a cup of tea, and carefully prepared the scene for maximum effect…

The good doctor (on being shown to my room by my slave henchman servant, Igor) found me lying on my antique bed, clutching a cold compress to my forehead, and eyeing a 7% tincture of laudanum cut with an 8%  beef-consomé of iodine that stood in a crystal decanter on an adjacent Louis XV escritoire (which I noticed, too late, needed emptying).

He said that I was suffering from a nasty case of burn-out. But failed to prescribe me, as I had hoped, a working holiday as resident masseur on ‘Little Girl Island’ (‘run buy litle girls 4 litul gulls…no groan-ups aloud – ecxept pedaos’) but instead recommended I take a sabbatical. On seeing the contents of the escritoire, he also prescribed me some industrial strength TurboLax® and left me a tub of petroleum jelly to help me get my head unstuck, the engine oil he left last time not having done the trick.

LSM’s bedroom

Well, so there you have it. The sabbatical may be a bit longer than last year’s as I have several paedo-related projects in hand, which are, by nature, sufficiently different from blogging to make working on them feel like a break. A sabbatical will also free me up to engage a bit more with online forums, discussions and debates.

And it will be an opportunity to get some reading in. I’m especially looking forwards to Philip Jenkins’s ‘Moral Panics‘ and Friedrich Engels’s classic ‘The origins of the Family, Private Property and the State‘– both of which are very germane to my ‘aetiology of paedophilia‘ hypothesis (the development of which was the original raison d’être for ConsentingAdultsHumans).

I’ve also got several projects in the pipeline for my Real Life vocation which have nothing to do with paedophilia, which will significantly contribute to my long-term plan of ruling the world.

I’ll still be publishing the occasional post during my sabbatical (including, of course, at least one on the subject of female paedophiles) so give my homepage an occasional check. And I will still welcome comments and communications from readers, both faithful old ones and new ones.

clips – women and children

I have seen, in my time, some amazing clips of women and children on YouTube and DailyMotion. But, though there is nothing in these that signals ‘abuse’ or ‘child pornography’ they rarely stay up very long – I guess the censor just goes by his or her ‘gut feeling’… I’d have loved to present you some of these clips but I can find no way of getting them to you without the account I use to publish them being shut down.

So I intend what follows to act as a ‘carrot-and-stick’ to incite female readers into making their contribution. The ‘carrot’ is the best of what has (so far) got past the censors (make allowances for my kissing fetish); and the ‘stick’ consists of a female psychologist shouting spite (as the Reverend Spooner might have put it) and Linda Robson being her usual wise, well-informed and insightful self.




Female Pedophiles

Amor de mãe

Lover my son

Female Paedophiles | Loose Women


2014/12/1 龍跟媽媽親親


Argentinian celebrity model accused of inappropriate kiss son




52 thoughts on “Request For Contributions From Female Paedophiles & Sabbatical Announcement

  1. LSM, about all these “redacted for later” female MAPs’ contributions… When are they giong to appear as a blog post (as they, I assume, they are planned to do), at last?


    1. hi Explorer, thanks for your enquiry.

      The truth is that I haven’t received quite enough responses to make up a full post. All the contributions will appear, but I’m hoping to eventually use them in combination with a (possibly two-part or even three-part) interview/discussion with a female MAP, which I hope to start soon.

      Apologies to anyone impatiently waiting for this blog-post – over the next nine or ten months my paedo-work will come as post-piss trouser-dribbles rather than in the usual fertile and profuse bi-weekly ejaculations.


  2. Hello, Leonard! I do not know if you remember me, I was off the internet for some time because of health issues, but I’m getting better and coming back, it’s always a pleasure to read it! I hope you come back soon, too, a good vacation!
    Hugs from Brazil! ^_^


    1. Of course I remember you Rique! and it’s always a pleasure to have you visit the Blog.

      Sorry to read that you’ve been having health problems. I hope your recovery continues.

      I’m thinking of returning to full-time blogging next Summer, but may not hold out that long: I’ve had to reread some recent essays and though they were a challenge to write, and exhausting, I kind of felt nostalgic for the frame of mind I had to inhabit to write them. I have to confess that I feel like I’ve lost a good 20 IQ-points since I stopped blogging – though the fear is that I may have stopped blogging because I’d lost the IQ points rather than the other way round… 😟


    1. Wow! thanks for alerting me to this discussion. It’s a bit freaky witnessing how the rumour-machine spontaneously combusts, fueled by a bag-full of assumptions and no more evidence than mere absence. I can see the thought-process that leads these people to this conclusion – how mere absence becomes ‘incontrovertible evidence’ – but I am bemused by how convinced some of these people seem to be. So this is how crazy rumours and conspiracy theories occur. Fascinating.

      The simple answer is that, no, I haven’t been arrested for CP. Nor is it possible that I be arrested for CP, as I will make clear further on.

      But first let me make the following clear: paedophilia, or campaigning for paedophilia, is far from being the most important thing in my life – if you were to know me IRL you would not know me as a ‘paedo’ or a ‘paedo-campaigner’ but by a multiplicity of other things that have no evident link to my being a paedophile. What I ‘am’ IRL has nothing to do with what I ‘do’ on my blog.

      I also genuinely feel that, for the moment, I have written enough on paedophilia – I guess I’m ‘burnt out’ (I suspect that only people who have had to maintain a regular blog or podcast can realise just how vulnerable one can become to this) – more than anything, I have the good luck to have been offered a major opportunity in a field that has nothing to do with paedo-issues, and whilst I focus on this, paedo stuff will have to take a back seat.

      As to CP, there seems to be an assumption that all pro-choice paedophiles use CP and have no ethical qualms about it. Those who think this are doing what they so often do: projecting what they imagine they would do if they held the opinions they imagine pro-choice paedophiles to hold. If they paid more attention or were more willing to engage in discussions with those with whome they disagree they would not make these errors so readily.

      I don’t use CP for four reasons: firstly I think it is ethically very dodgy: I see in it more ethical problems than I do in actual child-adult intimacy (since it invokes all the ethical issues of the latter plus a whole raft of ones specific to filming and diffusing the images/footage).

      Secondly I am, by instinct and by philosophy, law-abiding. I am lucky to live in a society that is free, secular, civilised and creative (I would challenge anyone who balks at this statement to dig into History and/or Anthropology and name me a society they would rather live in than a prosperous, social-democratic, liberal contemporary Western society). Respect for my counrty’s laws – even laws which don’t wholly fit with my desires, my impulses, outlook and opinions – is an expression of my gratitude to my society and civilisation, and of respect for my fellow citizens. I could (if I so wished) legally access CP if I went to live in a country like Mauritania – but (with apologies to any Mauretanians reading this) I don’t – and I don’t think many would make that choice because the costs would hugely outweigh the ‘benefits’.

      This doesn’t mean that I meekly and passively accept laws that I see as unjust, or in need for reform. Arguing, debating, exploring issues are legitimate responses to laws or attitudes that one sees as unjust or in need of reform. Civil disobedience is also legitimate provided that the injustice is sufficiently grave, and provided that only the person breaking the law pays the cost for doing so, and and not innocent bystanders too. But one has to be careful with Civil Disobedience that one doesn’t simply ennoble ‘doing wtf I want to do’ to civil disobedience – the driver who wants to drive fast and thinks that he’s asserting some profound right by regularly breaking speed limits is no Ghandi – but some just a spoilt, self-indulgent, incontinent twat.

      Thirdly, I don’t want to go about with such images in my head, beautiful and sexy as a lot of it probably is – I know that viewing CP would lead to addiction and consequently alter my conception of ‘the child’ and that that conception would put me at odds with the society I live in, and the people I love and live with, and would incite all kinds of intense desires in me that are, in the social context I exist in, dangerous to seek to satisfy (both to myself, to the child and to those about me). In short, it would make me unhappy.

      Fourthly, even if I had no ethical problems with CP – being a non-exclusive paedophile means I don’t need to take the risk. I find ADULT women attractive and sexy. And whenever I need to drain my Brussels Sprouts I use either my imagination or legal adult porn. It’s quite simple. Why, if I want to get off my head, would I go looking for heroin (with all its attendant risks and repercussions) when I’m fine with a glass of beer?

      Having read the exchange on YoungLove I find myself amused and not at all put out by these delusions – it’s kind of flattering that anyone should be interested enough to generate these rumours, and watching these rumour-mongers running around like confused chickens with their delusions on display is kind of funny. When I first read the linked-to thread my reaction was ‘what can I do to make these people’s delusions a bit more crazy? In fact I might do just that… I doubt that the people on that thread will ever check the comments section on my blog – let’s have some fun…”

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      1. A quick reply to your challenge. As you’re intelligent and not denying history or other cultures, why celebrate some Western nation?

        I live in a Western dystopia, which makes even Scandinavia dystopias of the 1970s look good, for reasons such as the existence of free speech – slightly Left-leaning children’s books included girls having sex with boys or men without demonizing
        males or heterosexuality.

        Decent possibilities include:
        Ancient Rome, where even the slightly politically incorrect (by our contemporary standard) could possibly find a little girl to love.
        Pitcairn Island, at a time when it was less of a crime to be white, heterosexual and male, if not mutineer.
        The US, circa 19th century, when girls still had rights.

        I don’t imply that these nations or cultures were absolute Utopias, but I’d consider them relative Utopias. We could live fairly normal lives there.

        Due to the accident of birth and familiar ties, I find myself being worked into an early in a society I, for the most – and increasing – part I despise. While I’m working to do some heavy lifting, I also find myself questioning the ethics. To what extent is a hostile humanity, seemingly intent on re-creating the Dark ages in the West, worth aiding?


        1. not worth aiding in the least.
          and I too believe we are living in a dark age.
          Darker still, because most are unaware that it is a dark age.
          carry on, Winston.


        2. Thanks for responding to my challenge, Smith.

          I agree that there are aspects of other societies that would, at least on a superficial level, make my own existence a more pleasurable and fulfilled one.

          But I don’t think that it is necessarily possible to transplant such aspects into a society and still maintain the benefits of that society – a society, as I see it, is like a body, with organs adapted to work together harmoniously (if lucky) – I don’t think one can transplant a blue-whale penis onto a man without major problems arising. I believe a democratic, free, secular society can be more like, say, the Marquesans, in which chid-adult intimacy appears not to have been frowned on – but that society would need to be different to the one’s we live in nowadays (I write about this here https://consentinghumans.wordpress.com/2015/08/31/the-future-is-green-and-liberating-for-children/ )

          But, I think it was the artist Jenny Holzer who, in luminous signage, had the phrase “Protect me from what I want” flashing over Time Square.

          There’s wisdom in that phrase – if I was committed to what I’d wished for at various moments of my life I’d be engaged in a daily struggle with a penis that would not put a blue whale to shame – and I won’t mention any of the really weird things I’ve wished for in my most deranged accesses of lust…

          I guess that what I’m saying is that in every society one makes sacrifices for the sake of a greater good. Sometimes the sacrifices one makes actually make for a worse society, but hopefully they make for a better society. On balance I look at contemporary western society and see that only in a society that has shaken off religion can modern medicine and anaesthetics develop, that for all our faults the country I live in is a functioning democracy (and nearly all societies, historically speaking, have not been democracies), freedom of thought, faith and belief is permitted, as is freedom of expression/ Of course not everyone, as we paeds know all too well, has equally easy to access to some of these – nevertheless in my country I can’t be arrested for my blog, as I would if I had been blogging against, say, Putin in Russia, or be murdered, as are atheist bloggers in Bangladesh and other moslem countries.

          the country I live in is far from perfect – but it’s not healthy or conducive to happiness to expect or hope for perfection in the messy business of life – it’s not even good to seek perfection in that other realm of experience – Art and Culture. I think if one’s country is peaceful, scientifically advanced, free, prosperous, has laws respectful of its citizens, that are secular and based on the assumption of equality, historically speaking, you have hit the jackpot in life because historically and globally speaking this is a freakish exception from the norm. And, I fear, may turn out to be a historical blip if the trend of history continues in the direction it’s heading.

          I’m not saying we shouldn’t protest at inequalities and injustices – my blog is one extended protest.

          But we must not lose perspective: in the UK the Conservative Minister Michael Fallon has had to resign because of the outrage caused when he touched a woman’s knee; meanwhile we turn a blind eye to, and are asked to be ‘polite and restrained about’ little girls of 6 are having, without anaesthetic, the clitorises cut off and their labia infibulated, and an Egyptian lawyer advocating that it is “a patriotic duty to sexually harass [women who dress immodestly] and a national duty to rape [them]”.

          Sorry if this comes across as a rant, Smith – it’s not directed at you. I guess I’m getting at the idea that what we take for granted, what we are born into, is not normal – and it is probably at more risk than it has been for over a century. We need to cherish and defend our imperfect, frustrating, miserable western democracies because the alternative that is descending on them will make them look like utopias.


      2. I have to admit that I laughed at the discussion on the linked site. I also am happy you are just working away, as I was rather expecting a reply to my last email. (dig dig), and it would have been most annoying had you been in custodial situations.

        As for your exhaustion with writing. I understand that. I have been trying to write an article on what sex is, but just cannot get the shit together.

        Lastly, I was amused that they called you an OCarroll fanboy. I that some sort of insult? I should be so insulted, in as much as I hold his writings and thought in high regard.

        Onward, Mr L, onward!!


        1. hi BJ,

          Great to hear from you. And apologies for what will now be an irremediably late response to your last email – expect a missive any day now.

          As to exhaustion from writing, I guess it’s a good sign that I’m starting to feel a little itch that can only be scratched using pen and paper (or finger and keyboard). As I mention to Rique above (or it may be below) I’ve had to reread a couple of last year’s essays and did not feel embarrassed or ashamed of them. Moreover I also miss the state of mind I inhabit when I’m blogging regularly – a kind of manic focused concentration and intelligence with books, web-sites, notebooks and brain flapping their paper leaves and receiving learnéd marginalia.

          The burn out was pretty much ineluctable – honestly, in August I could barely face the keyboard, and I think I’d climbing Everest would seem more do-able than writing another essay. But I some tender green shoots are poking through the ashes of my last season of blogging. I won’t rush their growth, but though it’s Winter, and the nights last all day, up here in Chateau Lensman on Kaffeklubben Island, it is Spring in my mind.

          “Lastly, I was amused that they called you an OCarroll fanboy. I that some sort of insult? I should be so insulted, in as much as I hold his writings and thought in high regard.”
          Agreed – Tom has consistently defended paedophilia and stood by paedophiles, even “When It was Neither Profitable nor Popular” to do so (as Flann O’Brien would have said).


  3. Hurrah! GirlChat is again above ground, accessible not only via Tor, but with any internet browser.

    Everyone who has problems using Tor (such as me – due to intense dislike of Tor by Russian authorities, I preferred not to provoke them), now can come back to GirlChat.

    LSM, you may change your GirlChat link in your blogroll – mentioning of Tor is no longer necessary.

    Hope the state of things will remain this way. 🙂


    1. Ah Scarfolk!

      All it is is a step towards normalising paedophilia!
      The 1970’s- the decade of disgrace. I’m so happy we’re normal and proper now!


  4. I have the feeling that at least one in ten, or one in eight paedophiles (maybe childlovers would be a better term) is a female.
    Please! come out of the woodwork!
    Input from female childlovers is sure to speed up the acceptance of true childlove.
    This is a heartfelt request.

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  5. The hypersexualization of children, the crush with child transsexuality and the outrageous promotion of homosexuality that is done for them has only one objective: LEGALIZE PEDOPHILIA.

    They are removing parents from the competition on the sexual education of children, the decisions of children to be a child and similar shit, so that in the end parents do not have the right to protect their children and they are the ones who “decide “who want to have sex with adults and parents have to swallow to see how a son of a bitch abuses his 7 year old son and if they protest to be accused of hate crimes and to restrain the freedom of the child.

    It is all that is pursued: LEGALIZE PEDOPHILIA. Include pedophiles in the group of protected groups. Take away the power to protect our children from the sexual abuse of the so-called “lovers” of children.

    This has to be cut off NOW.


    1. The team you’re on, Alastor, likes to CUT off foreskins for no good reason.
      Otherwise what you have said is entirely the opposite of what is true.


    2. Imagine another world, almost identical to this one.

      In that world, sex between adults and children is outlawed, but the laws are reasonable, and people can talk about the subject reasonably. For example, children would not be defined as anyone under the age of 18, but under 12, as it is the psychological manuals. That would mean acknowledging meaningful sexual agency in adolescence, even if it was protected to a considerable degree. We would be able to talk reasonably and calmly about childhood sexual experiences, without being forced into a victim position. We would be able to acknowledge our desire for young people, including children, without shame.

      That’s a world that has not legalized pedophilia, but is much advanced upon the world America has constructed. In America the laws are irrational, we deny much of the reality of childhood sexual experience, and we condemn anyone who even hints at an attraction to minors, even fully developed, legal teenagers. And every political movement and organization, every NGO, every academic, has been well trained, like ideologues to spout the same point of view, in unison. And they mistake that for the truth.

      What isn’t true will come crumbling down, eventually.


  6. https://www.suiped.org/wiki/Main_Page

    ALL PLEASE!! report and denounces this web, it is made by a mentally ill pseudopedophile activist named Nathan Larson (owner of Childwiki who support darwinistic death of children and other lunacies) who now seeks the death of all others (and better) pedophiles and people attracted to minors like in a suicide cult,


    1. “mentally ill pseudopedophile”?
      I think he’s one of the saner ones and his writing cuts to the core of the situation today.
      If you cannot go beyond the literal in his posts, then it’s your own funeral.


    1. thanks for your contribution, pmom, it raises a lot of interesting points and questions.

      I must also apologise for having taken so much time in acknowledging and thanking you for your generous contribution – the past couple of months have combined deep burn-out, an extended ‘digital detox’ and a need to focus intensely on a couple of non-paedo projects – and together this has meant that I’ve neglected my blog 😦


  7. Hello Lensman!
    and I want to be treated with credibility and respect, not misgivings, just as any other MAP would when he said he was male.


    1. hi beyourselfunless, it’s great to hear from you as !

      First, thanks for your very interesting and thought-provoking take on the issues. When I first had the idea of inviting contributions from female paedophiles I very much hoped you’d contribute.

      Secondly apologies for being so late in getting round to acknowledging your contribution – I’ve been having a break from paedo-politics and the internet, working on some artistic projects.

      Do you mind if I contact you sometime in the next few days to talk a couple of things over?


      1. P.S. Lensman, I have an essay on CSA coming up soon. I sent it to a few friends to look at, but once it’s done I will be posting it. I hope you’ll take a look once it’s done. Hope you’ve been having a nice break. I wish I could take a break from work. I need a massage asap. lol. But anyways, see you around. 🙂


  8. I have learned from own experience that woman

    […saved for later…]

    I wanted to share my thoughts on this topic and obviously a topic of interest for me.


    1. Thank you trin44ty for your contribution. I’ve edited-out the body of your comment in order to keep it for the completed post, but kept the start and end to tantalize readers 🙂

      Apologies for being so late in approving your generosity, I’ve been combining a holiday with a complete digital detox with some intense work on non-paedo projects, and am only now catching up with a backlog of comments and contributions.


    2. Hello Trinity, may I just remind you that you used your e-mail as as a name? If it’s your deliberate choice, this is good – yet it may be an accidental mistake, and in such case I would recommend you to remove it quickly.

      Paedo-haters are probably visiting this blog, too, and after learning your e-mail they will likely fill it with threats and insults.


  9. Hey Dissident! I remember you back on Sovvie’s site around 2011. I posted there a couple months or so when I was in college. Crazy time on an even crazier website.

    I know I was a major bitch to a few people there as I dropped out of sight from those various communities. I had a drug problem at the time and with all the chaos in general going on in my life, not surprising that I lashed out at some people.

    I used the name Bella back then. Anyways, good to see you still around and I apologize for any crap I spewed. You were a good guy. So was Sovvie. I forgot the names of the others there. That was just a really odd community he had going and people were going to clash over something. It was inevitable. Later on I looked for him and his site and it was long gone.

    Did you stay in touch with any of those people?


    1. Only those whom I was already in contact with prior to that. I have no idea what happened to Sovvie after he went off the deep end and disappeared. I greatly regret ever having been part of that particular board, and glad it wasn’t long for this world. No good memories there whatsoever.


  10. Shouting spite! Haha. Reminds me of one of the most creative spoonerisms I’ve heard, invented on the spot and used in a sentence by a boy of about eight:
    “…wealth and hell-being…” It was the only way he could get away with saying ‘hell’ in that family, much less at the dinner table, and it just rolled out glib as a greased ferret. We all laughed indelicately at his epic coup.


      1. Wait a minute… Aren’t you going to credit young girls for coming up with stuff like transposing letters to transform “fucking nuts” into “nucking futs” so they can say that profane expression publicly? Or how about abbreviations to get under censors like “effin” in place one of the popular variants of the f-bomb?

        The spoonerisms you and Djvinno mentioned were quite ingenious, but let’s give credit to the girls and the stuff they come up with to filter expletives into passable-in-polite-company words.


  11. About the “loose women” clip….

    …I’m often astonished at all the people who don’t seem to comprehend…that males and females experience sex in substantially different ways…Plus, every individual has their own particular, psychological relationship with the sexual experience, and it’s sensations…

    …They speak of shock, over the boy losing his virginity to the babysitter, or the teacher…And you notice them trying to steer the conversation into a place, where they’re implying it’s the same experience for the boys, as it would have been for young girls being mated by grown men….As if there were no substantive difference, between the boys penis having lots of happy time, and the girls vagina being…well…I don’t need to get graphic, but it’s always bothered me to no end, that they refuse to make honest distinctions.

    …They don’t allow for the naturally positive experiences, to be discussed, just exactly how they were.

    Massive, massive problem, for dialogue on sexual politics.

    And yes…Before anyone “corrects” me…I know, not all sex is about the girl being penetrated…I also understand, that some girls have a natural enjoyment of full out mating [with someone physically compatible]…

    …But, generally…things being equal [ie: every couple mating]…the boy is probably going to more regularly enjoy mating the woman…than the girl is going to enjoy being penetrated by the man…

    I expect it’s somewhat different for girls, when the acts are limited to oral and rubbing stimulation.

    I have my own account, from when I was a tween…and a somewhat younger female cousin, very aggressively tried to seduce me into having sex with her…I almost lost my virginity to her…and I’ve written about this a few times…

    …So, I understand from personal experience, that there is no absolute set structure, that rules over all sexual inclinations, of every single person.

    On a personal note…It was radically eye opening for me…But it was also extremely complicated, and I couldn’t bring myself to be with her like that…And for most of the rest of my life, it’s existed as a horrible tragedy, in lost opportunity….lost experience…lost knowledge…lost knowing someone like that, at that age…Which is a whole thing unique to itself, really…

    …She was freely trying to force herself onto me, literally…All I had to do was agree…get naked…and allow her to do as she waned…Likely, it would have been the easiest sex of my entire life…And being the church boy I was, I could not psychologically allow myself to perform…

    …It wouldn’t be until the open door had long been closed, that it dawned on me how terrible it was, to have missed out on that once in a lifetime experience…Epic dropping of the ball…

    Before any onlooker does any finger wagging at me over incest, age difference or our young prepubescent ages…or the myth, that boys are always the aggressors…I just wanted to point out, she was quite sexually experienced, and had plotted out the seduction on her own…Aside from a bit of masturbation, I was completely inexperienced with sex, had never been with another person sexually, and walking into the situation had no idea of what was about to happen…I didn’t look at her in a sexual way, until she came on like a freight train, shoving herself into my face and onto my body.

    A lot of people if they’d have witnessed it, would say I was sexually assaulted…I reject the blunt assessment, however…even if I understand, it’s not entirely wrong.

    …Look at me…A homosexual, lamenting on a heterosexual experience, that never really was…


    1. >”…They don’t allow for the naturally positive experiences, to be discussed, just exactly how they were.”

      Very true – this discussion is so deluded and dishonest.

      What really bothers me about the video is how regretful these women are that these boys enjoyed their experiences with older women and view them as positive – they would do everything to convince these boys that they have suffered and been abused.

      ‘men don’t realise that they’re being groomed…’ – well, actually I imagine that these boys did realise that they were being groomed, and liked it and wanted it.

      ‘these boys have had their innocence taken away from them’ – it’s more like that these boys were desperate to lose their innocence. Or rather that their innocence was already lost through sexual fantasisig, masturbation and porn-watching, and they just wanted to realised their dreams and fantasies with a real woman.

      The dark haired woman on the left of the set gets close to a honest evaluation of the ‘problem’

      >”…It wouldn’t be until the open door had long been closed, that it dawned on me how terrible it was, to have missed out on that once in a lifetime experience…Epic dropping of the ball…”

      Yes, I’ve got a couple of missed experiences like that.

      Like you, I dropped the ball – it wouldn’t have been religious scruples in my case, but simply not having the presence of mind to seize the moment, and a sort of being caught unawares, and being unprepared for the moment and my instinct being to return the situation to the safe neutrality of ‘normality’.

      I think that some early sexual experience would have done me good – though, in my youth, I always had a lot of women interested in me (can I admit that? ) I never FELT attractive and therefore found their interest in me confusing and misread signals – I think that if as a child or young teenager I’d have had some kind of sexual intimacy it would have served as the clearest possible lesson that a girl or woman can find me genuinely attractive.

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      1. “I think that some early sexual experience would have done me good – though, in my youth, I always had a lot of women interested in me (can I admit that? ) I never FELT attractive and therefore found their interest in me confusing and misread signals – I think that if as a child or young teenager I’d have had some kind of sexual intimacy it would have served as the clearest possible lesson that a girl or woman can find me genuinely attractive.”

        Oh…I get that.

        One thing they leave out, is the confidence boost that a positive experience can give a kid…even when it comes to sexual relations.

        I think, if I’d have had the mental and emotional freedom…my situation would have been an amazing experience for me…

        …At times, I’ve wanted to set down and have a conversation with my cousins…as many who would agree to it, as there were three…and discuss what happened amongst all of us…

        …Thing is…I’m afraid, it would either be total denial…or apologies, which they imagine they have to give…

        So much of the naughty messing around that happens as kids [especially if it’s incest]…it just doesn’t get discussed, much past the point where it ends.

        I do wonder how they feel about it, today.

        …Presumably, none of them are pedophiles, themselves…Though, the female is homosexual, like I am…

        Sex amongst kids is kind of ironic…in that it’s sex with a pedo [aka child]…yet it’s not pedophilia, by strict definition…But if you can get aroused and perform with a pedo…it’s substantially the same experience…

        …I’ve wondered a time or two, how you can get aroused and perform like that…but subsequently lose the ability to be aroused by it, in the aftermath of such a satisfying experience.

        …Not that I’m going to accuse anyone of being a pedophile…But it makes no sense that someone loved it back then, enough to do it many times over…but they wouldn’t at least harbor some very fond memories, that they masturbate to…or imagine while having sex with another adult…

        This is a conversation that will never happen…But there’s a lot of questions, I’d like to ask them all.

        It might seem kind of weird, saying this as someone who was pulled into a cousin [they were siblings, themselves] “open” incest relationship…But, while there were admissions, and it happened mostly out in the open [amongst us kids]…there wasn’t a lot of detail, or backstory talked about…For some reason, it never dawned on me to ask about how it all started…the first time…how long it had been going on…it’s frequency…if and when any of them had orgasms [though I know the older boy did, as it was a point of tension when he started to ejaculate]…if the boys had been with each other…

        …There’s just so much I don’t actually know about the whole thing…which I think would be very instructive to know, when gaging the quality of their experiences, and how they each thought of it.

        I came to have some deal of envy, over their open freeness, and inhibition to just do it without apology.

        …Of course…the older cousin who “creamed his own sister” more than once, is a true hard ass, over anyone looking at his teenage daughter, today…


      2. Would you like to hear a personal tale of extreme regret along the lines you described about failing to seize the moment when it presented itself, because at the time I had no idea how precious such lost opportunities would one day be to me? Well, I’m going to tell you whether you answer in the affirmative or not, so you may as well just read it to humor me, Lensman!

        When I was 13 going on 14, a very pretty, experienced, and pleasantly aggressive 12-year-old girl, a friend of a relative, developed an interest in me. I was quite attracted to her, and she came onto me one day when we were in my house hanging out together, and wanted to “make out” (her words). Guess what? As much as I wanted to, I was terrified because unlike her, I didn’t have the experience and thus I allowed all the usual fears to overwhelm me. I did my best, but since that was my first time ever asking to be kissed, I couldn’t get into it out of fear; it certainly wasn’t because I didn’t want to. The fact that relative of mine wouldn’t respect our privacy didn’t help matters any, I should add (the urge to slap her across the face was greater than my desire to get over my fear and make out with that friend of hers).

        So, long story short, the girl was so disappointed in my fear-induced lackluster performance that the next morning, she had that relative of mine tell me a ridiculous excuse to explain why she couldn’t date me like she said she wanted to (because she had apparently gotten involved with another boy prior to the previous night that she somehow “forgot” about when we hung out; um, I guess that can happen, right?). Well, of course I knew the real reason: I messed up, and she ceased liking a boy who got scared. After all, her disappointment over this was clear enough during my failure to do what I wanted to do, and what she was ready and eager for me to do.

        No matter how understandable my first time jitters may have been, can you possibly imagine how much I regret not overcoming my fear and seizing that moment at the time? How much I totally wish I had known what the future had in store for me back then? I think you can, my friend, which is why I’m dropping this lamentation on your shoulders. And guess what else? Many people whom I complained to back then about my failure would tell me, with the best of intentions, that it was okay and not anything to worry about because I was really young, and thus many more opportunities would come along. Well guess what? Not many did until I was 18. A few years later, I came to realize I was a hebephile, and the retrospective regrets started bombarding me.

        So, I’m not sure I could recommend to younger people that they fail to seize such a moment that they genuinely want, no matter how young they may be. Because the truth of the matter is, even when we are very young, we can never predict what the future has in store for us, and we can never be entirely certain whether or not we will get many opportunities to make up for those we wanted but didn’t take when an opportunity presented itself due to fear.

        That experience is one I will never be able to have again, and even if the opportunity did happen to present itself, it is one that, unlike back then, I could never act upon now for all the usual slew of legal reasons. Needless to say, that particular missed opportunity is high on the list of my top ten most regretful missed opportunities *sigh*


        1. Dissident, I had an e-mail exchange with Tom O’Carroll recently. He said he had rejected your proposed guest blog on feminism and paedosexuality, like he once did with my child liberation essay.

          Well, with my essay he was correct, I have to admit: I prepared a pretty good text (let me feel some pride for myself 😉 ), yet it was not novel and informative enough for the people already already well-acquianted with child liberationist ideas to become a blog post at HereticTOC.

          As for your essay, I can’t say anything about it, since I have not read it yet.

          But I, as well as evryone else, will be able to read it if you will post it as a comment, as I did.

          You may do it either on Tom’s blog or here, on LSM’s one.

          What do you think?


          1. Sorry for missing this response of yours, Explorer! Thank you for reminding me over on Tom’s blog. I certainly wouldn’t have just ignored you on purpose! If Lensman will consider it, and I like to think he would, I will most certainly submit it to him for a guest blog here! Thank you for keeping up your interest!


            1. FAO Explorer,

              I’d certainly be happy to read the essay in question.
              As to publishing it here as a guest blog, well, I can’t promise. I have so far chosen not to have guest blogs – but that isn’t written in stone either.

              I’ll send you an email so you can forward me the essay.




  12. Funny how two of them are Brazilian. I remember, when I was growing up, there was this show called Castelo Rá-Tim-Bum. Back then, Brazil was way less prude. So, the show was for children and, whenever they would discuss native cultures, they would run a skit in which two native boys would appear naked from head to toe. Privates would show, by the way. And they would hug often. And give piggy back rides. Golly gosh, I was five-years-old back then. That thing is considered child porn in some places, but in Brazil it aired as material for children.
    There’s also a 2002 “Monica’s Gang” comic book featuring the story “A Travessia”, with Cebolinha (Jimmy Five, in English) trying to get to his room without being seen… because his mother didn’t bring him the towel and he had to meet a friend. He was leaving the shower when he noticed that the friend he had to meet appeared in his house and was waiting for him. The friend (a girl who crushed on him) would sure be disgusted for seeing him naked. So he had to find a way to his room without letting her see him. Cebolinha is six-years-old in the story and the privates would show as well. And innuendo. And almost-touch.
    In 2009, the new statutory rape law passed and all acts with someone below age of consent (14) were violent by definition. Media ceased production of all those things. You can still find them, but they are now frowned upon. Nonetheless, parent and child intimacy, such as kisses on the lips, still happen, despite being illegal if the child is under 14. My father and I kissed on the lips often and, in fact, I can’t remember a time when we did not do that. One day, he kissed me in a supermarket and a guy behind us saw and raged at us. Then my father smiled cynically to him and kissed me again, while looking at the guy, who only raged more. Then dad said “It’s not my fault if you don’t love your child.” Those displays of affection are starting to disappear. If my father did that to me in 2009, when I was 12, he could get up to fifteen years of jail time, for an act which the presumed damage I did not feel. Some judges find the law far too harsh to be applied literally and relativize it. After all, what kind of benefit the victim would get for being deprived of a parent for such a long time, specially if the family needs the father for greater income? I wrote stuff about it, which ended up at Brongersma.
    Just to compare those Brazilian displays of affection with the stuff that happens in US/UK, where people seem to be scared of touching kids.

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  13. Men are just as capable as women in being affectionate and playful with kids: Its just when men do it, its viewed with suspicion, So for self-preservation, You’ll see less of it, and you can’t blame the ‘man’ for it. From only women helping lost kids to people like Richard Madeley on ‘The Wright Stuff’ saying how its ok for boys to share the bath with their mother, But as for girls with their dad..Oh no, that’s not appropriate!
    I took that to him on Twitter, My account was closed soon after — Some guy harassing a celeb with many followers — The celeb must be right!


    1. Men are just as capable as women in being affectionate and playful with kids: Its just when men do it, its viewed with suspicion, So for self-preservation, You’ll see less of it, and you can’t blame the ‘man’ for it. From only women helping lost kids […]

      That, Libertine, fully explains why female MAPs pass almost completely under the societal and psychological radar, and enjoy far less scrutiny than their male counterparts when it comes to forming fulfilling platonic and emotionally close friendships with children of either gender; and why it’s not considered “weird”, “creepy”, or baffling (“what the bloody hell could someone that age possibly have in common with someone that age?”) when they do (“because women are just displaying their nurturing instincts towards kids, and unlike men they are not bloody pervs!”). And to the point that many researchers seriously believe that female MAPs are virtually non-existent, and that adult attraction to minors is all but exclusive to men. I’m not certain why it was ever considered surprising to either researchers or male Kinderfolk (is that a word we use now?) as to why female MAPs have been largely averse to revealing themselves and speaking to the media, and haven’t done much as either individuals or as a group to breach their anonymity.

      It’s also explains why too many researchers give disproportionate attention to male MAPs in the same way they’ve given disproportionate research attention to BLer’s over GLer’s (though not for the same reason in the latter case; it’s largely because BLer’s have been politically active and thus on the research radar for considerably longer than GLer’s as a distinct sub-community have, and have thus “hogged” the research attention).


      1. Dissident, I suppose you used your e-mail instead of your name mistakenly, didn’t you? If so, I would recommend you to remove your comment and than put it back here, now under your name.

        I don’t want some hateful antis to learn your e-mail address and fill you mail box with insults and threats…


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